Dragon Emperor Martial God Book 3 Chapter 693

Dragon Emperor Martial God Volume 3 Chapter 693 Won In A Single Battle Enormous Rewards

These two strokes were using the Celestial Destroyer Technique. He forced Cold Yin Qi from his body into the blade to bring about the scary chilling effect. He wasn't going to give Chen Jianwei any chance of escape!

He wasn't going to let him off easily!

The Blood Clan liked cold and dark places, but extreme cold was something else. They hate and even feared it. It was the same with bats. No bat was active on a cold winter day.

Ling Yun's first stroke was powerful and domineering. Chen Jianwei had to defend with all his might, immobilizing him. The second stroke was the real killer!

Ling Yun definitely had the upper hand!

However, Chen Jianwei wasn't someone to be trifled with. He madly unleashed his Blood Demon Skill to maintain the temperature of his blood even though it was about to be frozen. He raised his sword, once again blocking Ling Yun's killing move!

Gold and iron clashed!

"Good block, but so sorry, you were tricked!" Ling Yun snorted disdainfully as a dazzling flexible sword appeared in his left hand!

"Swift Thunder Strike!"

"Shadowless Strike!"

"Ravaging Heart Strike!"

"Broken Soul Strike!"

"Sky Slicer!"

"Heaven Startling Strike!"

"Regretless Strike!"

"Heavenly Dao Strike!"

"Destructing God Strike!"

"Ultimate Kill!"

This was the first time Ling Yun used the full set of the Ninth Killing Technique after he left Turtle Island. The Ninth Killing Technique had ten strokes!

A series of screams echoed after. It was from Chen Jianwei. He was desperately resisting them with his Dark Storm, but the Ninth Killing Technique was one up in terms of speed and unpredictability.

Chen Jianwei didn't forget to flap his wings as he dodged. However, Ling Yun's key target this time was still Chen Jianwei's wings!


The sound of clothes tearing was accompanied by Chen Jianwei's fierce cry of misery. Chen Jianwei finally lost after the seventh stance.

The Dragon Vein Sword in Ling Yun's hand was like a silver-white dragon circling around Chen Jianwei's body. Chen Jianwei's wings were like a torn rag hanging by the side of his body. His hands were also sliced off cleanly from Ling Yun's attacks!

Chen Jianwei didn't have wings or hands, but he managed to protect his two key areas the neck and heart.

The chill from the Cold Yin Qi finally disappeared. Chen Jianwei experienced a full cycle of reincarnation. After he regained the ability to move, he retreated quickly, jumping thirty meters away from Ling Yun.

Ling Yun wasn't in a hurry to chase him. He picked up the long black sword from the ground and stored it in his spatial ring. "Rascal, I told you, I can allow you to live if you tell me where Cao Shanshan is!" Ling Yun said pointedly at the heavily injured Chen Jianwei.

A Chen Jianwei without wings and hands was a tiger without its fangs and claws. He was already useless in Ling Yun's eyes.

Chen Jianwei was howling in misery as he tried to regrow his wings and hands with the regeneration power of the Blood Clan. However, how could such a serious injury heal in such a short time?

What surprised Ling Yun was that no blood slipped out of Chen Jianwei's wounds even though he sustained such a heavy injury. It was totally different from Paul, Jim, and the rest he had encountered.

"W-Where did you get that flexible sword from?" Chen Jianwei extended the stump from where his arm was sliced off at the Dragon Vein Sword in Ling Yun's left hand.

Anyone who didn't know Ling Yun had the spatial ring would be at a disadvantage. Who could dodge if a sword or blade suddenly appeared in someone's hand?

Moreover, at the pinnacle of Physique Tempering Stage Nine, Ling Yun executed each move with lighting speed. Each move was swift and precise. He would have won against Chen Jianwei even if he didn't rely on the surprise attack.

That was why Ling Yun won.

Chen Jianwei was regretting his actions today. He thought too highly of himself. He should have transformed when he had the chance. His speed and strength would have increased many times, and he wouldn't have been beaten so miserably.

