Castle Of Black Iron Chapter 1347

The runeinstrument manufacturing skill promotion region in the tower of time was as large as 5 football courts. This region was a huge semi-closed crystal Mongolian yurt with a portal.

Out of great curiosity, Zhang Tie entered that region through that portal.

Being different than that simple and spacious space of the other regions in the tower, this runeinstrument manufacturing skill promotion region shocked Zhang Tie for quite a while.

Given its look, the region was only as large as a few football courts; however, after entering it, Zhang Tie discovered that the inner space of this Mongolian yurt was over 100 times greater than that 6f the outside. This was a bizarre space whose inner space was greater than that of the outside. Although the inner space was not as large as that of Castle of Black Iron, it was the only space that could allow living beings to access which Zhang Tie had ever seen, except for Castle of Black Iron.

It was all wilderness in this space; precisely, the runeinstrument manufacturing skill promotion region was an exotic theme amusement park.

The moment Zhang Tie entered it, he had already seen the land which carried the pristine qi of soil. Zhang Tie thought it was an illusion. However, after stepping onto it by foot, taking some soil and rubbing it, Zhang Tie confirmed that they were real with a thick layer. Additionally, the soil was special qualityclay which was abundant inhigh alumina which was always used to makerefractory bricks in a blast furnace.

It was a necessary skill for a major craftsman to identify the property of soil. Zhang Tie didn’t know about it before. However, after being a major craftsman, he knew it.

On the land which was as large as dozens of football courts, Zhang Tie noticed the traces of various ores; importantly, coal and iron ores. Besides, he also found some other ores and rotten wood…

A brook, which was filled with stones, was flowing by this land. After washing his hands in the brook, Zhang Tie cupped a bit water and tasted it when he found that it was drinkable.

Zhang Tie had never imagined about meeting such things in the tower of time.

After passing this wilderness, he came to a region which was covered with stones. Various bizarre smelt metals and some coarse metal tools were placed on rows of standardracks tidily and respectively, which accounted for almost half of this region. As a result, Zhang Tie felt dizzy.

Mithril, mountain brass, abyss iron,black gold, violet gold,platinum, blue gold and navyblue iron, all these that Zhang Tie could identify existed here in a large quantity. There were also many more precious metals that Zhang Tie had never seen before. Those metals were the raw materials for runeinstrument manufacturing masters.

After passing this region, Zhang Tie came to a region whose floor was covered with crystals. This region, as small as a common warehouse, was close to the edge of runeinstrument manufacturing skill promotion region. There were a bizarresmelting furnace, a senior metal processing platform, various runemetal processing tools and some strange devices in this region.

The runeinstrument manufacturing skill promotion region was divided into 3 parts which were clearly hierarchical from the primary level to the senior level. That pristine land was like a wilderness while the last crystal region was like a master’s workshop.

What Zhang Tie was interested in most was that huge crystal ball whose diameter was about 1 m in the most eye-catching location of the last region. The crystal ball was covered with numerous runes. There was a concaved palm-shaped mold on the crystal ball which could allow one’s palm to be put in. Only after observing this crystal ball for a short while, Zhang Tie had already known its usage. He then put his palm onto the mold. In a split second, enormous information poured into Zhang Tie’s mind from that crystal ball.

The information that Zhang Tie acquired was mainly composed of two parts: first, the introductions about all the metals, tools and strange devices in the runeinstrument manufacturing skill promotion region. After acquiring such information, Zhang Tie was very familiar with this region.

Second, 10 functional modules. There was the most professional and comprehensive guidance in each module. The entrant could gradually grasp all the skills and knowledge required by craftsman apprentice, craftsman, copper hammer craftsman, silver hammer craftsman, gold hammer craftsman, mithril craftsman, mysterious runes craftsman, major craftsman, craftsman master and immortal craftsman.

Zhang Tie attempted to select the module of craftsman apprentice spiritually. In a split second, all the information concerning craftsman apprentice started to pour into Zhang Tie’s head.

Being not limited to words, the information also included pictures and images and some pure experience and gnosis which could only be passed through consciouswaves.

Although being a major craftsman, Zhang Tie was also shocked by what he acquired about craftsman apprentice. Because this knowledge was definitely more complete and deeper than that he inherited from “Old Jiang”. The most precious knowledge was in the “implicitknowledge” of this phase.

Human knowledge was divided into two categories. The common knowledge being expressed by words, map or mathematic equations that we learned at school or library was called explicit knowledge. The other sort of knowledge which couldn’t be expressed systematically was called implicit knowledge which was our recognition about some actions.

The phrases being close to implicit knowledge were experiences and gnosis. Usually,all the experienced senior technicians in factories had accumulated implicit knowledge which couldn’t be learned from books. Being implicit knowledge, they were principles and methods that could only be comprehended through practice.

The crystal ball in the runeinstrument manufacturing skill promotion region contained a lot of implicit knowledge about each level of runeinstrument manufacturing master, which was priceless in the eyes of each runeinstrument manufacturing master.

Zhang Tie kept absorbing information from the crystal ballthirstily.

After learning the knowledge about craftsman apprentice, Zhang Tie selected the knowledge about craftsman, copper hammer craftsman, silver hammer craftsman, golden hammer craftsman, mithril craftsman, mysterious rune craftsman and major craftsman consecutively.

Standing beside the crystal ball, and with one hand on it, Zhang Tie maintained this gesture for over 50 hours before absorbing all the knowledge about the 8 levels of runeinstrument manufacturing master.

Of course, it was not enough for him to only absorb the knowledge from the crystal ball; otherwise, it would be too easy for one to promote to a runeinstrument manufacturing master. The most important function in the runeinstrument manufacturing skill promotion region was that he could practice inside himself.

Previously, Zhang Tie wanted to learn the knowledge about craftsman master directly; however, after absorbing the information, Zhang Tie sensed that he lacked practice on runeinstrument manufacturing skills andmanipulative ability. Therefore, after thinking about it for a short while, Zhang Tie determined to lay a solid foundation on his manipulative abilities and fundamental skills ahead of contacting contents about craftsman master until he was able to promote to a higher level.

This was what Zhang Tie concluded after absorbing those “implicit knowledge” over the past 50 hours; namely, to accumulate richly and break out vastly.

Being unlike commoners, knights who were immersed in cultivation and gnosis felt that 2 days was just the blink of one eye.

As it was quiet outside the Mongolian yurt, Zhang Tie knew that Yan Feiqing was stillhealing her wound on the crystal bed. Therefore, he didn’t care about what was going on Yan Feiqing’s side.

‘Just do it!’

After recalling what he had learned about craftsman apprentice,Zhang Tie immediately ran to the barren land and started his work.

After running to the riverside, Zhang Tie found a sharp-edged stone over there. After that, he started to dig soil using the stone not far away from the brook. After a short while, Zhang Tie had dug a pit. He then went to fetch a rotten wood. He made a groove on the rotten wood using the sharp-edged stone. After running here and there for a few rounds, Zhang Tie made the soil in the pit into mud before starting to knead it.

When the mud could be shaped, Zhang Tie made a simple brick kiln using the stones alongside the brook and the mud in the pit…

When Zhang Tie was busy doing his work, Yan Feiqing who was healing her wound turned hot and cold and was quivering slightly; besides, her face turned red and whiteevery now and then…

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