Demon Lords Reincarnation Chapter 270

266 Fame That Spreads To Every Corner

After leaving the Shadow Clan, Kretos started a journey to find strong opponents to have a wonderous battle with. He was doing this since he wanted to see the very limits of his strength. If he were to die after using everything he has he would die happily. With those things in mind, Kretos set off on his journey.

Of course, he already had targets in mind, and those were the five demon lords. The first one he needed to deal with was the closest demon lord in his vicinity. That was the leader of the Succubus tribe, the one show controls the Shadow Clan, Demon Empress Nimune.

Kretos with excitement and adrenaline bursting out his body hurried on with his journey. As he went deeper into the territory of the Succubus Tribe, he had faced many different clans that were under the charm of the succubus tribe. He even gained a weapon from the strongest warrior of one of those clans.

With his new sword at hand, Kretos headed straight to the lair of the Demon Empress. As he came near his destination he met the largest army in the land of the demons. He quickly passed through them excited to face the demon lord at the end.


After a rather hard battle, Kretos was able to kill the Demon Empress. As she died she spoke to Kretos asking him for a favor. She told him to unite the demon race under one banner and become a powerful kingdom. Though the idea of creating a kingdom wasn't that enticing to Kretos, what made him agree in doing the favor was the promise of meeting strong foes.

The Demon Empress said that even after he unites the Demons stronger foes would appear. Hearing that made Kretos very excited. Even after defeating all the demon lords, he would still face stronger foes, just the thought of it made him filled with glee.

'Of course, that's if I can actually beat the other demon lords. It is said that Demon Empress Nimune was the weakest among the five when it comes to one on one combat. The only reason she could stand shoulder to shoulder with the other demon lords was because of her large army. Well, she did have impressive mana reserves. Also, her spells were quite good. If she's the weakest, then I can't wait to face the others. I wonder who should I fight next?'

As Kretos was getting excited by the battles to come, he once again looked at the dead Demon Empress Nimune's body. 'I guess leaving you like this would make me feel a tiny bit bad. You did give me a satisfying battle also a bigger dream to walk on.'

Kretos started chanting a spell he heard one of the frost demons used on him. With that, he encased Demon Empress Nimune's body in a block of ice. Once he had done that he placed the body into his shadow. After he was done with storing Demon Empress Nimune's body, Kretos left the throne room and was once again filled with thoughts of the battles ahead.


A few days after Nimune's defeat news of it spread all across the demon's lands. In a room that had tall glass windows and was filled with all manner of books, the moonlight illuminated most of the room. In the middle of the room was a handsome raven-haired man.

He was reading some documents and after a while, he smiled showing his two pointy fangs. The man then looked at the chessboard in front of him.

The Chessboard was a different kind as it was bigger than most and had five kings with a large number of pawns. The man then took one of the pawns and toppled one of the kings.

'I wonder if this pawn will be promoted as a ruling king or a powerful queen. Either way, this is a brand new piece I can play with.' The man chuckled as he twirled the pawn in his fingers.


Sitting in a throne made of stone in the middle of a forest was a man with long ashen color hair. He had a long scar at the side of his face, but that only enhanced the cool look he had. In front of the man was a crimson-haired woman with a similar cold disposition. She was giving out a report to the man on the throne, once she was done giving out her report the man sighed as he placed his cheek onto the back of his hand.

"Don't bother with those trivial things. If he doesn't bother us we don't bother him, but the moment he crosses that line we will crush him with all our might." Hearing the lord's answer the crimson-haired maiden nodded her head and bowed.


On top of the tallest mountain in the demon realm, a man with raven black wings flew through the air his thoughts were in a bit of disarray. The Demon Empress was killed and it was done by a boy from the Shadow Clan one of her subordinates.

'Among those that crawl on the ground, I thought that she was better than them. Yet in the end, even she was nothing more than an ant on the ground below.' The Tengu demon lord Jiro was quite interested in Nimune whose beauty was at the top of the demon realm. He even thought that he could make her his wife but now she was dead.


A beautiful fox with nine tails was licking her fur when she started moving around. She then turned into her human form. An alluring face that could match the Demon Empress Nimume's, with golden hair and ears, as well as a gorgeous golden nine tails. This was the Demonic Fox Tsukiko. With her golden eyes, she looked at the two full moons and sighed.

"I can no longer feel the presence of the Demon Empress... I wonder who killed her?... The other demon lords are still in their own lands. I can feel the mana mark I placed on them hasn't been removed or altered. Then it must be a new challenger that appeared... I hope he or she doesn't come to my place and challenges me... I just want to play around here and there, I don't really want to fight. But if I let go of my position the other demon lords especially Darius would start bullying my people."

The Golden-haired fox once again sighed as she hoped that whoever killed Nimune wouldn't come to her place.


The spies the other races had placed in the demon realm had reported the event of the Demon Empress Nimune's death. This news that one of the demon lords had died shocked not only the demons but the other races as well.

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