Codename:phoenix Chapter 139

Dumbfounded and completely unaware of what stunt Zhang Chenric was trying to pull, Xing Yin just stared at his palm and ignored his invitation to handshake. She hurriedly called for the waiter instead and asked for the shop's menu. "You ill-mannered brat!" Zhang Chenric said loudly as he forcefully grabbed Xing Yin's hand and held it against his. "Listen, when someone introduced himself and offered his hand to you, be courteous enough to introduce yourself and accept his handshake." Zhang Chenric then squeezed Xing Yin's palm."Oww! It hurts! Let go of my hand." Xing Yin cried not because Zhang Chenric held her hand tightly. Rather, it was because of the tingly sensation she felt when Zhang Chenric's hand touched hers. Technically, they weren't shaking hands at all. They were literally holding each other's hands which made Xing Yin feel uncomfortable. Actually, this was the very first time that a male, other than her father had held hands with her. She did not know how to react other than get rid of the feeling right away. Upon hearing Xing Yin's cry of pain, Zhang Chenric immediately let go of her hand and apologized."Sorry, did I squeeze too hard?" Zhang Chenric's voice sounded very apologetic. Xing Yin slightly nodded her head as she gently rubbed her hand, pretending to soothe the imaginary pain she was trying to tell Zhang Chenric."Sorry again, anyway we have to have our breakfast now. Any more delay and we'll fall short of our schedule." Zhang Chenric then fixed his eyes on the menu."Schedule? Did I hear you correctly?" Xing Yin's face was full of confusion.However, Zhang Chenric ignored her question and handed her the menu instead. "You ask too many questions." Zhang Chenric said as he gestured the waiter to come and take their orders. Soon as the waiter had approached them, Zhang Chenric gave him his orders."Our orders are to go. And I would like to have the usual, and as for the lady..." Zhang Chenric threw a quick glance at a yawning Xing Yin whose eyes were still glued on the menu."Do you have a drink that can make people stop yawning? I mean something that can make drowsiness go away?" Zhang Chenric asked as his eyes shifted from the pages of the menu to the eyes of the waiter. "Yes, sir! Please try any of the shop's caffeinated iced beverages, sir." The waiter answered promptly then pointed out the list of caffeinated ice beverages on the menu."What's your shop's best seller? "This one sir, the caramel macchiato in ice." "One of that for her, please.And for her food, just ask her about it." After hearing the man's words, the waiter turned his attention to Xing Yin who was still having a hard time choosing what to order. Sensing the waiter's presence as well as his eagerness to receive her order, Xing Yin started to discuss the food on the menu with herself. 'Oi, Xing Yin! Hurry up! Choose any of that, they all seemed delicious anyway! And it's not like you do not have money to pay for one or two of those.'After a brief argument with herself, Xing Yin was able to come up with a choice. "I would like to have this strawberry and cream cheese breakfast." Xing Yin said while pointing at the picture of the delectable pastry."Okay, ma'am. Anything else you want to add?" "Please put lots of cream cheese on it." Xing Yin quickly replied."Alright, ma'am! I will just repeat your orders, for this sir, the usual order. And for the ma'am here, strawberry cream cheese breakfast and caramel macchiato on ice." The waiter made sure that he got all the orders correctly and have not missed any single detail."Hmmm." Zhang Chenric nodded his head, informing the waiter that he did not miss out on anything. "Wait! I did not order a caramel macchiato on ice. I think that is his, not mine." Xing Yin immediately but in when she heard an additional order under her tab."I ordered it for you, you seemed to be really sleepy, so I asked for a drink that can boost you up." Zhang Chenric said as he gestured the waiter to leave.Surprised, Xing Yin stared at Zhang Chenric with disbelief in her eyes. Really? This guy was that thoughtful? He ordered her a caffeinated drink because he thought she needed something to boost her up? Wow, so things like this also existed in real life? Xing Yin thought that it only happens in the movies!Slightly affected by how the man was looking closely after her, Xing Yin can't help but blush. She cannot be blamed, this was the first time she had to take breakfast with a man other than her family and friends. And to think that the guy actually paid attention to her body language, was something she did not expect and did not prepare for.However, being the skeptic that she was, Xing Yin contained herself. 'Xing Yin! Do not fuss over that simple gesture of his! Do not let his act of service satisfy your emotional needs!' Bearing that thought in mind, Xing Yin was able to calm her senses down and cease herself from blushing. From this moment forward, she must not let herself be affected by him or she will just welcome the possibility of liking the man instead of hating him."Thank you for your kindness, but I do not like to drink caffeinated drinks now. I'll settle with green tea instead." Xing Yin politely refused Zhang Chenric's offer.Zhang Chenric cannot help but feel amused and dejected all at the same time. He felt amused because the person in front of him blushed and appreciated his thoughtfulness. Somehow dejected because she turned his generosity down. 