Daoist Master Of Qing Xuan Chapter 336

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In a flash, there was a continuous thunderous clap in the clouds and the lightning was everywhere in the cloud as far as her eyes could see.

She did not know how long they flew but the lightning was still flashing, covering her field of vision.

Fang Yanying told herself, “With Uncle-Master’s abstruse martial art skills and being able to enter the stormy clouds, we should be out of the clouds by now since we’ve been flying for so long.”

She was able to fly without a trace and cover a great distance quickly with the sword talisman given by Chen Jianmei. While Shen Lian had obtained the Dao and longevity, and his mana was a hundred or thousand times more than her. He even had more advanced celestial arts. So even with this short moment, he could at least fly out a distance of a thousand mile.

If there were not the abundant stormy clouds covering the thousands of miles, then she would have known just how wide it was.

However, Fang Yanying was wrapped within the clouds and the thunderous clap showed no signs of weakening. Also, uncertainty began welling up inside her even more, the thunderous clap happened one after another and it just kept going on, it was not like how lightning would occur in the natural world.

She suppressed her uncertainty because even though she was wrapped up in the clouds right now, but she could still feel that they were flying at an incredible speed. There was immense pressure on her and she could not even divide some of her attention to speak, she still needed to exercise her martial art skills to fight against the pressure.

Once she felt the pressure around her dispersed and that her feet were on the ground, she opened her eyes and saw that they had arrived at the Temple of Killings.

Even though she did not know just how much time had passed, but in her mind, she knew that it would not have been more than half a day. She did not think that Uncle-Master was able to transverse over ten thousand miles in such a short span of time and to reach to the Temple of Killings in Xi Huang from Qing Xuan.

Even though she already knew from the start that Uncle-Master had attained Dao and longevity from her master’s words and that he was one of the celestials, she would definitely not have expected that his light travel would be this rapid.

She saw that there were still electrical sparks around her Uncle-Master slowly dissipating. She could not help but opened her mouth and asked, “Those electrical light were produced by you, Uncle-Master?”

Shen Lian chuckled and answered, “This is one of the secret techniques of Qing Xuan ‘Raging Storm Shifting Method’. Even though it is not the fastest shifting method of the world, it is still in the top up there. This is because after I have cultivated it, this is my first time flying so far while I have to bring you along, so I had to slow down and only arrive here after an hour.”

He nonchalantly described it as though it was not even worth mentioning. Fang Yanying could only stare dumbfounded. She muttered, “Uncle-Master is truly one of the celestials.”

Shen Lian did not respond. After all, this kid did not have her foundation laid within the sect, her scope was not wide yet.

He looked at the wooden tablet of the Temple of Killings. It was no different than back then. He expanded his divine thoughts and noticed there were other eleven people inside the temple. All of them had the authentic Qi cultivation technique.

However, speaking from a mana state point of view, they were not as close as Fang Yanying.

They seemed to be the disciples that Chen Jianmei had recruited under the temple’s name.

Shen Lian walked into the temple and no one noticed. He directly entered Chen Jianmei’s cultivation room.

He saw Chen Jianmei was sitting on top of the stone couch in a lotus position, with an essence-Qi flower condensed from the white steam of the top of his head. It was shaky.

Through the white steam, Shen Lian could see Chen Jianmei’s face was pale as paper, even his lips had no color. Then, a mouthful of fresh red blood came spraying out, dyeing the white robes on his body.

He coughed vehemently.

Shen Lian’s brows crinkled and he took out an elixir. Standing in front of Chen Jianmei, he passed the elixir into Chen Jianmei’s body.

The Taixu Divine Qi streamed continuously afterward. The five elements’ Qi of Essence was then transformed into the wood element Qi of Essence. It nurtured Chen Jianmei’s flesh and at the same, it sensed a terrifying sword aura circling within Chen Jianmei’s chest area. This was also the cause of Chen Jianmei’s bloody coughs.

After a while, Chen Jianmei slowly opened his eyes and said, “My disciple had been disobedient. She still went and brought you here.”

