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Demon Lords Reincarnation summary:

The strongest Demon Lord dies, and reincarnates as a human. Not only that, he because of various incidents turns into the heros best friend.Follow his journey as he tries to help the hero escape his fate, and on the sideline to conquer the continent while hes at it.

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Demon Lords Reincarnation Chapters

Time uploaded
256 Rabia2 days ago
254 Shadowa week ago
249 The Owner4 weeks ago
244 Let Us Killa month ago
243 Scheminga month ago
239 My Past?a month ago
236 Threateninga month ago
235 High Priesa month ago
233 Teach Mea month ago
230 Studena month ago
228 Professora month ago
223 Where Am I?a month ago
221 Restara month ago
219 ..a month ago
216 Rens Heara month ago
214 Im Sorrya month ago
213 Suddena month ago
209 Four Womena month ago
207 Convincinga month ago
198 Duela month ago
196 Storya month ago
194 Unwaveringa month ago
190 Girl Talka month ago
189 Diarya month ago
180 In Prisona month ago
179 Escapea month ago
177 Time To Huna month ago
175 Tell Mea month ago
171 Gabriela month ago
163 I Wondera month ago
146 Cornereda month ago
142 The Cursea month ago
140 Bad Newsa month ago
135 Feara month ago
114 A Frienda month ago
112 Be My Heroa month ago
111 The Maidena month ago
106 Elizabetha month ago
105 Take Overa month ago
104 Spirit Auraa month ago
101 To Be Kinga month ago
96 Ambusha month ago
95 A Heroa month ago
94 ???a month ago
91 Traininga month ago
90 Tesa month ago
89 Requesa month ago
88 Lets Begina month ago
84 Doubt Mea month ago
83 Powerfula month ago
79 Rens Returna month ago
74 Sepchela month ago
69 Visionsa month ago
57 A Storya month ago
55 Traininga month ago
51 Rens Ragea month ago
47 Coffinsa month ago
46 Weapon Gradea month ago
45 Silikas Pasa month ago
42 Equipmena month ago
37 Subordinatesa month ago
36 Hildas Homea month ago
34 Why?a month ago
31 Adventurersa month ago
30 Dungeon Corea month ago
25 Deeper Ina month ago
24 Dungeon Corea month ago
22 Sparringa month ago
19 I Choose Youa month ago
18 Weapons Shopa month ago
15 Hildaa month ago
14 Guild Mastera month ago
8 A Noblea month ago
7 Bandit Attacka month ago
3 Six Yearsa month ago
2 Im A Humana month ago
1 Demon Lorda month ago
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