Divine Beast Adventures Chapter 554

Chapter 554 Its Actually Him

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The courtyard was huge, covering tens of thousands of square meters. Many houses were built there, with all kinds of beastmasters walking through them.

It went to show that the Freemasons’ influence was indeed not small!

Zhang Che saw three high-tier masters walking past the main entrance in a hurry. Even though they possessed high-tier strength, not a hint of arrogance could be seen on their faces.

-It looks like the Freemasons mustn’t be underestimated. I’d better be careful. If I can’t get rid of their nest, I should inform the military as soon as possible and pass the headache onto them,- Zhang Che thought as he followed Yang Sen and the others to the side of the courtyard.

He had already discovered three high-tier beastmasters so soon. Heavens knew how many more high-tier beastmasters there were in this courtyard and the surroundings?

So be it if they were only ordinary high-tier beastmasters, but it would be troublesome if they had too many epic-quality subdued beasts! He wouldn’t be able to handle them, no matter how strong he was!

As such, to be on the safe side of things, Zhang Che decided to scout out the situation here first, then find an opportunity to send out the information and let the military send large numbers of experts to surround and attack them.


Tian Gang led Yang Sen to report to the higher-ups. Zhang Che and the others naturally didn’t have the qualifications to meet the President. A few members led them to a row of rooms at the side of the courtyard to rest for now.

Their turn would only come tomorrow, after Yang Sen’s job was arranged properly. However, since Yang Sen had said that he didn’t want to go to other cities in the near future, there was a very high chance of them remaining at headquarters. In that case, as Yang Sen’s subordinates, the newly arrived members from Xinjing City would also remain under his wing.

“Who knows if I’ll get to see the top executives in the Freemason headquarters tomorrow. It’d be best if I can confirm their strength soon. If not, I’ll have to try my best to scout them out going forward.”

Since he had already arrived at the Freemasons’ headquarters, Zhang Che wasn’t in a hurry to understand the situation here. In any case, he only needed to stay here for a few days and he’d get a clear understanding.

Moreover, his position was extremely low in the organization. He wouldn’t get a private room for himself to rest at night. In the room he was currently in, three single beds were set up. Zhang Che wouldn’t be able to sneak away even if he planned on taking action!

Everything needed to be planned out slowly…


At the same time, in the main hall at the back of the courtyard, Yang Sen was standing at attention respectfully, his face colored in fear and trepidation, talking about the matters regarding the relocation of the branch.

He Luotu was sitting in the head seat in the hall, his eyes narrowed, staring at Yang Sen silently. This made Yang Sen even more frightened, afraid of being punished heavily.

However, He Luotu didn’t interrupt Yang Sen while he was recounting his side of the story. A long while after he was done talking, He Luotu suddenly opened his mouth and said, “You shouldn’t be blamed for this matter. On account of you bringing the elites of the branch back safely, you’ll be spared from punishment for your merit. You settle down at the headquarters first. I’ll assign you work when things aren’t as tight after some time.”

Yang Sen felt like he was pardoned for his crime. Gratitude immediately showed on his face. He lowered his head and said, “Thank you, President! This subordinate will work harder in the future to not disappoint you ever!”

After a short pause, Yang Sen asked hesitantly, “President, I wonder what I should do with the men I brought back here? I beseech you to advise me on this matter.”

Logically speaking, since they were the men Yang Sen brought back himself, naturally he would be the one leading them. However, he had lost the Xinjing branch, after all. Although He Luotu didn’t punish him, he definitely couldn’t make decisions regarding the arrangement of manpower on his own discretion. The president had to make the decision personally.

No one within the Freemasons could challenge He Luotu’s authority. On the one hand, most middle and high-level members had restrictions set upon them. On the other hand, many ambitious people had disappeared from the face of the world. Everyone naturally understood how they should act.

Indeed, He Luotu finally revealed a hint of satisfaction when he heard Yang Sen’s question. He nodded slightly and said, “Since they are the subordinates you brought back, they’ll remain under your wing. Are they already settled down at the headquarters? In that case I’ll take a bit of time to meet with them tomorrow when I’m free. It can be considered as reassuring them, and to better facilitate your work in the future.”

“Thank you, President!” Yang Sen thanked him gratefully. Afterwards, he saw He Luotu waving at him and he made his way out of the main hall tacitly, quickly walking back to where his subordinates were settled in.

