Dragon Emperor Martial God Book 2 Chapter 562

Volume 2 Chapter 562 The Anger And Shock Of An Old Man

"Daddy, I'm already Ling Yun's woman!" Lin Menghan declared firmly.

Lin Zhenggang was now a Rear Admiral. He used to be the best in the special forces, which gave her the confidence that the news wouldn't get on his steel-like nerves.

However, she seemed to have overestimated Lin Zhenggang's bottom line.

"What!" Lin Zhenggang jumped up from the sofa as fast as a cat whose tail had been stepped on!

There was a saying that a daughter was a lover from a previous life. Lin Zhenggang was no exception. He was particularly fond of Lin Menghan. His love for Lin Menghan probably surpassed the love that her mother gave her.

Lin Zhenggang could only feel his blood rushing to his brain!

There was no need to ask. That rascal Ling Yun must have eaten his precious baby daughter!

Lin Zhenggang's face turned blue. The muscles of his eyelids and corners of his mouth twitched violently. He nearly spat blood out!

Lin Zhenggang was furious. This daring Ling Yun. He definitely had to kill him with a machine gun!

"Where is this Ling Yun? Call him out now!"

Lin Zhenggang paced around the living room with his hands behind his back. He gave Lin Menghan the order after some thought.

Team Leader, Brigade Commander, Commander, Rear Admiral. Lin Zhenggang was used to giving orders. Military orders were unquestionable!

He was reluctant to lecture his baby daughter, but he could unleash it all on Ling Yun instead!

How dare he touch my daughter!

"Daddy, he is busy right now and is definitely unable to come. I'll convey the message," Lin Menghan whispered when she saw that her father was enraged.

"Busy! How can he be busy after causing this huge commotion! Can he be busier than me, a Rear Admiral! How dare he!" Lin Zhenggang bellowed at Lin Menghan mercilessly. He had to see Ling Yun tonight!

Daddy, Ling Yun is indeed busier than a Rear Admiral. It's so difficult for me to see him, Lin Menghan thought.

"His clinic is having its grand opening tomorrow, so he must be especially busy tonight…" Lin Menghan bowed her reddened head, unable to take her father's piercing gaze.

"Grand opening? Isn't it just a small clinic? I have 50,000 men waiting for me to conduct military exercises. Could his small clinic match my army!" Lin Zhenggang shouted again in anger. He paced around a few more times and sat back into the sofa.

"Wait… is this Ling Yun the guy that saved you previously?"

Ling Yun was the one who saved her when she was drugged at Qingyun Productions. He also disabled more than a dozen people in his anger. This matter was suppressed by Lin Zhenggang.

That was why he had an impression of Ling Yun.

"If not him, then who? He saved me twice. The first time, he saved my life, the second time, he protected my chastity…"

Lin Menghan would feel inexplicable joy and pride whenever she thought of these two matters.

Ling Yun was the ideal man in Lin Menghan's eyes.

"So, you gave your whole being to him without approval from your family?" Lin Zhenggang asked in a low voice.

It wasn't that Lin Zhenggang didn't understand the concept of living together before marriage. He just couldn't accept that it had happened to his baby daughter. He didn't bring her up just so she could become another man's woman while he was in the dark. His anger couldn't be suppressed.

"He did save you, but he injured a lot of people in the process. I had to cover up that matter personally, which also equated to saving his life!

Lin Zhenggang was a soldier and had his fair share of killings. He had originally admired Ling Yun's courage and boldness. That admiration was thrown out of the window now that he knew Ling Yun bedded his daughter.

"Moreover, didn't you get ten million yuan from our family to express your gratitude?"

Lin Zhenggang thought that it was settled since they had given him some reward. Who knew that his daughter would still be in contact with him.

Their stature was worlds apart!

"Money is money, a relationship is a relationship…" Lin Menghan protested in a small voice. "I only like him!"

The last sentence had no hesitation.

