Cool Ceo And His Model Wife Chapter 259

260 Broken Shoe

The next morning.

This was the spring season in Paris where the sun was fully brightened up with the cold breeze brushing around making the fallen leaves rustled. The wind sometimes whipped them into a frenzy of dancing shapes.

People liked this season and especially came here for their holiday. However, today, Mo Lingtan and Lee Xuiye's holiday ended here.

Since the last five years, both of them hadn't taken any holiday so this holiday was very precious to them as a couple and a relaxing one, so now they didn't have the heart to go back.


The birds had started their day as their pleasant chirping sound was echoing inside the room, Mo Lingtan had already woken up and was quietly staring at his sleeping wife. He could never get enough of her image like this.

Right now,Lee Xuiye was really looking like a goddess which made Mo Lingtan realize that there was no wonder why many people considered her as a goddess. Her long lashes, pointed nose, and rosy lips which he wanted to capture since last night but didn't dare to. He knew he made a mistake but he really couldn't help it.

Therefore, he was quietly admiring her and soon after, she opened her drowsy eyes, the yesterday's fatigue had now vanished from her eyes, making her bright eyes sparkling like the twinkling stars as soon as she lifted up her eyelids.

However, last night's dissatisfaction could be seen in Mo Lingtan's eyes which couldn't be hidden from her but she feigned ignorance to it.

"Morning. Have you slept well?" Lee Xuiye said in a hoarse voice and was about to get up but then swiftly was pinned down by her husband in the next second.

"You have been becoming better and better in acting, huh? However, let me tell you, your skills won't work on me!"

Lee Xuiye knew that Mo Lingtan had gone to take an extra cool shower after she slept as she vaguely heard the water running.

"It was all your fault, I told you that I had a shoot but you didn't let me off so of course, I would be angry when my energy had been drained even before I started working."

"Ohh...So you have gotten the cheek to put blame on me. If you hadn't left me five years back I wouldn't have suffered so much. Therefore, it will be your responsibility to make up for it. I let you off last night but not now!"

Mo Lingtan was about to capture her rosy lips, but she put her hand in between "Wait...Wait...I haven't washed my face yet!"

"Doesn't matter. Neither have I!"

He couldn't wait anymore.


And before, she could find another excuse, he captured his territory and made her self-disciple weaker.


Here the newlywed couple didn't overcome their honeymoon period, however, there was another couple on the other side of the world for whom their honeymoon was like a curse to them.

City B, Country X.

Gu Mansion.

"Mmm.Master Gu.Please slow down!!!"



The door of the room opened and the stinking smell of sex immediately filled into Wang Yeyi's nostrils along with the crying voice making her so disgusted that she threw up there.


Gu Kai who was in a hot session immediately frowned and his interest to continue on had vanished away.

A girl beside him also startled because of the sound and immediately covered herself.

Gu Kai put on his pants and went outside where Wang Yeyi was throwing up.

He immediately felt disgusted and lashed out at her "You don't you have some manners to knock on the door before entering someone's room, bloody hex?"

Wang Yeyi wiped the corner of her mouth and didn't stop herself from lashing out "You bast*rd, this is my room also. How dare you bring someone cheap here and do such a disgusting thing."

"So what if this is your room also? I am the master of this house and you are just a broken shoe to which I have to tolerate sometimes. So don't take it for granted that I will stop living just because of a broken shoe." Gu Kai howled.

Wang Yeyi had clutched her fist into a tight ball in anger after hearing the words 'Broken Shoe.'

Everywhere she went everyone called her 'Broken Shoe' behind her back to the point that she had stopped going out.

Moreover, she had to marry this disgusting person and live with him who was an eyesore to her.

Furthermore, she had to carry his bast*rd child in her stomach.

Only Wang Yeyi knew how much humiliation and torture she was suffering.

If the doctor hadn't mentioned that her life would be in danger if she aborted this bast*rd child, she would have gotten rid of it at any cost.

Worst of all, her pregnancy had been leaked on the news that she was pressured by Wang Hong Wei and Elder Gu to marry this bast*rd Gu Kai and live with him in the same room.

Besides, he always brought a cheap girl here and humiliated her every day.

Now, her life was no worse than living in hell.

Her dream to become an international model, her wish to marry the most eligible bachelor of this country, Mo Lingtan, her bright future to become Lady Head of the Mo Family...all of them had been burned and vanished away like ashes!

It was all because of that b*tch Lee Xuiye!

If Lee Xuiye hadn't set her up, she wouldn't have been in this condition.

Her life had been ruined all because of that b*tch Lee Xuiye.

As soon as Wang Yeyi was thinking about all of this, her hatred for Lee Xuiye increased to the point that she wanted to rip her into pieces.


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