Dragon Emperor Martial God Chapter 211


“Why are there so few customers today?”

Ling Yun asked Ning Lingyu and Xue Meining after noticing the lack of the usual hustle and bustle of the canteen’s second floor.

Holding onto Ling Yun’s arm, Xue Meining nodded with a sweet smile. “Of course it’s not crowded. The year one students are not here.”

The canteen was rather empty. The three of them took a seat under a brightly lit place. As usual, Ling Yun and Xue Meining sat on the same side of the table, whereas Ning Lingyu sat opposite Ling Yun.

Ning Lingyu and Xue Meining had ordered a few of their favourite dishes as the waiter approached before they started to gossip.

Ling Yun was curious, “Where did all the year one students go?”

Xue Meining then shot Ling Yun a look, “Where could they possibly go? Of course, they went home, it’s a holiday! Look at us year two students, we still have to take two periods of self-revision classes at night with you guys! Sometimes, I don’t understand how the school arranges the timetable.”

Ling Yun shook his head in disbelief, “Holiday? What kind of holiday could they possibly have? It’s only Thursday!”

Ning Lingyu and Xue Meining then looked at each other and laughed. “Oh brother Ling Yun, you must be too overwhelmed by the clinic’s matters that you seem to forget tomorrow is a national holiday. Qing Ming Festival’s tomorrow!”

The moment Ling Yun heard of holidays, his gaze changed, “Lingyu, is tomorrow really a holiday? Do we have holidays too? How many days are we given?”

To Ling Yun, it didn’t matter which occasion or festival it was, what mattered more was that year three students were given holidays, and how many days they were given.

Seeing Ling Yun’s panicked look plastered on his face, Ning Lingyu let a smile escape from the corner of her mouth as she shot him a look, “We are also given holidays, three days in fact. Are you happy now?”

His heart jumped with joy the moment he heard three days were given. He remained calm, revealing only a poker face, “Oh man, only three days? Our school can be so stingy”

In actual fact, three days was more than enough for Ling Yun to do what he wanted. He was satisfied with them but he wanted to pretend it wasn’t enough for him just to act as if he were in a disadvantaged situation.

Ning Lingyu raised an eyebrow, “Brother, our finals are nearing in less than two months. It’s already good enough that the school is giving us three days off, last year we only had two!”

She then continued to explain, “We are given three days because Qing Ming Festival coincidentally falls on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If not, we will be given two days off at most.”

Ling Yun cheered to himself, “Then tonight”

“We only have two self-revision classes tonight. After that, we are free!” Ning Lingyu laughed.

Ning Lingyu used to be the hardcore student who always aimed to be first in the cohort. However, it is obvious that she was not fighting for that position this time. Thus, the holidays was something for her to look forward to.

Based on Ning Lingyu’s outstanding results, even if she were to play all the way from now till finals, getting into Yanjing University would still not pose as an issue for her.

Ling Yun gave off a silent “oh” as he thought to himself, “No wonder Cao Shanshan had such a huge reaction when I offered to send her home earlier.”

Being the boy on cloud nine, Ling Yun beckoned for the waiter to come over as he ordered a few more signature dishes. “In order to celebrate the holidays, let’s eat to our heart’s content!”

“Brother Ling Yun, what will you be doing during these three days then?” Xue Meining curiously asked.

Ling Yun was so afraid that Xue Meining would cling to him these three days as he would not be able to accomplish anything if that little demon does pester him.

He answered her with a straight face, “Ning, is this even a question? Obviously I will have to catch up with my homework and revision for finals or else there’s not enough time!”

Xue Meining was certain this was an excuse he gave as her face shone with disappointment. However, Ling Yun used finals as a reason which left her with no way to retaliate but sulk to express her unhappiness.

She then softly asked Ling Yun, “So will you be sending me home tonight”

Beads of perspiration trickled down his neck as he thought of how he needed to send Cao Shanshan back too. Lucky for him, he thought of an escape route quick, “Ning, unfortunately I can’t send you back tonight as I have many things to do. How about this, I will spare some time to go over to your place to play during the weekends? I can visit your grandfather at the same time as well.”

The moment she heard that Ling Yun was going to play with her over the weekends, her eyes widened with excitement. “A promise is a promise okay?”

Ling Yun laughed as he pinched her nose, “When have I ever broken my promise?”

