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Dark Star Survivor summary:

A universe obliterated, with only one survivor. She was sent into a new universe where she will once again have to struggle to survive. A place where the strong rule the weak, and only strength matters. She will carve her legacy into the very fabric of the universe!

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Dark Star Survivor Chapters

Time uploaded
242 Hello Therea month ago
241 Updatea month ago
239 Updatea month ago
233 Defectiona month ago
229 Salvationa month ago
228 Updatea month ago
225 Sacrificea month ago
217 Updatea month ago
214 Goalsa month ago
208 Sirens Falla month ago
201 Signalsa month ago
200 A Noble Enda month ago
196 Leviathana month ago
178 Updatea month ago
175 Iron Bonesa month ago
171 Skybreakera month ago
170 Emergencea month ago
164 Captivateda month ago
162 Old Enemiesa month ago
145 Vacationa month ago
142 Loaded Upa month ago
139 Updatea month ago
138 Rememberinga month ago
130 Asuraia month ago
109 Empty Eyesa month ago
107 Swarma month ago
103 Complacencya month ago
97 Speak Softlya month ago
96 Pursuia month ago
91 Future Plansa month ago
89 Reuniona month ago
85 New Heightsa month ago
83 Descendinga month ago
80 Inner Changea month ago
78 Corruptiona month ago
77 Opportunisa month ago
75 Trusa month ago
74 Tricked Oua month ago
67 Squabblesa month ago
66 Dorisa month ago
64 The Cubea month ago
63 Savannaha month ago
62 All Inked Upa month ago
56 On The Edgea month ago
52 Cohesiona month ago
51 Viridia month ago
49 Growtha month ago
47 40 Versus 1a month ago
42 On The Edgea month ago
41 Scrap Metala month ago
32 Rewardeda month ago
28 Perspectivea month ago
27 Ascensiona month ago
25 From Abovea month ago
24 The Huna month ago
23 Preparation.a month ago
22 Heritagea month ago
21 Nitoa month ago
17 Cautiona month ago
15 Civilizationa month ago
14 Encountera month ago
13 Equippeda month ago
11 Talentsa month ago
10 Unexpecteda month ago
9 Deala month ago
8 Surfacinga month ago
7 Arrivala month ago
5 Mindsea month ago
4 Evolutiona month ago
2 Trace Of Hopea month ago
1 Survivora month ago
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