Dear Young Master Spare Me Please? Chapter 265

Chapter 265: Stay For a While

After reading the message, Han Meixiu called Liu Zijian informing him that she received the same message from her mother. 

Liu Zijian fell into deep thought after the call ended. He wanted to just tie some loose ends in his own investigation before going back to K Country.

As for the upcoming event of choosing the heir, leave it to his brother. He already talked to his father about it. He would assist but he wouldn't take the full position. 

For the time being, he would try to find traces of his mother in law. Based from what he gathered, Zhang Huiling was under the identity of Madam Bai. But from the record he obtained, Madam Bai never left the country. 

It simply meant she travelled using either new identity or other means of transportation - using the sea.

But checking all the shipments arrived in all the seaports would be considered a waste of time. Thus he excluded the idea.

Liu Zijian looked at the original place Zhang Huiling gave him. Maybe he could get some answer from there. 

Few days ago, he already asked some of their men to observe the area but the report was not something that could evoke his interest. Those were just simple data, not really useful.

After telling the driver his desired destination, Liu Zijian took out the report and the map again. He also compared the one provided by Han Meixiu. If the two locations were really created to create confusion, then there must be an underlying clue in the other map.

Liu Zijian rarely involve himself directly in any activity done to gather information. He preferred to plan behind and calculate the possible risk. 

The few times he wore disguises were because of his brother, Liu Zilong. It's either his brother was in deep trouble or he was being deceived by none other than Liu Zilong himself. 

This time, he wanted to inspect the place thoroughly thus he needed to hide his own identity. 

Liu Zijian's eyes lingered in a certain part of the map. Compared to the other part, this one seemed to be constantly changing in both records. 

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After making up his plan, he looked outside. The car was running smoothly as his direction was against the normal route of people rushing to their work. 

Liu Zijian only wanted to be sure but he didn't plan of endangering himself. He could imagine the endless scolding of Han Meixiu if she would see a wound on his body. 

'I'll be careful.' He murmured as he smiled softly reflecting some warm morning sun on his face.


Three days after arriving in Q City, Zhang Huiling finally entered the area that was tightly secluded. It took more than a day to check the medical facility in cognito. 

Unfortunately, she was easily captured while admiring the newly acquired medical facility. It was actually the area she thought would be the least doubtful as it could be considered as a common lounge. 

Zhang Huiling had to admit that the split second she lowered her guard, she was seized in a way that was too familiar. She even forgot to retaliate as her body froze. In short, she was caught off guard by the person who 'captured' her.

Before she closed her eyes, she saw vaguely someone wearing a surgical mask. 

When she opened her eyes, she was already in this simple room with full lighting and without any windows. 

Seeing an old woman sitting not far from her, Zhang Huiling was more than surprised. She even blinked several times to confirm she wasn't hallucinating. 

Her movement attracted the old woman's attention, but instead of greeting she ignored her and continued to flip the book. 

As she was still immersed in her own thoughts, the old woman spoke. "Aren't you going to ask a question? Or should I ask first?"

The old woman then closed the book and clasped both of her hands together placing them gently on the book. 

The old woman's demeanor was still as calm as ever but there was some kind of inquiring layer on her eyes. 

Zhang Huiling was worried that her 'little assistant', Liu Zijian might step into this area. She knew how this old woman hated the Liu Family. 

Zhang Huiling's mind formed only one sentence, 'must contact Liu Zijian'.

But it wasn't easy. Although her personal belongings remained untouched, it was hard to send a message under the gaze of this old fox. 

Since Zhang Huiling didn't respond, the old woman sighed. "Let's talk again tomorrow. It seemed that you're still in shock." She said. "By the way, you've been sleeping for the past two days." The old woman added before finally going out. The reason was simple, she wanted to check if there were other people tailing Zhang Huiling. 

After the door closed, Zhang Huiling calmed herself down. She's not afraid of the old woman as she also wanted to ask a lot of things. But she's worried about Liu Zijian as she promised she would contact him. 

After getting out of the bed, she rummaged through her personal things that were normally attached in her body. All were carefully removed, a sign that the person who changed her clothes were indeed familiar to this kind of complicated things. 

The time on the phone indicated it was almost midnight. Worse thing was, there's no signal at all. She needed to go out. 

Zhang Huiling tried to observe her surroundings. The wall was clean without any sign of a monitoring camera. She flipped everything on the bed and check every nook and corner of the entire room before she sighed in relief. 

After confirming that there's no suspicious thing inside, she pressed her ear to the door. Unfortunately, she couldn't hear anything. She could only open the door to check if there's a person guarding her door. 

But when she peeked outside, there was actually none. She could even see the endless hallway that was dimly lit.

It was the time she decided she must leave to send a message. She's not planning to escape at all. But she was also not confident that the old fox would let her send a message outside, thus she needed to be careful. 

Although she received the floor lay out of the medical facility, her current location was difficult to identify. Another problem was, what if the location itself wasn't even part of the layout she saw?

Based from her conversation with the previous owner, Chen Dewei, it was clear that the man didn't know the existence of the old fox inside his own medical facility. That is, if she's really inside. 

But what if she's not?

After fully equipping herself, Zhang Huiling embarked in a directionless journey.

It took her more than two hours to get out of the building and another hour to find a place where she could get a signal. 

She was already breathing heavily by the time she finished typing the message. She sent it to two people, Han Meixiu and Liu Zijian. She was thinking that maybe in this way, she could ensure that her 'little assistant' would really go back right away to K Country. 

She knew this was her personal business and she didn't know how long she will stay. It would be better to keep her daughter's husband away in case things would get complicated afterwards. 

AFter sending the message, she turned around to return to where she was. But when she was entering the entrance of the building hidden between small hills and grasses, her vision started to get blurry. 

She remembered she collapsed and before fully losing her consciousness, she faintly heard footsteps. She was probably going to be rescued? 

But when she opened her eyes, she founf out she was back in that windowless room and, she's tied up? 

Although the ropes material wasn't rough and didn't really hurt her that much, constricting her movements really displeased her. 

After a while, the door of the small room opened. The old lady around late 60s came in holding a tray. She smiled as she walked inside and slowly placed the tray on the table located near the bed. 

"You're awake." The gentle voice and demeanor of the old woman could really deceive normal people. Nobody would ever thought that the woman was once the leader of black.com. She looked like an ordinary lady from the countryside.

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