Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 242

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan. He still holds her without saying anything. Then she says, "Hey, Shao Ruihan, don't be like this." Tang Ningshan really doesn't know what to say. She did not expect that this would happen after Shao Ruihan hears her words."Well." After a long time, Shao Ruihan responds to her. However, his voice is quite dull.Tang Ningshan pushes Shao Ruihan away and walks in front of the machine in the middle, pointing to the machine and saying "Do we need to study the function of this machine? However, there is no computer now, it is very troublesome." Tang Ningshan still does not want to use the transform pen to turn out the computer. Because she has almost exposed all the secrets today. She is worried that even if Shao Ruihan wants to protect her now and does not want to hurt her, who can guarantee that after she shows all her abilities, Shao Ruihan will also protect her.Shao Ruihan turns and looks at Tang Ningshan standing on the edge of the machine. There is only one feeling in his heart, that is, he feels sorry for her. He doesn't know where the feeling comes from, but he feels that this sadness almost suffocates him."What's wrong? Come and see." Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan who hasn't talked for a long time, and says directly.After Shao Ruihan stands in the same place for a long time, he steps forward toward Tang Ningshan. Every step of him is particularly heavy. His eyes are firm and he seems to be proving something.Tang Ningshan does not notice the emotion of Shao Ruihan. Seeing Shao Ruihan coming, she immediately takes him to the opposite side of the machine's console. Looking at a large number of buttons on the operation panel, Tang Ningshan feels a headache. Although she knows the data code on the computer, she doesn't know what the functions of these buttons are. She can only look at Shao Ruihan and hopes that Shao Ruihan can give a solution.Shao Ruihan stands beside Tang Ningshan and looks at the console in front of him. Shao Ruihan notices that Tang Ningshan is looking at him with an expected look; he knows that Tang Ningshan is not good at this kind of thing. Since she doesn't understand, then he can only have a try.Shao Ruihan randomly presses a few buttons, but the machine does not react. There is no abnormality appears in the house. Tang Ningshan does not give up and presses the few buttons that Shao Ruihan just now pressed. Fortunately, it works. Unfortunately, this time, they get into troubles.When Tang Ningshan just takes her hand away from the button, she hears some noise coming out. Although the sound is not in this room, it is obviously coming in from the outside. According to the sound, as if the wall is collapsing.Tang Ningshan turns her head to look at Shao Ruihan. Both people think of sulfuric acid at the same time. It is estimated that they have pressed the button that triggers the outflow of sulfuric acid, causing the outer sulfuric acid wall to collapse. If they had not released the sulfuric acid in the wall, they might have been soaked in sulfuric acid now.Tang Ningshan is patting her own chest. As she pats, she says, "Fortunately, we had already released all the sulfuric acid out, otherwise, we can't run away."Shao Ruihan nods, but his face has no expression as if it is expected."What should we do next?" Tang Ningshan says to Shao Ruihan, who is calm.Shao Ruihan gives up studying this machine but goes to the side to find a place to sit down. It seems that he is thinking about something. Tang Ningshan can only turn around in the house. Under such circumstances, she could not leave the room, and Shao Ruihan would definitely not let her out. What's more, the outer sulfuric acid wall has collapsed, and the road outside the door may have been blocked.Tang Ningshan keeps turning around in this room. Finally, she finds a very special thing. There is a bear toy in the corner, but it is made of stone.Tang Ningshan walks over and intends to take the bear. The bear seems to be attached to the wall. Therefore, the bear is not taken away by Tang Ningshan, but almost let Tang Ningshan fall. Tang Ningshan begins to touch the bear. She observes the stone bear for a long time, and Tang Ningshan still decides to have another try. After all, this little bear is particularly cute, she even wants to bring this bear back.This time, Tang Ningshan uses all her strength, but the stone bear is still not pulled away by her from the wall. It is still firmly fixed in the corner. Tang Ningshan feels very strange; her attention is all on the bear. Shao Ruihan in the distance sees Tang Ningshan fighting against this stone. He is very curious and comes to see what Tang Ningshan is doing.When he gets closer, he sees Tang Ningshan fighting with the stone bear. He feels funny and says "Shan, what are you doing?"Tang Ningshan says disappointedly "I want this. However, it seems to be fixed on the wall, I cannot take it. I am curious how the bear was fixed to the wall? Why can't I take it?" Tang Ningshan's face is full of doubts, and even with a hint of grievance in her voice, which lets Shao Ruihan somewhat speechless. Although he knows that Tang Ningshan is very naive, he did not expect her to be naive to this point."I will help you get it, you stand on the