Shen Lian responded quietly, “Senior Brother Chen, you’re seriously injured, why did you notinform me directly?”

There was a token on Chen Jianmei that could contact the sect directly. There was no need to send someone to pass the message.

Chen Jianmei simply said, “I did not want to get you involved. Also, this is my own vengeance, I have to avenge it myself.”

Shen Lian stared coldly at Chen Jianmei and he chillingly said, “With your kind of injuries, if I had come a few days later, I’m afraid you would not be alive by then. How are you still going to avenge yourself then?”

Chen Jianmei answered indifferently, “For me to be able to cultivate to where I am today, I have already moved on from matters related to life and death. Also, I have also decided to examine that person’s swordcraft. His swordcraft is simply advance, also, this is the Dao of Killing Sword. If I heal my injuries, I would not have the chance to understand his swordcraft.”

Shen Lian was stunned, he did not think that Chen Jianmei would not clear the sword aura and heal his injuries, just because he wanted to study the other’s swordcraft.

This vigor he had to disregard life and death, Shen Lian did not know whether he should consider him idiotic or say that he is a sword maniac.

Shen Lian followed, “No matter what, I cannot sit here and watch you die.”

Chen Jianmei propped his hand on Shen Lian’s shoulder, his gaze was determined and he did not allow his will to be rejected.

Shen Lian knew that once people like him had already set his mind to something, he would not change it. He sighed faintly, “Based on your current situation, you should at least take some elixir and not let your injuries worsen.”

Chen Jianmei smiled forcefully and said, “Originally, I planned to take the medicine. Before this, because I was too caught up in this person’s sword aura and the memories of his swordcraft, I have forgotten about this matter.”

Shen Lian saw that even though his divine Qi was weak, but there was no deathly stillness within his eyes. He felt slightly rest assured.

The fact was, for public and personal reasons, he did not want anything bad to happen to Chen Jianmei. After all, when Qing Xuan showed signs of rising again, Chen Jianmei had quite the expectation towards him to be the figure to attain Dao. If he was to be destroyed, it would be a major loss to the sect’s morale. Furthermore, even though the both of them hardly said much but their minds were mutual and their friendship was profound.

Not only that, Zhang Ruoxu really loved and favored Chen Jianmei while he was still alive. Shen Lian was even secondary to Zhang Ruoxu. If anything were to happen to Chen Jianmei, Shen Lian would be unworthy of Zhang Ruoxu’s trust.

Shen Lian said, “I will remain here during this period to protect you. I would not fold my arms and stand idly knowing you are in any real danger.”

Chen Jianmei said, “I did not go looking for death on purpose. Since you’re already here, it would be great for you to protect me. However, it would be best for you to converge your vital force right now so that that fellow won’t come looking here. I am not looking down on you but with your current capabilities, you are still worse than him. Also, I think he is a person who pursues the swordcraft wholeheartedly. Even though his path is different from ours but the path of the sword cultivator can easily separate life and death. You have to understand, Qing Xuan can stand without Chen JIanmei but it cannot stand without Shen Lian.”

Cold sweat appeared on his face as he said this many in one breath. Shen Lian knew that Chen Jianmei had divided some of his mind and spirit and now, that terrifying sword aura was moving restlessly once again within his chest area.

Shen Lian softly responded, “I understand. You rest well then.”

What Chen Jianmei said were his heartfelt words. Even though his mind and spirit were devoted to swordcraft, to him there was only his sword and himself, but because of Zhang Ruoxu, he still could not cut ties with Qing Xuan.

However, with his temper, he could sacrifice his life for Qing Xuan, but he would not see to the development of the sect and unite the sect.

Even with his peerless cultivation experience, he was fated to only be helpful when it came to physical matters.

But the legacy of the sect did not rely solely on the physical force for solutions.

The dependency of Qing Xuan towards Shen Lian was very, very strong. Even if other people in the sect was not aware of this, but Chen Jianmei’s heart could see this clearly.

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