Demons Beside You Chapter 600

600 Come And Be Our Presiden


Cadic clearly did not want to waste more time on chit-chatting.

He thrust the lance at Chen Zhao.

The next moment, a bronze sword appeared in Chen Zhao's hand. He lifted the sword and struck out.


Cadic's lance was cut into two. Chen Zhao waved his sword again.

Cadic's right arm was severed!

Cadic was dumbfounded, so was Kate.

"Chen You"

"Supernatural power? As if I don't have it," Chen Zhao said, resting the sword on his shoulder.

To be straightforward, Cadic was a wizard.

How strong could a wizard be? Chen Zhao had no idea, but he could take Pierce South as an example.

Normally, a wizard's magical power would not be too powerful, and his spells would be more limited.

Nature had limited their magical powers, just like how the principles of the human world limited demons from Hell.

This was why Pierce South had wanted the King of the Sun Golden Chalice to increase his magical power.

Cadic broke out in cold sweat. He did not expect Chen Zhao to be a wizard too.

Needle-Thread Guidance! Kate noticed many green threads extend from Chen Zhao's left palm. They were particularly obvious in the dim sewer.

The threads wound around Cadic, so that he could not escape or move.

Chen Zhao pulled his left arm and Cadic was dragged before them.

Chen Zhao turned around to look at Kate, after which he handed her the bronze sword. "Are you able to do it?"

Taking in a deep breath, Kate was about to lift the bronze sword.

However, Chen Zhao snatched the sword away. "Never mind, let me do it, or David will kill me."

Then, ignoring Kate's response, Chen Zhao struck with the sword.

He knew that most spiritualists had weird abilities. To ensure that Cadic would really die, he severed his head directly.

Cadic's armor disappeared as his naked corpse floated in the sewage.

"Chen, I feel that you have many more secrets."

"Go and ask David."

"Does David know about this?"

"We've been through certain things together," Chen Zhao said.


"Cut this part of the tape. You know, it's better not to publicize supernatural powers."

"Are you scared that you'll be sent to a lab and cut into pieces?"

"The government knows about us. Even if you upload the entire video, the government will try to cover it."

Chen Zhao returned to the monitoring room and destroyed all the hard disks containing the surveillance videos.

Soon, the police arrived.

It was a sleepless night for the whole of LA.

It was basically a terrorist attack. More than a dozen innocent people had been killed, half of which were rich people in LA.

Dozens of robbers had also died in the hotel.


"Hey, Chen, I've heard about what happened in Hilda Hotel."


"Thank you."

"No problem."

"I heard that someone with a Spider-Man hood saved everyone."

"Oh, is it?"

Rasfa did not continue the topic. "Come and chat when you're free."

Just as Chen Zhao hung up, a car in high beam suddenly approached his car.

Feeling the dazzling light, Chen Zhao quickly stamped on the brakes.

Suddenly, another car came from the back, blocking Chen Zhao's path.

Chen Zhao was immediately ready to fight. Someone walked out of the car before him.

However, the person walked toward him with his hands raised in the air.

What? What's happening?

The person walked to the window. Chen Zhao looked at him, confused.

"Hello. I'm West. I work for the Supernatural Organization of America."

"Supernatural Organization of America? What's that?"

"Mr. Chen, I know that you're a wizard."

Chen Zhao frowned. Unknowingly, his identity had been exposed.

Nevertheless, he seemed extremely calm, unlike the past where he would be nervous.

"So? Are you going to arrest me?"

"No, I hope that you can join us."

Chen Zhao rolled his eyes. "I'm a foreigner."

"If you wish, you can become a citizen at any time."

"No, I think the green card is enough."

"Mr. Chen, even if you're a foreigner, you can still join us."

"Is there such an organization in every country? And everyone's been fighting each other secretly?"

"..." West readjusted his emotions. "Mr. Chen, you are imaginative. In fact, our organization doesn't take part in any political struggles. It's part of the International Supernatural Agreement."

"What the f**k? There's an International Supernatural Agreement?"

"Our aim is to protect the common people from supernatural powers. The Supernatural Organizations in different countries will only cooperate and not fight with each other. It's like the International Space Station, a result of the collaboration between several countries."

"China isn't involved in the International Space Station."

"Mr. Chen, has anyone pointed out to you that you're an excellent conversation ender?" West was upset.

Chen Zhao shrugged helplessly. "I do obey the law most of the time. Can you just pretend that I don't exist?"

"I'm the one who's talking to you right now precisely because you haven't been using your powers to commit crimes," West said.

"Can you tell me how you found out about me?"

"In the recent month, you have been legally killing people a few times. Today, when you went to Hilda Hotel, we located you with the surveillance system on the roads."

"If I reject you, are you going to force me to join through a fight?"

"Mr. Chen, we're a legal organization recognized by the government and also internationally. We're not illegal, like what you might have thought."

"Then I reject. Goodbye."

"Mr. Chen, wait... Let me finish."

West stood before the car, so Chen Zhao could not drive.

"We're going to pay you."

"How much?"

"Two hundred thousand per year."


"No, don't go. Let's discuss it. I promise it's good for you."

"Trouble is the last thing I want."

"Mr. Chen, if you're worried about your nationality, you can return to China to register, and then join our organization as an expatriate."

"Are you really short on manpower? You even want foreigners?"

West almost cried. "You have no idea. We're not just short on people, but all our members are weak as f**k."

"..." That did not seem like a good way to describe oneself.

"We have twelve people in the organization at the moment, and all we can handle are ordinary supernatural events. We can't even deal with those that are slightly more difficult. Please come and be our president."


"Let me think about it."

West grabbed Chen Zhao's steering wheel. "Mr. Chen, we can discuss the salary. Please come and be our president!"

Chen Zhao had a growing feeling that the so-called Supernatural Organization of America was unreliable. West's face was filled with pleading.

"Mr. Chen, our youngest member is only fifteen this year. Ten days later, he's going for a mission investigation. Can you bear to see him do that?"


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