"Moreover, I'm not young anymore… The ladies in my camp have been changing lovers like underwear…"

Lin Zhenggang had no choice. He knew his daughter was as stubborn as an ox once she made up her mind.

"Call him over in that case. I have to speak with him to understand his plans for the future. That shouldn't be too much to ask."

Lin Zhenggang might be angry, but he believed in his daughter's choice. She took after him.

Lin Zhenggang had accepted reality, but he wanted to give Ling Yun a good dressing down at least.

"Daddy, he really won't be able to come. If you insist, you can come with me to his grand opening…"

Lin Menghan reverted back to her daughter stance after she was confident that her father's fire had been suppressed.

"Rubbish! You say that he's busy when I ask you to get him here. You aren't even trying! You would rather I go up to his clinic to send him my congrats?"

Lin Zhenggang shook his head. His daughter had yet to marry Ling Yun, but her allegiance was obvious.

He took his daughter away without greeting him the first time they met. That caused Lin Zhenggang to wait for his daughter in vain for one whole afternoon.

Now he wanted this old man to go over to his clinic to congratulate his future son-in-law? Where was the logic in this?

He was a Rear Admiral, alright!

"Daddy, don't underestimate Ling Yun's clinic. His medical skills are really incredible…"

"Didn't he simply use some acupuncture technique to resolve the poison in your body? That can hardly be considered medical skills…"

Lin Zhenggang suddenly turned his head as he thought of something. He looked at his daughter as though she was a monster. His mouth became gaping wide.

"Menghan, how did you come over? Why does it seem to me that you just appeared by my side suddenly?"

They were three meters apart. Lin Menghan flew over, shocking Lin Zhenggang.

It was Lin Menghan's turn to be delighted.

"This is nothing. Are you feeling hot now? Do you want some cool air?" She raised her head proudly.

The temperature in Qingshui City was eighty-six degrees Fahrenheit tonight. It was already warm. Lin Zhenggang's fury made him even hotter.

"Of course. Go switch the air conditioning on, quick!"

Lin Menghan giggled and sat cross-legged on the sofa instead. She activated the Arctic Ice Technique.

Icy cold air spread from Lin Menghan's core and rushed throughout the house.

Lin Zhenggang was stunned upon seeing the white vapors rising through the air!

He couldn't help but fight a shiver even though he was dressed in his military uniform.

"Stop!" Lin Zhenggang cried out. Any more and it would be winter.

Lin Menghan re-opened her eyes and smiled. "How is it? Powerful, right?"

Lin Menghan had been cultivating the Arctic Ice Technique for a little more than a month and could activate it at will. Minor disruptions meant nothing to her now.

Lin Zhenggang didn't answer his daughter. His heart was thumping wildly.

As a Rear Admiral, Lin Zhenggang's knowledge surpassed that of Tang Tianhao and Li Yifeng. He knew that his daughter was cultivating the mysterious martial arts of Huaxia!

How did the seven big families in Beijing control and preside over the direction that Huaxia took?

It was because they were also Prestigious Martial Arts Clans!

The Lin Family was a military family. They were famous in the military, but they could never compare to the Huaxia Martial Arts Clans.

What did they lack? Someone who could cultivate the ancient martial arts!

However, now it seemed like his daughter had somehow learned it, and she seemed rather strong!

"Menghan, you know the ancient martial arts now? W-who taught you? Where is your master? I want to meet him…"

Lin Zhenggang grabbed Lin Menghan's shoulder, which was still chilling to the bone. It was incredible.

"Hehe… what master, he is still the one that you were cursing at moments ago…" Lin Menghan said softly.

"Eh… you mean, Ling Yun?" Lin Zhenggang couldn't believe his ears!

Lin Zhenggang knew Ling Yun had some knowledge. If not, it was impossible for him to knock down more than a dozen people and kick their balls away!

However, anyone in his special forces could do it easily. That was why he didn't really concern himself with it.

However, it was different now. Ling Yun knew the ancient martial arts!

If he could train Lin Menghan to be so good in a month… just how powerful would he be?

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