side." Shao Ruihan walks forward, letting Tang Ningshan step back. Tang Ningshan immediately steps back two steps and quietly looks at Shao Ruihan. After all, she really likes this little bear and wants to bring it back.Shao Ruihan begins to observe the stone bear on the ground like Tang Ningshan. However, he does not pull the bear forcedly like Tang Ningshan, but touches the stone and the wall around the stone, as if he is looking for a trigger. According to his movements, Tang Ningshan feels that she has the opportunity to get this bear. She prays in her heart that Shao Ruihan could quickly take the bear away.However, after a long time, the bear is still firmly fixed to the wall. Disappointing Tang Ningshan directly sits beside the bear, and Shao Ruihan comes over to sit next to her and intends to comfort her. When Shao Ruihan's hand just touches Tang Ningshan's head and he is about to speak, he sees that Tang Ningshan has reached out her hand to touch the bear's head. She says with a look of regret "Little bear, I really like you, but why don't you want to go back with me?" Tang Ningshan says while keeping touching the bear's head, which makes Shao Ruihan who originally wanted to comfort her shut up directly. He can only look at her quietly.The tunnel is dark, and for them, it is always night here, so they don't know what time it is now. However, Tang Ningshan at this time has already felt very tired. Her head leans directly on Shao Ruihan's shoulder."What time is it now? I feel a little sleepy." Tang Ningshan leans in Shao Ruihan's arms. Her movements are very natural. It seems that she often does this, and she does not feel shy. This makes Shao Ruihan feel a little happy and somewhat lost. He even begins to think in his heart; doesn't everyone say that girls are very easy to be shy? Remember once that... Just thinking about it, he suddenly finds that he couldn't remember the things in the past. He couldn't even recall the woman's face. He feels that he has almost forgotten the woman, which makes Shao Ruihan feel a little fortunate, fortunately, he finally gets rid of the shadow that the woman left him."Let me see." Shao Ruihan says with a quite happy mood, his face shows a smile. After saying that, Shao Ruihan takes Tang Ningshan's mobile phone out of his pocket. He finds that her mobile phone is almost out of power, and he suddenly frowns. That no signal in the tunnel does not mean that there is no signal outside, they can contact other people outside, but now the phone has no power, they have no place to charge. Moreover, they only have one mobile phone. If this mobile phone has no power before they get out, then they can only use other special methods to get in touch with the people outside. And as for what this special way is, Shao Ruihan does not want others to know now.Tang Ningshan sees Shao Ruihan taking the phone out and immediately puts her head close to the phone, staring at the screen of the phone, and hopes to see the time above. However, the light of the screen is extinguished instantly."This..." Tang Ningshan points at the phone and looks at the phone with amazement. Later, when she turns to look at Shao Ruihan, she sees that he is looking at her with helplessness.Tang Ningshan lowers her head and whispers. "We are really unlucky. We are staying on such a remote island, and even the only communication tool is now out of power. It seems that before we go out from here, we should first find the power supply here. It is best to find a computer. Otherwise, we really don't know when we will go out." After that, she looks up at Shao Ruihan and continues "Do you think can we beat the other people on the island? Even if we can beat them, but if we can find General Ni, how can we convince them to stand by our side? If these people find out that you are gone and they call Shao Xingsheng to report this situation, then what should we do?" Tang Ningshan says this, suddenly finding that there are still many problems that need to be solved; it is simply a headache for her.Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan who keeps asking questions, feeling a little funny and thinking that she is looking for a topic to chat. Tang Ningshan suddenly feels a little embarrassed and knows that Shao Ruihan could not answer so many questions at the same time, so she immediately turns her head away."Eh... Let's see if there are any other strange things in this room." Tang Ningshan finishes, intending to stand up. At the moment of standing up, she accidentally presses the bear, and the bear drops to the ground. The wall makes a loud sound, and a door appears in the middle of the wall.Tang Ningshan raises her finger and points to the door. She opens her mouth, with a very surprised expression. She doesn't know what to say, but she immediately rushes over. She stands at the door and pushes hard, and the door opens directly. Inside the door is a clean road, surrounded by granite slabs, which looks quite neat.Tang Ningshan immediately turns to look at Shao Ruihan and shouts "Shao Ruihan, you come over. Look, is this the way to go out?" Shao Ruihan walks over quickly, and his eyes are filled with excitement as if he did not expect that they are able to find the way out so quickly, and also he didn't expect this little bear to be a trigger.
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