Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 244

Tang Ningshan gives Shao Ruihan a supercilious look and says softly "You are asking me what happened? You suddenly told me that you would like to go to the front to check the situation. Why didn't you leave when you encountered a dangerous situation? You always want to get yourself injured, don't you? Do you know how long have you been in a coma? I guess you have been in a coma for at least half an hour. You tell me what happened just now."Shao Ruihan looks at the angry Tang Ningshan, and then looks around and finds that they are not in the passage now. He immediately begins to think back what happened just now. How did they get here? He remembers that he has just walked in the passage, and then felt that there was water on his head, but he did not care. However, within a few seconds, he felt more and more water on his hair and the water dripped onto the same position of his head. In the end, he felt that his head seemed to be splitting. He was dying of a headache; finally, he could not bear the pain and fainted.Tang Ningshan looks at his changing expression and knows that he is thinking about the matter. However, he is so confused, which makes Tang Ningshan a little helpless. Doesn't he know what caused his coma?Shao Ruihan raises his hand again and wants to touch the wound on his head. However, he is once again stopped by Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan says directly "I don't have a disinfection tool, so I just let the wound on your head stop bleeding, but it didn't have disinfection, so you can't touch it with your hands, otherwise, the wound will be infected. Also, I don't know what kinds of thing can cause such a so long but so thin wound."After Tang Ningshan finishes, she looks at Shao Ruihan and hopes that Shao Ruihan could tell her how he was injured."I just thought there was a drop of water on my head, but I didn't care. But soon, I felt that my head was very painful as if it was torn apart. Then I fainted." Shao Ruihan finishes, Tang Ningshan puts her sights to the bottles and cans on the table. Just now she broke a bottle and found that the liquid inside was corrosive. Whether the injury on Shao Ruihan's head was caused by such kinds of liquid?Thinking about it, Tang Ningshan immediately goes to the side of the experimental bench. She picks out the bottles containing liquids with irritating odors and carefully observes the liquid inside, hoping to get some clues."What's wrong? What are those things?" Shao Ruihan sees Tang Ningshan holding some bottles and staring at them; he could not help but ask.Tang Ningshan shakes her head and says "I don't know, I guess this liquid is some experimental result. Look, there is a pit on the ground. I just shattered a bottle, after that, the liquid corroded the ground and a pit appeared on the ground. The point is that I put the liquid back in the bottle, but I didn't find that the amount of liquid was reduced. It sounds amazing, right?" Tang Ningshan shakes her head as she speaks. She feels that this is not in line with the regular rules. When the liquid falls to the ground, more or less, it will evaporate, but after this liquid reaches the ground, it seems to be wrapped in a layer of oil, it not only did not evaporate but also has a great ability of erosion."Experimental results?" Shao Ruihan asks in confusion.Tang Ningshan nods immediately and replies, "Yes, it is the result of the experiment. Don't you think this is a laboratory? Although I don't know why there is a bed in the middle, according to the things on the side, this place should be a laboratory." Tang Ningshan's tone is quite certain, because she has subconsciously regarded here as a laboratory. Here always gives her a familiar feeling.Just as Tang Ningshan is thinking about it, the system suddenly says at this time "Master, bring the things here in the virtual space."Tang Ningshan asks inexplicably "Why? What happened? You have to know that these things are not good things."The system does not want to talk nonsense with Tang Ningshan. Directly, a task appears. "Random task is on; the task requires that everything in this room will now be moved into the virtual space. Mission reward is a bottle of gene potion."Tang Ningshan says speechlessly "Can you change a task reward? I don't need this thing at all. Not to mention that I will soon be able to produce gene potions in the virtual space laboratory." Tang Ningshan bargains with the system."Hah? Are you sure? You won't regret it? I don't want you to blame me for not reminding you in advance. The gene potion may not be important to you, but I think it is very important to the person next to you now." This sentence makes Tang Ningshan feel that the system is joking with her. How can Shao Ruihan have something to do with the gene potion? For such a thing, the system actually allows her to give it to others? This is the most confused question for Tang Ningshan."Why?" Tang Ningshan asks very doubtfully.The system answers the question of Tang Ningshan with helplessness in its voice. "Because this is your inner thought, you don't want him to have an accident; I can only satisfy your thoughts and wishes. Although I am a system, I exist because of you. The greatest purpose of my existence is to help you and accompany you. When you can support yourself one day and when you can bear everything by yourself, my task is