Demon Lords Reincarnation Chapter 271

267 Lets Play A Game

Once Kretos's fame spread from killing one of the five demon lords, Demon Empress Nimune, many demons started challenging him. Since no one knows how strong Kretos truly was, gave the other demons confidence. Some of the demons felt like defeating the Demon Empress wasn't such a big deal since in one on one combat she was the weakest of the five. The only reason most of the demons were afraid of her was because of the succubus's charm skill and her large army.

The news that Kretos dealt with the Demon Empress Nimune's army hasn't spread yet, so currently, the demons of the south felt like they had a shot in becoming the new demon lord. Of course, this turn of events brought a happy smile on Kretos's face.

Fighting battle after battle was a dream come true for Kretos. He continued to fight every powerful demon in the South until all the tribes became fearful of Kretos's overwhelming strength. Once there were no longer any demon that wished to face him in the south, Kretos immediately moved onto the west.

Based on the information he got back in the Shadow Clan regarding the demons lords, Kretos knew that the demon lord of the East was a softie that didn't like to fight. Kretos didn't like fighting those that don't have the will to fight, since those kinds of opponents would be boring to fight with, no matter how strong they are. He also didn't kill if his opponent didn't come to him with the intent to kill. Kretos was still thinking about a way to make the demon lord of the east fight him at full power. So as long as he doesn't have a plan to do that, Kretos decided to battle that demon lord last.

On the other hand, the demon lord in the center of the demon realm was also said to be someone who disliked fighting. It seems like he was one of the rare demons with some weird sense of honor.

The demon lord of the west, on the other hand, loves playing around with the weaker tribes. The Vampiric Lord Darius was someone that would fight and kill as long as he deemed it to be fun. He would also torture and dominate for the same reason. That kind of person was going to be easy to convince to go all out. With that in mind, Kretos headed to the territory of the Vampiric Lord Darius.


Numerous bats were flying through the room, these bats were scouts of the Vampiric Lord Darius. After listening to the reports of his subordinates Darius chuckled.

"So the new toy has come to my domain as I expected. The reports and rumors about him seem to be true. A warrior that won't attack those that don't attack him. Since he has some semblance of honor he wouldn't want to attack the cowardly brat Tsukiko or that hypocrite Lycan Kir."

Darius took a bottle of wine and poured himself a glass and started drinking.

"Warriors like this kid from the Shadow Clan are the most fun to play around with and then break when I get bored. I wonder what could break him?... Women? No, if he's able to resist that b*tch Nimune's charm then women would be unable to break him. Money, family, honor, I wonder what kinds of games I can play to break a warrior like him."

Darius felt happy that this new toy had come to him as it made him feel excited again. Even though messing around and mentally torturing his subjects was still quite fun, this new stimulus was still better. As someone that can live for more than a millennia boredom was his greatest enemy.

"I wonder what game we should play? Should I torture and break him until he wishes for the sweet release of death? Or should I trick and manipulate him until he feels despair? So many things I can do. I wonder how long it would take for this new toy to break?" Darius looked to be intoxicated as he spoke those words.


Kretos had entered one of the cities in the Vampiric Lord's territory. Unlike in the south which was filled with fortresses this area was filled with cities that had numerous establishments. It was a sparkling city with lots of demons of different shapes and sizes.

In this particular city, there was something called a casino were you can gamble your money and earn some more, or you can lose it all. There was the red light district filled with the smell of s*men and perfume coupled with the different sounds of mating.

In another area of the city was an auction house, there were also numerous pubs and you could see drunken demons everywhere. There was also an underground fighting ring were you can join in the fun and either win a grand prize or die trying. You can also join the betting pool if you don't wish to be a fighter.

Kretos was surprised to see the city to be so vibrant and full of life. The demons on this side of the land seem to be having lots of fun. When he read the information from the Shadow Clan's documents regarding the Vampiric Lord Darius, Kretos was expecting to see a rundown town full of depressed and scared demons. Yet what he was seeing now was the exact opposite.

Was the information from the Shadow Clan wrong? That can't be it, even though they were cowards that hide in the shadows, the Shadow Clan were good in assassination and espionage. They were the best of the best in their profession. So gaining false information and recording it, was possible but unlikely.

Kretos shook his head. 'I really doubt the information I got was wrong. As the demon lord praised for his cunning, I shouldn't take what I see at face value... Well, no matter what tricks he uses, all I need to do is face Darius in battle and win.'

Kretos stopped thinking about Darius for now and was focused on the underground fighting ring. Seeing such a place really got him interested.

'I guess since I'm already here, I better join in the fun.' Kretos headed towards the underground fighting ring, unaware that he was being watched.

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