Ling Yun appeared within three meters of Chen Jianwei. "You don't need to concern yourself with where I got my sword. Don't try to delay things, it's useless Also, don't think about running away. You might not be as fast as me even with your wings intact"

Ling Yun pointed the Devil's Blade at Chen Jianwei once again. "Spill. Where is Cao Shanshan!"

"In in a mountain cave in the northern suburb of Beijing"

Chen Jianwei sprouted nonsense to delay the time so that he could escape.

"Which mountain? Which cave? Bring me there now! Rascal, I left your legs intact for you to lead the way"

Ling Yun approached him and lifted his right hand in an attempt to seal Chen Jianwei's acupuncture point.

At that moment, a violent burst of blood fog appeared where Chen Jianwei was!

This was the Blood Ability of the Blood Clan.

Chen Jianwei's figure was replaced with a small black bat. He darted right up into the clouds!

"Sh*t!" Ling Yun shouted and jumped up into the sky. He blasted pure Yang True Qi at the bat!

Ling Yun went all out. The Yang True Qi slammed into Chen Jianwei's body, causing him to somersault several times in the air. There was a burst of blue smoke, but he didn't fall. He climbed up even higher and flew away.

Ling Yun landed on the ground, smiling. I knew you were going to run. You just got hit with my thousand-mile soul chasing powder! Let's see where you're going to fly to!

Ling Yun knew it was impossible for Chen Jianwei to give up Cao Shanshan's whereabouts. That was why he deliberately let him return to his lair.

There was a huge jade box in Ling Yun's hand that contained a blood-red liquid inside. Ling Yun used the fastest speed possible to take out the jade box and collect the blood from the blood mist.

This was Chen Jianwei's blood, which Ling Yun was going to use to concoct medicine.

Paul and Chester heard the commotion and rushed into the back yard only to see Ling Yun put away the Devil's Blade, Dragon Vein Sword, and Chen Jianwei's blood.

They saw Chen Jianwei's severed wings once they entered. "Honorable Boss, who were you battling with?" they asked with wonder.

"Could it be that wretched Chen Jianwei?"

Ling Yun nodded with a smile. "Yes, we did battle. These parts and pieces were all sliced off of him You two, quickly clean up this rubbish, and we'll get going."

He won in a one-on-one battle!

Not only did he severely injure Chen Jianwei and defeat him, but he also used the pure Yang True Qi to ensure he wouldn't be able to recover rapidly. He also obtained the Dark Storm!

Other than that, Ling Yun obtained Chen Jianwei's blood and deployed the thousand-mile soul chasing powder. Ling Yun would be able to find him no matter where he was! That was a huge reward to Ling Yun!

Ling Yun was on cloud nine!

"Oh, oh my god, these are the wings of that damned Chen Jianwei Boss actually chopped them off?"

"Aha These are Chen Jianwei's hands. He's in deep trouble now. He will need at least three months to recover"

Ling Yun looked on as the two descendants of the Blood Clan collected the spare parts of Chen Jianwei. "Chen Jianwei blasted a strange blood mist before transforming into a bat. Will that affect him?" he asked.

Paul's expression changed. He immediately dropped everything in his hands and turned towards Ling Yun. "Blood mist? Honorable Boss, that's the Blood Ability of the Blood Clan. Just how severely did you hurt him?"

Chester was shocked as well. "Oh my god. Honorable Mister Ling, you're too strong. You actually forced Chen Jianwei to use the Blood Blast. His level will be affected, and he will be demoted to a Baron. In this case, he won't suck the blood of your little princess for at least three more months! Your princess is safe for another three months, at least!"

How can I wait another three months? Ling Yun thought to himself. He smiled but didn't say anything else.

Ling Yun got the descendants of the Blood Clan to wait for him in the car after they gathered the pieces of Chen Jianwei in a pile. Ling Yun then took out a Fire Talisman and burnt these disgusting pieces of Chen Jianwei.

"This is just practice for burning you to ashes I'll burn you for real after I save Shanshan"

Ling Yun smiled and left the Cao Family's villa.

Paul and Chester were waiting for Ling Yun by the car. Paul opened the car door for Ling Yun in a gentlemanly manner and ushered him inside. Chester then took the position of driver and drove them back to Ling Yun's lodging.

"You two, have you heard of a sword called the Dark Storm?" Ling Yun inquired.

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