completed. If the ending is good, I can upgrade to the highest level and stay with you forever. If I fail to update to the highest level, then I may leave you at the time, and maybe I will follow your children and grow up with them again." The system's sound sounds particularly sad. It seems that it knows something. However, what Tang Ningshan did not understand most is that the system did not say these things before, but the recent system seems to be particularly easy to feel sad, just as it has experienced a lot of things recently."Don't you feel familiar here? Do you remember where you have seen it?" The system's problems suddenly come, which let Tang Ningshan suddenly thinks of a place.Tang Ningshan looks surprised and she stares at the bed under Shao Ruihan. Her mind constantly replays the scene of her mother's death. Yes, her mother died on this bed. Tang Ningshan suddenly could not control her tears. The sudden tears of her shock Shao Ruihan. He doesn't understand what happened to her. Why does she suddenly cry?Shao Ruihan comes down from the bed and walks to the side of Tang Ningshan. He presses her head on his shoulder and hears that Tang Ningshan has been whispering, "Mom... Mom... here..."Shao Ruihan could only hear these words from Tang Ningshan's words intermittently but does not understand what she means. Why does she call her mother? Why does she keep staring at the bed in the middle? Why are her eyes full of sadness?"Shan? You look at me." Shao Ruihan really can't endure seeing Tang Ningshan being so sad. Moreover, now she seems to have been unconscious. Her eyes have no color. She just looks straight ahead. Shao Ruihan shakes the body of Tang Ningshan, hoping she could come back to her sense. He even wonders if she is poisoned by the liquid just now. However, why is he not poisoned? What makes her so sad?No matter how Shao Ruihan shakes her, Tang Ningshan has no intention of coming back to her sense. Her eyes are already red and swollen, and she still says some intermittent words, so that Shao Ruihan does not have any means. In the end, Shao Ruihan can only use the only way, which is to knock down Tang Ningshan. If she continues to cry like this, it is not good for her body and eyes, especially under such condition which they have no food and no water. If she continues to consume the body's water, then the ending will be very bad!After Shao Ruihan knocks Tang Ningshan down, he begins to look around and see if there is any triggering device in the room that is similar to the one in the machine room. However, he has walked around the room and touched everything that he thinks is the trigger device, but nothing unusual happens in the room, which makes Shao Ruihan quite depressed. He thinks to himself, "Is she really the only person who can go out of here? Otherwise, why didn't I see the stone bear in that room even if I have walked around that room several times? She insisted on getting the stone bear but found the triggering device to open a secret passage door, this is really amazing."However, Shao Ruihan also knows that now is not the time to think about it, he should find a way to go out from here. Shao Ruihan puts Tang Ningshan, who was knocked down by him, in the middle of the bed. After that, he begins to look for various things in the room, hoping to find something useful to help them go out.After Tang Ningshan is placed on the bed by Shao Ruihan, she seems to be in a dream. Some of the clip pictures appear in her mind as if it is the memory of someone, but it is not comprehensive. Tang Ningshan tries hard to piece together these pictures. However, no matter how hard she tries, she could not find the connection between these fragments. The person who appears most in the picture is Tang Yichun. Then, in the picture, there is a handsome man in a military uniform and a woman with a bright smile, and they are holding a child. Another fragment is a newborn little girl. Finally, Tang Ningshan sees the video of her mother left in the system.She sees her mother gave up her life step by step. It turns out that the cause of her mother's death is Tang Ningshan herself! At this moment, Tang Ningshan knows that it is the fact that the biggest murderer who killed her mother turns out to be herself. This is the fact that Tang Ningshan could not accept. However, the truth of the matter is like this. Her mother wanted her to have a good future, hoping she won't have the same ending as her mother. Her mother, because of a man, finally forced herself to death. It is also at this moment that Tang Ningshan knows how much her mother loves Tang Yichun.Tang Ningshan lying in bed keeps her eyes closed, and her tears could not help but flow out. However, she does not want to open her eyes. Shao Ruihan, who is seriously looking for something, does not find the abnormality of Tang Ningshan.Tang Ningshan is really unable to bear such a fact. However, she does not want to escape, she keeps watching the pictures. However, there is no such thing in the picture about why her mother was sent to the laboratory. Who sent her mother here? None of these appear in these pictures. However, Tang Ningshan is very certain that this must be related to Tang Yichun."System, do you think whether my mother is worth doing that?" Tang Ningshan is confused and keeps asking the system. However, the system has never answered her.
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