Demons Beside You Chapter 599

599 Are You Comic Fans?

The fragrance of the wine started to spread through the auction hall.

Everyone started wiping their tears. Chen Zhao had already entered the hall through the ventilation.

Kate held her camera, aiming it at Chen Zhao while wiping her tears.

Even though he wore a Spiderman mask, Kate could still recognize him.

He was probably the only one who wasn't affected by the wine.

Kate watched Chen Zhao kill. The criminals couldn't fight back at all.

The criminal before Kate also turned around with his gun while wiping at his tears.

Kate immediately took out the dagger she'd hidden and stabbed the man's neck.

Chen Zhao saw Kate and immediately pulled her over. "Why are you here?"

"Don'tWait, let me cry. I'm so sad" While sobbing, Kate said, "That room So sad, I'm so sad There are three people in that room. The leader and"

Chen Zhao immediately rushed toward the room that Kate had pointed out. Kate followed behind.

"So sad"

When Chen Zhao pushed the door open, he saw a huge hole on the ground. No one was in the room.

The hole led to the lower floor, so Chen Zhao jumped in.

Kate jumped down directly too. Chen Zhao grabbed her immediately. "Are you crazy?"

"IsobI want to follow you. Leave the boss to me"

Meow, meow

Samuel's voice sounded in the earbud.

"Master, there are three people left. They took the elevator down with the auction items."

Chen Zhao looked at the elevator. The number on the display kept lowering: 17, 16, 15

Chen Zhao yanked the elevator door open and looked down the cavern.

The cables kept extending. He didn't dare to jump down.

This was more than 20 stories high. But then, Kate pulled a pair of big scissors out of nowhere.

"Kate, where did you get this from?"

Chen Zhao grabbed the scissors and went to cut the elevator cables.

Sizzle, sizzle.

Sparks flew and the scissors broke.

"Let's use the stairs."

The scissors were just regular blades, but the elevator cables were made out of alloy metal.

No matter how strong Chen Zhao was, he couldn't cut it.

"Do we have time?"

"Their escape route is the sewage pipe," Chen Zhao said. "I already got ready."

Kate followed behind him. Chen Zhao turned around to look. "You're filming?"

"I'll cut out your voice."

"Keep the hot parts."

Chen Zhao and Kate spent five minutes rushing down to the first floor.

Cadic and his two men had entered the sewage tunnel with the case.

Cadic never thought that it would be so bloody.

DK had never had such great casualties since he'd founded it.

Now, he only had two subordinates carrying the case.

The good thing was that he'd gotten the money and the stuff.

This ending wasn't unacceptable.

Revenge? He would obviously take revenge if he could.

But who should he take revenge on? Who exactly was that man?

"Boss, there's something up ahead."

Cadic halted, his brows furrowing. Danger!

Extreme danger!

Right then, one of the men paled.

"Boss, my feet!"

"Bomb!" Chen Zhao had prepared this just for them.

He'd tossed the bomb from the plane to New York into his spatial ring. After Gaia's transformation, it had turned into an underground bomb.

This place was filled with dirty water. Who would've thought that there was a bomb here?

"Give me the case." Cadic clearly planned on abandoning this subordinate.

The man's face darkened. "You don't want me to live? Then I"


The case shattered and everything scattered.

The other subordinate was affected and died too.

This plan was practically a complete failure. He only had around 100 million dollars of ransom money that could comfort him.

Cadic tossed his emptied gun and turned to leave.

But Chen Zhao and Kate had entered the sewer too. The three of them faced each other.

"Hello, DK Boss." Chen Zhao waved. "This is our first meeting, right? Look at the camera and smile."

Cadic stared coldly at him. "Hey, move aside and I'll pretend this never happened."

Chen Zhao turned to Kate. "He's joking with me, right?"

"Ha" Kate sneered. "Do you remember the police officer you shot six days ago at the station? That's my boyfriend."

"You're not a professional crime boss at all. You don't even have a gun."

Cadic squinted at Chen Zhao. "Do you know why I named my organization the Death Knights?"

"Because you like comics?"

Both Cadic and Kate were speechless. Couldn't he be a bit more serious in times like this.

Menace flashed past Cadic's eyes. "Because I am a knight of death!"


Chen Zhao and Kate couldn't control themselves. This line was so childish.

The atmosphere was completely ruined by his words.

Cadic's expression darkened. He pulled some bottles out and smashed them onto the ground.

Black smoke poured out of them.

Sensing something wrong, Chen Zhao and Kate retreated to meters away.

"Chen, something doesn't feel right."

"I have that feeling too." The two had a short and useless conversation.

The black smoke covered Cadic's body and a layer of black metal appeared on his arms.

It was sharp armor and more and more of his body was covered as the black smoke spread.

"Chen, should we turn around and run now?" Kate asked, terrified.

"It's okay. He just looks scary, but he's nothing."

Cadic punched the wall and a huge hole appeared in it.

Kate turned toward Chen Zhao. "Are you sure he's nothing?"

"I can do that too, trust me But he does look hotter."

"Is that all you care about?" Kate was speechless. Can't you be more serious? This is clearly supernatural.

Cadic had completed his transformation. His entire body was covered in black armor and he really did look like a death knight from movies.

"Hey, you're missing a weapon," Chen Zhao said.

Then Cadic grabbed in the air and a black spear appeared in his hands.

"" Kate looked at Chen Zhao. "Chen, why didn't I realize before that you like getting yourself killed?"

"That's because you didn't know me well enough."

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