Doctor Goes Back To Joseon Chapter 63

In the end, Ganghyuk gave him a time of five days.

‘He had anemia too.’

Ganghyuk had looked at the inside of Seongyong’s eyelids and found them to be very pale. He must have bled a lot because of hemorrhoids. With that information, Ganghyuk knew that he could not postpone the treatment anymore, because the latter’s status was very serious.

Due to that, the schedule became very tight.

“Dolseok, is it ready?”

“Yes, but will you use it?”

Dolseok pointed at the medicine that Ganghyuk held. By smell and color, it was a normal medicine that one could see in any oriental medicine center. But if one knew the details, one would know that it was completely different.

“Yes, I should obviously use it. It is safer that I had thought.”

“But many dogs died because of it.” As Dolseok said, it was not a normal medicine. It was a kind of poison comprising of Seomsu and Chooh. The dreadful effect of the medicine was well known to Makbong and Yeoni. “Please, sir think once more.”

On the side, Makbong shuddered, while Yeoni and Yeoju showed similar facial expressions.

At this moment, only Ganghyuk was calm.

“I will start from the half of the dose that was safe with dogs. Anyway, they would have already been dead bodies if I had not brought them here.”

He pointed at the bandits who carried rice straws without knowing their fates. They used to be bandits, but they had become faithful servants now. They were loyal to Ganghyuk as he gave him three meals a day.

In particular, they were very precious to Dolseok as they did a lot of things on behalf of him.

“What do you mean they would have already been dead bodies?”

“It is true. Do you remember when they first attacked us?”

“Yes, I do. However, they are no longer the bad bandits now.”

“Then, we can make an offset. They gave me poles and flail, and I am giving them this medicine.”

It seemed like a fair trade, but the flails and clubs that they held were not threatening at all. On the other hand, this medicine was seriously scary. It was especially true for the people who had seen it kill all those dogs.

“I don’t want to remove the corpses.”

“That will not happen. They will not die.”

“Okay. If you insist, I will follow.” Dolseok shook his hands with an uncomfortable face.

As the bandit group was well-trained now, he could call them with a hand signal.

“Did you call us?” The man who held the flail came to him with a pleasant face. He was sweating because he had worked hard from the early morning. Behind him were the guys who held clubs.

“Good job!”

“No, sir. Thank you for allowing us to live with you.”

The man with the flail was the chief. He was not good at swaying the flail, but he had a good gift of gab. Hearing him, Ganghyuk showed a smile on his face.

“Okay. Today you do not need to work anymore. Now, you will have a medicine.”


Hearing the word medicine, he opened his eyes wider. It was all because of Dolseok, who liked bluffing. They had already heard that Ganghyuk was a very famous doctor in Suwon.

‘The medicine must be good because the excellent doctor is giving it to us.’ They thought. However, this medicine would not be good in the way they were expecting.

“Yes, medicine.”

“Only me?”

“No, all of you.” Ganghyuk pointed at the five bowls. They all had different contents. The far right was the thickest, and it became thinner as one moved in the left direction.

“Thank you, sir!” They showed gratitude without knowing what it was. Makbong and Yeoni turned their heads away because they had become attached to the fellows while beating them. After all, they might die while foaming at the mouth.

However, Ganghyuk did not show any change in facial expression as he took the man with a club to the far left.

“Well, take it and lie down there.”

“Lie down?”

“Yes That helps the effect of the medicine.”

Actually, it was to prevent them from collapsing suddenly. He told a lie to make them comfortable, thinking that the end justified the means.

With that, the bandits with the clubs all took the medicine and lied down on the floor. The last one was the one with the flail.

“This is yours.”

“It seems stronger.” Not only the smell, but there was a conspicuous difference in color as well.

“It’s because you are the chief.”

“Thank you!”

Ganghyuk gave him the strongest dose because he was the biggest. However, he did not tell it to the man.


With that, the man drank the medicine after closing his eyes, not forgetting to exclaim


Ganghyuk laid him down, then the other fellows who were watching from far away came over.

At that moment, Dolseok started talking. “Are they all gone?”

“Where are they gone? They are just sleeping.”

At that moment, Yeoju chimed in, “In poetry, death is compared to sleep. As my father had said, your poetic skills are not bad.”

“No, that is not the case.”

Poetry! He had not even opened a single page in his life. He shook his head and approached to the man to the far left, who was sleeping right now.

“He is sleeping well.”

“He is even snoring.” Makbong tried to check if the guy was breathing by placing his hand on the nose and mouth of the man. It seemed that he was alive, considering the warm breath. He slept without noticing the hands right before his eyes.


“Yes, sir?”

“Pinch his thigh with this.” Ganghyuk picked up a tweezer while saying.

“Did you make them sleep to wake them up?”

‘What was with this bad habit?’ Dolseok looked at Ganghyuk with the face showing his confusion.

“He did not follow the instruction again. Yeoni”

“Yes, sir.”

Whenever Dolseok complained or did not follow his order, Ganghyuk used this method. If he called Yeoni, the latter would kick Dolseok almost automatically. Her foot always hit squarely on his back, no matter the previous conformation of the group.


The dull sound was followed by a moan.



“Yes, sir.”

After that round of disciplining, Dolseok rolled up the man’s trousers to pinch his calf. The latter did not wake up even though Dolseok moved him seriously.


“Yes, now.”

“Okay, sir.”