After exiting the main hall, Yang Sen let out a long sigh of relief. Although the weather wasn’t hot at all, and was instead slightly chilly, he felt his back was damp. He was actually soaked in sweat from meeting the president earlier!

When he arrived back where his men were resting at, Yang Sen called for everyone and instructed them with a smile, “I called for everyone to be here because I have something to tell you all. The president just summoned me, and said that he’ll take some time to meet with you guys tomorrow. So, I hope you’ll show your best side tomorrow. Don’t drop the ball, or it’ll be impossible for you to continue developing in the future.”

Everyone showed excitement and anticipation when he said that.

“Rest assured, branch chief. We’ll put up our best performance tomorrow and won’t put the Xinjing branch to shame!”

“Ah, the president is actually going to meet us. T-this.. really…”

Everyone was stunned. Some of them were so agitated their words were incoherent.

As members belonging to a branch, it was usually impossible for them to meet the president of the headquarters. For these devout cult members, it was like lowly emissaries of ancient times hearing that the emperor was summoning them to meet with him. Their excitement and uneasiness were obvious.

Zhang Che echoed his sentiments with the others, similarly feeling wild joy inside.

He had originally thought it would take some time for him to meet the higher-ups of the Freemasons. Unexpectedly, he’d get to meet the top figure tomorrow! This was indeed an unexpected surprise, saving him much time and effort.

After he met the Freemasons president and the other top executives tomorrow and got a rough estimate of their strengths, Zhang Che could send the intelligence back and let Huang Juyun notify the military to come raid them!


The next day, everyone woke up early and washed themselves up. After a simple breakfast, they waited in the small courtyard outside.

That wait went on until noon.

It seemed like the president of the Freemasons was really busy. It had been half a day and yet he couldn’t spare the time to come.

Zhang Che grew nervous inside. -The president didn’t forget about this group of underlings, did he?

-If that’s true, then I was really happy for nothing! Looks like I will have to put in the work myself to find out information on the higher-ups of the Freemasons.-

At about 1 PM, while everybody was waiting in boredom, Yang Sen suddenly came walking in from outside with hurried steps and said to them anxiously, “Quickly, tidy yourselves up and follow me to meet the president.”

Everyone immediately started moving at the sound of this. They tidied up their appearances, then followed Yang Sen and headed to the back of the main courtyard with quick steps.

On his way to the back of the main courtyard, Zhang Che nodded to himself inconspicuously. -As expected of the number one evil cult in all of Hua Xia, the security here is indeed very tight. There are so many mid-tier beastmasters guarding on high alert, be it in the open or in the dark!-

When they entered the back area of the main courtyard, Zhang Che could sense that there were actually no less than three high-tier beastmasters hiding in the dark. Their auras were faint, showing up at one moment and disappearing in another, and there seemed to be a few gazes observing anyone who walked into the back courtyard, ready to immediately launch a rain of assaults if anyone moved strangely.

Zhang Che finally realized it was impossible for him to destroy the Freemasons’ headquarters by himself. Even if there weren’t any divine-tier beastmasters here, and Zhang Che could remain unscathed, there was no hope of him wiping out all the evil cult members here.

Perhaps the cult members would even contain him here and force him into a perilous situation!

-Hmm, I have to explain the situation here clearly when I notify father-in-law to let the military be prepared for this and send out enough experts to get rid of the Freemasons in one go without any mistakes.-

After passing through a long corridor, the group was led to the bottom of a hall behind Yang Sen. They climbed up nine stone steps, and the spacious main hall immediately entered their sights.

At this moment, over a dozen people were standing in two rows to the side. Sitting in the main seat, facing the entrance of the main hall, was a middle-aged man.

Zhang Che swept his gaze across the main hall quickly, then immediately lowered his head respectfully, a huge wave rising in his heart.

-It’s actually him!-

The man sitting in the main seat was He Luotu, who he had met once on his first visit into a secret plane, at the greenlands!

He didn’t expect this man was actually hidden so deeply, and was the president of the largest evil cult in all of Hua Xia, the Freemasons!

While following the group into the main hall, Zhang Che took a few deep breaths, regulating his emotions in order to prevent anyone in the hall from discovering anything wrong with him.

There were more than ten high-tier beastmasters in this hall alone! The others were also powerful mid-tier beastmasters. If he was even slightly careless, it was possible they might notice something amiss with him!

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