Seeing how close the both of them were, Ning Lingyu felt jealousy take over her as she bit her bottom lip and turned around.

“In that case, I will head over to Aunty Qin’s clinic to help out when I have the time.” Xue Meining smiled shyly.

Seeing that she still remembers the incident about his mother, Ling Yun laughed, “Ning, my mother doesn’t operate the clinic anymore. If you want to lend a hand, why not come to my clinic instead”

Upon hearing that, Xue Meining’s eyes opened wide. “What?! Aunty Qin doesn’t open the clinic anymore? What is she doing now then?”

“Let her do whatever she wants so long as she is happy”

He then turned to Ning Lingyu, “Sister, take a break during the holidays and accompany mother to window shop, buy anything you want. Stop thinking about studies or school.”

For no apparent reason, Ning Lingyu felt her heartache when Ling Yun called her “sister”. She preferred if he would just address her by her name instead.

At this moment, the waiter served the first dish. Ling Yun took a pair of chopsticks and placed two servings of meat on Ning Lingyu and Xue Meining’s plate.

The three of them chatted happily for over an hour as they ate the appetizing dishes.

The two girls had small appetites, so they filled up their stomachs very quickly and waited patiently for Ling Yun to eat his fill.

Being extremely thoughtful, Xue Meining waited for Ling Yun to finish up his food before passing him a handkerchief and a glass of water to rinse his mouth.

Ning Lingyu felt awful just by watching from the opposite. She hid her feelings well by maintaining a poker face when she decided that the next time she was to eat with her brother, no one else should be allowed to come along.

She thought of how Ling Yun and her had dinner with Cao Shanshan the day before, and it did not occur to her that the same awful feelings would return today.

“Brother has totally become a ladies man, there are practically girls chasing him around everywhere”

Although Ning Lingyu felt happy for her brother, she was also worried about him

Ling Yun then turned to the both of them, “All done eating? Then let’s go!”

Ling Yun naturally paid the bill, which after, he sent Xue Meining to the classroom first as he had something he needed to speak to Ning Lingyu in private.

Seeing Xue Meining’s unwillingness to return back to class, Ling Yun then turned to his sister, “Lingyu, are you returning to class or the dormitory?”

Surprised that she did not get scolded by him, she secretly compared the distance between her current location to the classroom and her dormitory, “I think I will give myself a break tonight and return to the dormitory to pack up.”

Getting to the dormitory was much further than getting to the classroom. However, as Ning Lingyu wanted to spend more time with her brother, she chose to return to the dormitory.

Ling Yun did not give it much thought as he laughed it off, “All right then, I will send you back to the dormitory.”

As they walked back to the dormitory, Ling Yun told his sister, “Lingyu, I have thought about it. You and mother will shift to the villa in Qingshui Wharf tomorrow.”

Ning Lingyu nodded her head, “Yes but won’t the villa need some renovation?”

Ling Yun gave off a big laugh, “Such a big villa has already been renovated, and luxurious in fact! Don’t worry about anything, you just have to move your belongings in and make yourself at home.”

Ning Lingyu hesitated, “Brother, the two villas must have cost a bomb right?”

Ling Yun nodded his head, “It was so darn expensive, I spent a total of 4 million in total, and it was already discounted by half the price!”

Although she had some mental preparation regarding the price, she was still taken aback, “Oh my god, where did you get so much money from?!”

“I will fill you in on all these next time, all I want you to do is to make yourself at home at the villa and not worry about anything else.” Ling Yun smirked.

The money came from the killings of Xuan Jiu, which he obtained from seven killers of Xuan Qi. Therefore, he was unable to let Ning Lingyu know about this, or else she would be worried.

Seeing that Ling Yun had already explained, Ning Lingyu nodded her head without probing further.

However, she still playfully questioned, “Brother, what about the clinic you said you opened? How is it that you have never mentioned it to me before?”

Ling Yun did the same thing and flicked Ning Lingyu’s nose, “It’s not that I want to keep it from you. But your character will keep on thinking about it and this will affect you somehow”

She then argued back, “Of course not! I want to be the first to know anything about you next time understand?”

Ling Yun then thought, “If you knew I was being chased by a gang, you would be worried sick.” Nonetheless, he still nodded his head in agreement and gave off a “Yes!”

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