Crazy Detective Book 2 Chapter 1077

Crazy Detective Volume 2 Chapter 1077 Fight Of The Best

Zhao Yu knew that in order to lead the Special Services team, Xiao Hang's abilities would naturally surpass those of the average agent. Even though Xiao Hang wasn't exceptionally tall, he would be much more powerful than the rest of his men. Based on the previous failed kick, Zhao Yu was able to gauge the average strength in their team and recognized that he was no match for Xiao Hang. But he had a competitive streak and knew he could win with an Energy Booster.

"No, absolutely no way! L… leader Zhao!" Li Jing said quietly, turning and squinting her eyes at Zhao Yu. "You are no match for him! He is a member of the Special Services, a special agent! There's no way you can win against him!"

"Ha, nice joke!" Zhao Yu said, thumping his chest. "When have I, Zhao Tianba… uhm, I mean when have I, godly detective Zhao, ever been called a chicken? Come, let me teach you a lesson or two!" He gestured towards Xiao Hang.

"That won't do!" Li Jing said loudly. "He is a Special Services member! Even if you win, all he has to do is submit a report and you'll be screwed!"

"No need, no need!" Xiao Hang said immediately. "Godly Detective Zhao, I hope you know that I, Xiao Hang, am not a shameful person. As long as you can win, I will concede defeat and not pursue this matter further!"

"Great! I like your guts!" Zhao Yu said, raising his thumbs. "Life and death are preordained; wealth and honor are decreed by the Heavens. Even if I die by your hands, I alone will bear the consequences!"

"You… you're all crazy! This is utter madness!" Li Jing shouted angrily, pointing at both Xiao Hang and Zhao Yu. "This is a police station, not a market! How can you do something like this?"

"Come on!" Zhao Yu said, moving around Li Jing's other side and going straight for Xiao Hang. He arrogantly charged straight for Xiao Hang without activating the Energy Booster or any of his other tools.

Xiao Hang saw Zhao Yu charging but didn't panic, taking the opportunity to punch Zhao Yu straight in the face. A punch from a Special Services member was definitely not the same as a punch from anyone else. Even though Xiao Hang did not appear to be fierce and strong, his punch hit Zhao Yu like a ball of thunder.

"Ha-ya!" Zhao Yu threw out both fists. He was like a fierce tiger coming down from the mountains, eager to prove his mettle. Before his fists could connect, Xiao Hang suddenly changed his body's position and moved to the side, throwing a left punch that landed on Zhao Yu's throat.

Pow! The hit seemed light, but after it connected with Zhao Yu's throat, he felt a sudden numbness and when he tried to react, he realized he couldn't breathe. Zhao Yu held his neck as he retreated. Horror flashed in his eyes. He would never have expected his opponent would punch him in the neck! Xiao Hang had moved so quickly he had been unable to block it.

"Ah…" Zhao Yu tried breathing in as much air as possible, but his airways were blocked. His face had started to redden. His vision consequently began to blur and he felt dizzy. He was suffocating. Xiao Hang didn't continue his attack, instead standing firmly and watching Zhao Yu suffer in glee. He was confident that after that attack, Zhao Yu would have completely lost his ability to fight back.

Everyone in the audience was shocked, especially Zhao Yu's teammates, who for the longest time had only seen Zhao Yu win fights. Never had they seen someone capable of taking down Zhao Yu with one hit! "Boss, boss…" Cui Lizhu was frightened and wanted to step forward to help Zhao Yu, but one of Xiao Hang's subordinates stopped her.

Kling, kling. Xiao Hang threw a pair of scissors to the ground. "Leader Zhao, if you don't want to die then use these scissors and puncture your trachea for air. But don't cut your arteries, yeah?" he said coldly.

"I… screw you!" Zhao Yu, who had just been struggling for breath a second ago, had already risen up and sent a whirlwind kick in the direction of Xiao Hang.

"What?!" Xiao Hang was stunned as he had not expected Zhao Yu to still be capable of such movement. He hurriedly stepped backward, using both arms to block Zhao Yu's kick. However, Zhao Yu had learned this move from Miao Ying and landed the kick with a massive amount of force, bringing Xiao Hang down onto one knee.

While he had been choking earlier, Zhao Yu had to use the Invisible Breathing Device so he could start breathing again. Xiao Hang's powerful punch made him realize that this person was on another level and in order to take him down, Zhao Yu would have to bring the thunder down on him and not let him retaliate. Thus, Zhao Yu did not hesitate to rush forward and kick Xiao Hang's. Xiao Hang was on the defensive, and he quickly lifted his arms to block.

After a few consecutive kicks, Zhao Yu rushed forward to pummel Xiao Hang's body with his fists. He bent down and punched fiercely, his hardened fists raining down like meteors. Xiao Hang could barely lift his head. Zhao Yu was in a manic state, crazily punching with his fists. When he finally got tired, he grabbed the computer monitor and smashed it onto Xiao Hang's head. Kacha! The monitor broke in half, and sparks flew out of it as it was still wired.

Seeing that Xiao Hang was still fine, Zhao Yu grabbed the entire table and screamed. He dropped the desk straight onto Xiao Hang's body. Even though Xiao Hang was in a rough state after getting continuously hit, he managed to move to the side and avoid the table. It fell to the ground with a loud thump, the items falling off messily.

Zhao Yu realized there was no longer anything around that he could use as a weapon and pounced onto Xiao Hang's body like a hungry tiger, resorting to a fistfight. But Xiao Hang had managed to get his breath back and took advantage of the space to kick Zhao Yu's lower abdomen, knocking him to the ground.

Xiao Hang flipped himself up. He panted heavily, one knee on the ground. His pace had been disrupted by Zhao Yu's heavy attacks, and he was battered and exhausted. He couldn't understand how Zhao Yu was still breathing normally after getting hit in the throat.

With the violent rage he had flown into, Zhao Yu had consumed a lot of his energy, but he knew he could not allow Xiao Hang time to catch his breath. He spun on the ground and rushed to Xiao Hang, ready with a kick. Xiao Hang's eyes were quick to react, and he used the same spin to avoid it. At the same time, he used his right foot to kick hard into Zhao Yu's chest. However, Zhao Yu had faked the earlier kick, so he still managed to hit Xiao Hang with an actual kick.

The two of them spun out and Xiao Hang flew into the crowd, slamming into someone's leg. Zhao Yu slid into the office, his back slammed hard onto another desk.

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