Demons Beside You Chapter 602

602 Privatization

West looked at Chen Zhao.

Chen Zhao also looked back.

"Why don't you... just disband the organization."

"Actually, we have a few more people."

"Oh, are they not here?"

"Accountant, logistics, warehouse manager, president's secretary, and HQ security guard."

"Wait, you said there are twelve of you, but that's only eleven including you, right?"

"It'll be twelve if you join us."

"What missions have you done recently?"

"Fighting evil spirits, fighting evil spirits, fighting evil spirits, fighting evil spirits..."

"Are there that many evil spirits in LA for you to fight?"

"No, actually it's the same place, but we kept failing."

Okay, they're hopeless.

Aren't they just a bunch of trash?

A combat organization with an equal number of combatants and support staff, and a president.

"Disband it."

"Wait... Don't you want to see the president's secretary? She's super hot." West took out his phone and opened a photo.

"Do you think I don't know about Hollywood stars? This is Kidman? And when she's young."

"Oh, wrong photo. It's this one. Isn't she hot?"

Chen Zhao looked at the woman in the photo. She was indeed pretty.

"Is this really the president's secretary?"


Chen Zhao turned to look at the five combatants. All of them looked away.

"Is your president lying?"

"Nope," Jollinash said.

Chen Zhao frowned in suspicion.

"Hey kid, tell me, is this really the president's secretary?"

"Uh... yes... former secretary..."

"What? Former secretary?"

"She resigned after being harassed by the president."


West panicked. "As long as you agree to become the Supernatural Organization's president, you won't have to worry about the IRS anymore."

"Oh, can you guarantee that?"

"We're a government organization, after all. We have that power."

"Does the organization normally just fight with evil spirits?"

"Yes, more or less."

"I have my own job."

"You don't have to stay in the HQ all the time. Just go there when you're free," West said solicitously. "We also have social security and major accident insurance. The claim is guaranteed."

"Two hundred thousand dollars per year?"

"Yes, yes."

"There won't be things like fighting the Supernatural Organizations in other countries?"

"Absolutely not."

"Will spiritualists be arrested and studied?"

"That's prohibited by the International Supernatural Agreement. Any country, organization or lab that conducts inhumane experiments on supernatural people will be punished."

"Like how?"

"Offenders will be attacked by all the Supernatural Organizations in the world and have their souls drawn out while alive."

Fine, that's very supernatural.

"What's the procedure to become the president of the organization?"

"Sign on this parchment."

Chen Zhao took the parchment and injected a small amount of magical power. Then, the content on the parchment was displayed.

"The president has no rights to transfer the funds?"

"It's to prevent what happened last time from happening again."

"My house is here. Do you think I can even run away? Remove this line. As the president, of course I should be able to manage the funds."

"How about our accountant?"

"If you need anything in the future, ask the accountant to report to me and ask for approval. Change this to: The funds are managed by the president."


"And this, this this. All of them have to be changed."

Finally, Chen Zhao signed the contract.

The Supernatural Organization of America had officially become Chen Zhao's private Supernatural Organization.

"Also, since the former president's secretary has resigned, should we hire another one?"

"No need, I'll be the new secretary," West said with a serious look.

"You're kidding, right?"

"No, I'm serious."

"No way. I need a lady."

"We've used all the funds this year. President, are you going to pay with your own money?"


Chen Zhao was clearly not generous enough to spend his own money.

"By the way, is there any confidentiality agreement in the organization?"

"Apart from not exposing us to the media, you can do whatever you want."

Chen Zhao sighed. He felt that he had been deceived into such a worthless position.

"Oh, who do I report to? Don't tell me it's the White House."

"No one. Although we are a government organization, we act independently and monitor ourselves."

"Will the government give us tasks?"

"Yes, but we have the right to reject them."

There was a lot of freedom. Chen Zhao thought about it. It did not seem to be a bad idea.

"Also, you said there will be a dangerous mission a few days later? What is it?"

"Three years ago, we received a mission from the government to eliminate the evil spirits in Mapleville. Three years have passed, but we've accomplished nothing. So the government began to pressure us and demanded that we complete the mission in ten days. Otherwise, we might not get the funds for next year."

"Mapleville? Are the evil spirits there powerful?"

"Absolutely. Hundreds of evil spirits gather there all year round. In the last three years, we've spent most of the time attacking that place, but we kept failing."

"Tell me when you're going there again," Chen Zhao said.

"Of course."

This was probably the most pleasant thing West had heard tonight.

He had been waiting the entire night to hear this.

"By the way, what's your ability?"

"Super memory, ultra-speed reading. When I cast my spell, my IQ will increase rapidly."

Chen Zhao studied West but remained silent.


By the time Chen Zhao returned home, it was already early morning.

Too many things had happened that night.

Just as he entered the house, Laurent charged out with a frying pan, ready to duel.

Chen Zhao's fist went straight through the pan. Laurent roared softly, "Asshole, do you know how long I'd been tied up for?! I was only released before Fali came back!"

"Does Fali know about it?"

"No, I didn't tell her." Laurent had also found out about the Hilda Hotel attack from the news.

"You should be glad you didn't."

"If you dare to do that again next time, I'll bring Fali home." Laurent stared at Chen Zhao in anger.

"Fine, I won't tie you up anymore. Next time you try to kill yourself, I won't stop you."

Laurent turned around and had his back face Chen Zhao. "I mean the risks you took. Before you take any risks, think about Fali."

"Haven't you always been cursing me to die?"

"I would love that to happen, but Fali would be sad."

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