Dolseok looked at the tweezer that Gagnhyuk gave him. It was not an ordinary one, but one with teeth. It might make the guy bleed as well as give him some serious pain if he pinched with it.

“Can I do it now?”

“Yes, Makbong.”

“No, sir! I will do it.” Seeing how things were unfolding, Dolseok hurriedly pinched the sleeping man with the tweezer despairingly.


The man woke up while screaming, which was recorded in the book by Yeoju. At the same time, she wrote down Ganghyuk’s comments as well.

“Yes, that one was too weak. Then, next.”

“Eo, why am I here?” The man who just woke up did not remember that he had taken a medicine and then slept. It was an unexpected effect, and Ganghyuk liked it.

“Oh, good. Please write that it has the effect of ecmnesia.”

“What does ecmnesia mean?”

Yeoju did not hesitate to ask if she wanted to know. And when she started making the records for the book, this propensity of hers became even stronger. She did not want to leave any errors after all.

It was what Ganghyuk wished for as well, so he gave her good explanation.

“Simply speaking, he does not remember the time after he took the medicine.”

“Aha!” When Yeoju wrote the comment, Makbong showed interest as well.

“He does not remember at all?”

“Yes, he does not remember the time after taking the medicine. Why do you ask?”

“No, sir. I am just curious.” Makbong showed an obscene and vicious smile. Ganghyuk could imagine where he would like to use it.

“You do that well without this.”

“What? What do you think I am doing?”

“It is written all over your face.”

“No, sir. It’s nothing like that.”

“Go away.”

“Yes, sir”

Ganghyuk looked at the other man after dealing with Makbong. He was breathing well while sleeping. It seemed that he slept more deeply than the first man, considering that his saliva was flowing out of his mouth.

“Dolseok, try to pinch him.”

“Yes, sir.” Dolseok was already accustomed to pinching at this point.

“Euk!” With that, the man woke up screaming as well. But, he did not wake up right away, unlike the first man. He still seemed to be drunk with sleep.

“Good. It seems more effective than the first one.”

“Yes, sir.” Yeoju nodded her head in agreement while moving her hands quickly.

Similarly, the third one could not bear the tweezer either. But, the fourth one was different; Dolseok was embarrassed in this case.

“Sir, he did not get up.”

“Oh, good!”

It was a good sign indeed. Having confirmed that, Ganghyuk removed the jacket from the guy’s body.

“Sir, what are you doing?”

“The calf is a less painful place.” To check if he would not wake up when his skin was cut, a stronger stimulus was needed. Thus, Ganghyuk pressed the man’s chest with his big fist, causing him to moan at the same time.


It seemed strange; he was being given pain, but it seemed like he was being flirted with as he continued with obscene sounds “Eum eum No, not there”

The man had not woken up, so the medicine could be considered effective. Seeing that, Ganghyuk should have felt good, but he actually felt angry.

“Why is he doing this?”

At that moment, Yeoni came to him and said, “This fellow is strange.”

“Is he?”

“Yes He always smiled when he was hit. At first, I thought that I misread his face. But, it was sure that he always laughed or smiled whenever he was hit.”

“Did he enjoy pain?”

That could be possible. Anyway, the world was large, and there were many perverts.

‘With this, I don’t know which one is accurate.”

As they said, the person who endeavored could not win against the person who enjoyed. So, it is meaningless to test pain on him.

“Let’s wake him up.”

“How can we wake him up?”

There were three ways to wake a person who was anesthetized: first, to use a medicine that could counteract the anesthesia.

‘No. It is impossible to find this kind of drug.’

The second method was to wait until he became consciousness on his own. It was a safe way, but he did not want to wait.

‘No to this one as well.’

The third method was to wake him up by giving a strong stimulus, thinking which, Ganghyuk nodded his head.

“Hit him strongly, but don’t cause any injuries.”

“Ah, yes.”

Yeoni followed the order even though it seemed a little cruel. She moved onto put her finger into his earhole without any special preparation.


As there was an extreme pain stimulus, the man tried to stand up right away. However, his legs did not support him.

“Oh, with a less lesser dose, it relaxes the muscle.”

“What does it mean?”

“The muscle loses strength at that dose.”

“Aha!” Yeoju recorded all these special points promptly.

“It means that if we give too much, it might make the person die.”

“Why is that?”

“Because breathing is a function of muscles as well. If muscles are all relaxed, he cannot breathe anymore.”

“I see. I have learned many things from you undoubtedly.”

Yeoju looked very pretty when she said such things, so Ganghyuk laughed with satisfaction. “Haha… Let’s see the last one.”

The man in question was lying there like a corpse. He was the most similar to the patients he had seen in operation rooms.

‘The depth of sleep is quite serious.’

Yet, the medicine did not stop the man’s breathing, which was clear from his stomach moving up and down rhythmically. At this point, if he did not respond to pain, this dose would be the best.


“Yes, sirNo response, sir.”


Having confirmed that, Ganghyuk pressed the man’s chest. However, he was not awakened even with the strong pressure from his big fist. He moaned occasionally, but it was still acceptable.

‘Okay… This is the dose!’

Ganghyuk compared the build of Ryu Seongyong and the chief of the bandit, realizing that the latter was a bit smaller. ‘Then, we will use the dose of the fourth man.’

He would use a local anesthetic anyway, so he could be considered to be well-prepared now.

“Good. Tell him that we are well prepared.”

“Yes, sir.”

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