Chief Honey Pet: Raise A Little Warm Wife From A Famous Family Chapter 835

Chapter 835: Chapter 835: Xi Bao's poor medical results

"The medical report that I gave Yin Qianchen just now... was fake. " Ling Ruofei's words made Liang Yunsheng a little confused, not knowing what he was trying to say .. What was he trying to say.

"fake? Why would he fake it? Then what about the real thing? Xi Bao, he... " Liang Yunsheng looked at Ling Ruofei Her heart almost jumped to her throat, and her eyes turned slightly red. She had sensed something bad. When was the last time she was so scared?

It was when Yin Qianchen tried to... ... Give her an abortion. At that time, she almost lost her child ! !

Ling Ruofei made a silent gesture He lowered his voice and said, "Give Yin Qianchen a fake medical report... that is, I want to have time to discuss it with you. Lower your voice. Yin Qianchen's hearing is very good. I can't guarantee that he can't hear you through the door. "

"What's wrong with Xi Bao? " Liang Yunsheng looked at Ling Ruofei in a daze. She was extremely afraid, afraid that she would hear something about... Something bad about Xi Bao ...

"actually... it's like this. You have to promise not to get too excited after listening to me! " Ling Ruofei first gave Liang Yunsheng a warning ...

Liang Yunsheng did not give Ling Ruofei this guarantee, but Ling Ruofei knew that it was still necessary for him to tell Liang Yunsheng everything about Xi Bao.

"It's like this, " Ling Ruofei continued "Xi Bao's hearing screening after making a sound was not good. In addition, there was a young nurse who made a mistake at that time, so the results were not very accurate. "However, he was still young at that time. Usually, a newborn child would have to undergo another hearing screening and physical examination around 30 to 45 days later... "So.. "... "..."

"So... the results of this physical examination... the results of the physical examination are... " actually, ling Ruofei's cautious reaction.. It was as if he had already told her the answer to the matter. However, Liang Yunsheng would definitely not think of this matter in the worst possible way unless she heard the real results!

"Yunsheng, Xi Bao may have a hearing impairment, which is considered a serious case of deafness... When you communicate with him, did you... did you notice anything unusual? "

Liang Yunsheng looked at Ling Ruofei in a daze. She could hardly believe what he had just said.

He said... ... Xi Bao may be a child with a hearing impairment ? ?

"He... " Liang Yunsheng only said one word, and tears fell uncontrollably from the corners of her eyes.

Her Child... ...

She was such a cute child. He was so obedient and strong when he was in her stomach. He was clearly born safely Why did he still encounter such a thing? ! !

He might not be able to hear anyone calling his name. He might not be able to hear the most beautiful music in the world. At the same time, he would be deaf and unable to speak.

Not only would he not be able to hear anyone calling him, he would also not be able to call them out... ... Father .. And mother.

Their child, why... ...

Liang Yunsheng's lips trembled slightly, and she could not say a word. She took a step back and sat on the chair behind her.

"Yunsheng! " Ling Ruofei was frightened by her reaction, but he could understand Liang Yunsheng's feelings very well.

Xi Bao was only a child who had been born for a month, but he was already destined to have a fate for the rest of his life.

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