Detesting The System: Sundering Fate Book 2 Chapter 35

Volume 2: Danmachi This Title Will Probably Change.. Chapter 35 Level One Maxed

"YOU WHAT?!?!?" Hestia acted as if the world had started collapsing in on itself as I introduced her to Aisha.

"Come on, this is a win-win situation for us," I cried, "You get your third Familia member and I get a faithful supporter!"

"But But, she she She's too dangerous for you to keep around! Level 4 and a p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e?! Your innocence must be protected at all costs!" Despite my appearance, I guess she still thought of me as some kid.

"Um ok? I promise I'll court her like a gentleman before anything too serious happens. Now could you please add her into the Familia? We're losing precious daylight..." Obviously playful as I spoke the first half of my words to mimic the ridiculousness of Hestia's outrageous jumping to conclusions, I was amused by Hestia's reaction.

"Ah, then we should be fin- Wait, WHAT?!" She seemed to understand I was poking fun at her as she held a clenched fist, shaking to convey her aggravation. She snorted in my direction before finally saying, "Fine, but I want no funny business going down here..." She chased me away, acting as the complete antipode to Ishtar, only to call me back after Aisha had been added to the Familia.

[Side Mission 2: Forming A Party! (Complete)

Objective: Upgrade from your solo status to that of a party status

Hidden Optional Objective: Add someone of a much higher Level to your party


1) System DLC (Affection: Party Exclusive)

Bonus (For Completing The Hidden Optional Objective~):

2) Skill Imparting Token (Level 4)]

Gasping, as I read through the contents of my rewards, my eyes must have lit up brighter than the sun as I started cackling like a mad-man. Ignoring the odd looks I received from Hestia and Aisha, I redeemed all the rewards I had pending; sneakily putting the corporeal rewards in the pockets of my pants.

Taking Aisha's right hand with my own, I looked into her eyes with infectious zeal as I asked, "Do you know Magic?" After explaining that she only knew one spell, I used my Elemental Energy Deduction technique and told her she had an affinity for Darkness. Using up my redeemed Skill Imparting Token to conjure up a suitable Darkness-type body cultivation method for her, I took her with me to practice by my side as I brought out two bottles; Level 2 was within sight

"Practice this 'Formless Tyrant' technique for now. I know it's not much, but you'll need to master that method If you want to learn something much more powerful. Moreover, it'll let you use Darkness magic-infused attacks without the need for chanting." After passing her the prerequisite technique to the "Dark Empress" cultivation method I'd conjured with the Skill Token, I took a seat next to her and opened up the bottle of Muscle Tempering Pills.

Stealing my heart for the impending pain I was sure to come, I took one of the five pills and swallowed it whole. I sat waiting with my eyes closed until what felt like a fire had been lit in the pit of my stomach. Taking that to be the sign that the pill was starting to take effect, I began channeling the Gold Star Killer technique and for a torturous twenty minutes, I bared through the pain of being roasted alive as my muscles broke down and reformed thousands of times.

Even with my SSS Rated Magic Stat, the Gold Star Killer method devastated my Magic reserves while under the effects of the Muscle Tempering Pill, so I soon needed to start absorbing Magic with Magic Manipulation. Still, this change of pace was strangely appreciated after that pill concocting hell, so for the next hours I endured; at least until my Delusional Inclination acted up again and drove me to move on autopilot.

Waking up in the middle of the night with my left hand holding the now-empty bottle of pills with my right hand confused inside said bottle, I saw Aisha sleeping on the ground next to me; we were still outside

Hurriedly I pulled up my status, happy with what I saw~


Name: Nathanial Keter

Level: 1 (2)

Power: A 816 (SSS 1111 (MAX))

Endurance: A 845 (SSS 1111 (MAX))

Dexterity: A 823 (SSS 1111 (MAX))

Agility: A 852 (SSS 1111 (MAX))

Magic: SSS 1105 (SSS 1111 (MAX))


Name: Gold Star Killer Constitution (Muscle Section)

Level: A

Effect: The user's muscles have reached a tempered completion rate of 100%. Reach 100% completion to unlock a new passive ability.

Name: Gold Star Killer Constitution (Bone Section)

Level: Null

Effect: The user's bones have reached a tempered completion rate of 0%. Reach 100% completion to unlock a new passive ability.

Innate Skill Evolved!

Name: Iron Skin Bronze Partial Form

Description: Having completed the skin and muscle sections of the Goldstar Killer technique, half of your constitution has reached the peak of saturation with regards to Magic. Now becoming like Bronze, you are that much more resistant to blunt force attacks and partially resistance to cutting attacks.

Effect: Even people nearing Level 3 will have a hard time killing you...

New Innate Skill Unlocked!

Name: Blood Control

Description: Having completed the Muscle section of the Goldstar Killer technique, your heart and blood vessels have been partially tempered and saturated with Magic. Affording you the ability to manipulate the properties of your own blood, you can change blood pressure and density to a superhuman extent.

Effect: With the user's newfound control over their blood, autonomous healing and temporary berserking are possible; to a certain extent.

Would you like to initiate Son of Heaven's Effect? Yes/No]

Still, I was confused as I faintly recalled that Bell had at some point reached SSS rated stats much higher than my supposed MAX. When I asked Destiny she said, "Everyone's different. Most people aren't even able to reach S Rated Stats, nevermind SSS. The requirements for your Primally Resurrected body to reach the peak of potential for any given Level in this universe just so happens to be SSS 1111..."

'What an oddly convenient number,' I thought before asking, "Say, Destiny, should I activated Son of Heaven's Effect now or have Hestia update my status beforehand?"

"I would personally recommend you have that fake goddess update your Status and Level up accordingly, as you might unintentionally cause a spectacle if you try to Level up by yourself. Hmph!" Not sure why she was so salty, I brushed off the passive-aggressive words yet still took her advice.

Alas, as it was still night, I had to wait a while as she was definitely still sleeping. Deciding to make myself useful, I walked over to Aisha and picked her up as gently as I could so as to not wake her and took her to the church's bas.e.m.e.nt. Setting her down by my workstation, my guess that Hestia was asleep was confirmed, so I walked out and headed to the Hostess of Fertility. My goal was to secure breakfast and lunch for this most exciting day; again, not knowing the twists and turns the future would have in store for me...

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