'Interesting.' Zhang Chenric thought to himself as he suddenly felt challenged by Xing Yin's indifference towards him. "Okay, then If you insist. How about you pay for breakfast, then?" Zhang Chenric said while staring straight at Xing Yin's eyes. "You can buy yourself a luxury brand of a motorcycle but no money to pay for your breakfast?" Xing Yin seemed to doubt Zhang Chenric's financial capability."At least I can buy myself a motorcycle, not steal it." Zhang Chenric was quick to give a rebuttal. "You!" Xing Yin glared at Zhang Chenric when he brought up the reason why they were having this conversation now. "Anyway, since you agreed to follow my conditions verbally, I need to have you sign a document to make things legal.""Tss... I am impressed. Excited to practice your profession, aren't you?" Xing Yin sneered at Zhang Chenric. "Is there something wrong with that? A year from now I will become a lawyer, so maybe I should put to practice what I have learned."Xing Yin slightly raised an eyebrow, disinterest was evident on her face especially when she remembered that this guy got the slot without breaking a sweat. Unlike her friend Yang Mei, who worked blood, sweat, and tears just to become qualified. "Oi, tell me the truth. Aren't you really a stalker of mine?" Zhang Chenric asked out of the blue. "Excuse me?!" Xing Yin's mouth hung open as Zhang Chenric brought up the initial issue again. "Whew! Easy easy... I just asked out of curiosity." "How about you? Are you really that thick-skinned that you can sleep soundly at night knowing that you achieved something you did not work for?" "Frankly speaking. I do not mind. I have resources so I make use of them to the fullest.""You are horrible." Xing Yin replied as she rolled her eyes at Zhang Chenric.Shortly after their short conversation, the waiter had arrived carrying their orders. "Why are the meals packed?" Xing Yin said, seemingly excited to have her breakfast."Did not you say it yourself? You did not want us to be the talk of the town, right? So, we are not gonna have breakfast here so people won't see us and create rumors.""Where do you intend to take us then?" Xing Yin furrowed her brows in confusion."In my house." Zhang Chenric answered as he gave their payment for the food."Wait! I did not agree with that!" Xing Yin protested, making Zhang Chenric leaned closer to her, leaving only some few inches away between their faces before gently whispering to her ear. "Would you rather eat breakfast with me in my house, or would you rather eat breakfast alone inside a prison cell?""You!" Xing Yin stopped herself from saying things that would be later on used against her. "Let's go before the food gets cold!" Zhang Chenric then pulled Xing Yin towards the shop's entrance. Soon after Zhang Chenric and Xing Yin stepped out the pastry shop, a lady who was sitting across the room slammed her hands down the table while giving Xing Yin a spiteful stare. She glared at her as if Xing Yin had snatched something precious away from her. "How dare that filthy b*tch seduced my man?!" Liu Lingli uttered to herself after her eyes had personally witnessed what she thought was a display of affection between the two people.What she didn't know was there was nothing going on between Zhang Chenric and Xing Yin. The two of them weren't even a couple, to begin with, and that Xing Yin was about to be punished by Zhang Chenric because of the foolishness she did. However, in the eyes of a jealous person like Liu Lingli, even the slightest gesture would never go unnoticed. Especially if the person she was madly in love with was already involved. Also, that was not the first time she saw them together. The first time was just last night, during the 25th foundation year celebration of Xing Airlines. Liu Lingli together with her father and other selected clients were invited to the party. It never, even once, had crossed her mind that the love of her life knew the airline heiress. She saw them last night and they seemed to be very intimate with each other. Imagine, they were just talking but their faces were too close to each other's face. From a distance, they looked like they were about to kiss! She also saw how Zhang Chenric carefully assisted Xing Yin to sit down the upholstered chair. And oh, the way he looked at her! He stared at Xing Yin's face as if he was engraving every detail of it in his memory. Why did it have to be that woman? She should have been in her place!"Just so you wait for b*tch, I'll fucking destroy you just like what I did to everybody else who dared take my Chenric away from me!" Liu Lingli huffed as she stormed out the pastry shop to follow after them. Unfortunately for her, the two had already left while she took her sweet time cursing Xing Yin and planning her revenge. Seeing that she had already lost track of the persons she had been tailing since she saw Zhang Chenric entered the pastry shop, she gritted her teeth and stomped her foot in anger. How many more girls should she destroy to make Zhang Chenric notice her again? Zhang Chenric, her knight in shining armor, saved her from bullies before. He protected her as if she was the most precious flower in the planet. He helped her even if he did not know a thing about her. He even lent her his handkerchief so she can wipe the dirt off her face. And yes, with just like that, she fell head over heels with Zhang Chenric and had been his number one stalker ever since.
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