Comrade: Almost A Cat Astrophic Love Story Book 2 Chapter 184

Volume 2 Chapter 184 I'll Happily Go To Ends Of The Earth For You

Fu Sichen's parents were amazingly cool people.

When they first found out that Fu Sichen loved Pei Zhen, they were initially shocked, but ultimately, they understood.

"It's really like this."

"As expected."

Daddy Fu never felt that there was anything wrong with a man loving another man. Although, after he had found out about the two young men, he had a heart-to-heart talk with Fu Sichen on the evening of the same day.

"I won't stop you from loving Pei Zhen, but I hope that you're not forcing him into going down this road. You have to understand that it is a path paved with obstructions and thorns; not a bed of roses."

Hence the Fu parents would be truly supportive only if Pei Zhen loved Fu Sichen back equally.

Daddy Fu's words were like a cold shower for the hot-blooded Fu Sichen, and because of them, he had endured so many years.

But, the outcome wasn't too bad.

His beloved Pei Zhen was finally his.

"When did you start being together? And where are things at now?" Mummy Fu was interested to know. "With first-hand information, I can better create a Dojinshi network."

Fu Sichen narrowed his eyes.

Fu Sichen forced a smile. "I'm sorry. Because of your return, now you're in the way of us coming out."

His beloved was next door, and Fu Sichen could find no other reason to be in the same room or on the same bed sleeping together with Pei Zhen.

Pei Zhen's parents understood what their son's ulterior motive was, and they were considerably shocked by his 'evil' scheme.

However, they had to admit his brilliance.

He could think of such a shameless plan indeed.

But even if he foiled his son's plan, he wouldn't have felt bad. Though, both Daddy and Mummy Fu pat their son on his shoulder and seriously encouraged him. "Best Actor Fu, all the best!"

He should have laughed and then given a high five.

He could visit his neighbor in the day; all he and Pei Zhen needed to do was to lock the bedroom door, and they'd be in their own universe. But what reasons could he give to stay on in the evening?

Fu Sichen walked out to the balcony.

The first stars had lit the darkening skies, the milky way sparkled like a silvery belt that stretched across the great expanse, and a light breeze was blowing. The moon was a crescent that gave off a pure, soft glow.

Fu Sichen whistled and waited for a short while. Soon after, Pei Zhen appeared in an unhurried manner.

The green T-Rex pajamas definitely looked a lot more fitting on Pei Zhen than on Fu Sichen.

The pretty young man looked a little dreamy and leaned against the balcony railing in a relaxed manner. He laughed. "We saw each other just a minute ago, big brother Sichen…"

Having Pei Zhen address him that way was quite a turn-on.

Compared to his younger days, the young boyfriend's voice had lost the youthful edge and developed a subtle sexiness that was very attractive and titillating to Fu Sichen.

Fu Sichen's expression darkened, and his gaze fell on Pei Zhen's pajamas. He said in his deep husky voice, "Why are you wearing that? I thought you minded me using it."

Pei Zhen blinked and said innocently, "It has your smell on it."

Fu Sichen narrowed his eyes.

He drew in a deep breath, as an electrifying current flowed through his body again. His throat was dry, and his fingers involuntarily curled to make a fist. He was trying to restrain himself and failing.

No great distance separated the two household's balconies.

Fu Sichen leaned forward and extended his long arms. As Pei Zhen called out once more 'big brother', he grabbed Pei Zhen's collar and drew Pei Zhen towards him, sealing his lips with a kiss.

It was a little aggressive.

Keeping the physical posture for a mid-air kiss was no easy feat, not to mention that Fu Sichen was quite an aggressive kisser. In no time, Pei Zhen was out of breath.

"Y-you son of…" Pei Zhen wasn't sure whether to blame himself for not exercising normally or to blame Fu Sichen's over-enthusiastic advancement, but he wasn't able to resist and turned soft in the legs. "I-I'm going to fall over."

Fu Sichen gave a deep laugh. "Fall over then. Even if you fall, I'll cushion you."

I'll happily go to the ends of the earth for you.

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