Dragon Marked War God Chapter 1717

The Thoughtful Xiao Wangqing

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Did all of you hear it just now? Where did Senior say the meeting would be held at?

Yang Yu looked over at Linglong and Hua Guyi, seeming pretty excited. Obviously, he had heard it very clearly but he needed to confirm it because he still couldnt believe it.

Yang Yu, stop pretending. Senior Xiao said that he will hold the meeting at your Genius Prefecture. I reckon youd better return to make necessary arrangements. Hua Guyi darted Yang Yu a glance.


As soon as Hua Guyis words dropped, Yang Yu vanished from where he stood. His action rendered Linglong and Hua Guyi speechless, however they could imagine Yang Yus feeling right now. Of all the places that Xiao Wangqing could choose, he had chosen Great Qian Empire. This strongly suggested that he had a favourable impression of Great Qian Empire.

Its a blessing for a major power to be able to instill a good impression to a half-step Sovereign. And it was Great Qian Empires great honour that a half-step Sovereign was paying their empire a visit. Once the Empire built a connection with a half-step Sovereign, who else would dare to provoke them in the future?

This alone made various major powers jealous.

As I said, Little Chen wouldnt die so easily. I suppose we will be able to sleep with peace from tonight onwards, Han Yan said with a smile.

I dont think so. It will depend on the outcome of tomorrows meeting and Senior Xiaos attitude, Hua Guyi interjected.

Given Xiao Wangqings abilities, he could easily deter them all. Why did he bother to organize a meeting?

Mo Wuqing sounded puzzled. His thinking was rather simple to solve everything with violence. In his heart, Xiao Wangqing, who was a half-step Sovereign, was powerful enough to protect Jiang Chen. Whats the purpose of the meeting? Its an unnecessary move that would only lower the status and dignity of a half-step Sovereign.


Linglong darted Mo Wuqing a glance. It seems you simply cant understand Senior Xiaos consideration, and has underestimated the Immortal Courts. A half-step Sovereign is indeed supreme, but its nothing to the formidable Immortal Court as there is a true Great Sovereign guarding each Immortal Court. Furthermore, even if Xiao Wangqing can protect Jiang Chen, he can only protect Jiang Chen for the time being. Moreover, a fledgling thats under the wing of its mother wont be able to fly very high. What Xiao Wangqing wants to do is to help dissolve Jiang Chens current crisis. The rest will have to depend on Jiang Chen. In this way, he will be able to protect Jiang Chen, and also create a good training environment for him.

Venerable is right. This is what Senior Xiao wants to do. Right now, he will help Jiang Chen handle his mess, instead of going against the three great Immortal Courts directly as that will only cause destruction to both sides, and none of them will benefit from it. Tyrant nodded, what Linglong said was precisely the purpose of the meeting.

Moreover, Senior Xiao has his motive in holding the meeting at Great Qian Empire. One is to help to make Great Qian Empire famous and heighten the spirit of their forces. Second is to create a reasonable excuse for Jiang Chen to return to Genius Prefecture. Previously, my father told the world that he had expelled Jiang Chen from the empire, and thus, having no excuse to summon Jiang Chen back. If its that Senior Xiao allowed Little Chen to return, everything will go well eventually. Yang Bufan said with a smile.

Currently, everyone was delightful after the haze of worries had been swept away. The matter was now developing towards a favourable direction. They admired Jiang Chen very much as he was able to befriend an unparalleled figure like Xiao Wangqing who was willing to fight for him against the three great Immortal Courts.

I wonder how Brother Shisan is now.

Lan Lingji was still worried about Dragon Shisans safety. When she was in total despair, Jiang Chen pulled her out of it by saying that Dragon Shisan wasnt dead, but when she saw Jiang Chen being trapped in a sure-death situation, her heart twisted into knots once more, until Xiao Wangqing emerged and brought Jiang Chen to safety. The violent ups and downs during this period of time wasnt pleasant at all.

Dont worry. Since Little Chen had said that monkey is alright, he is surely fine.

Han Yan consoled. He believed in Jiang Chen, whom he trusted the most.

Lets disperse now. I estimate that Genius Prefecture will be open to the public tomorrow. When that time comes, well go and have a show to watch. I hope that Senior Xiao can produce a good outcome, however we also shouldnt celebrate too early. Linglong spoke.

The rest of them nodded their heads in agreement. The Immortal Courts next move was still unclear. No one knew how Xiao Wangqing would deal with the Immortal Sovereigns of the Immortal Courts tomorrow, but anyone could imagine that those Immortal Sovereigns definitely wouldnt be easy to deal with. Therefore, it might not be a good thing to celebrate too early.

The experts of the various major powers had already departed. Most of them were in a very bad mood. Initially, they thought that they could kill Jiang Chen, but instead, the situation had developed to a stage where it had involved a half-step Sovereign. Whatever happened next was no longer up to them, but by the Immortal Courts. Nevertheless, they would still head to Genius Prefecture tomorrow. They needed to unite to pressure the Immortal Courts, to get back their fair share of return.

The Eastern Profound Domain was already doomed to be chaotic. No one knew how many years had it been since such an event happened. Tomorrows meeting was the most critical of all and the climax. Almost everyone was filled with anticipation.

In the depths of the void, Xiao Wangqing was looking at Jiang Chen with a slight smile.

Why is senior looking at me in such a way?

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes, feeling somewhat speechless. When he first came in contact with Xiao Wangqing, Xiao Wangqing was a filthy old swindler, but now he had become an elegant man. So, it was impossible for Jiang Chen to get used to it so quickly.

Kid, you truly are ruthless. Cant believe that you have caused such an earth-shattering incident. It seemed like I have underestimated you in the past. Xiao Wangqing chuckled.

Dont you make fun of me. If you hadnt shown up today, I wouldve been killed by those bastards. Jiang Chen shook his head. Although he was a fearless man, he had witnessed the scariness of the Immortal World today and realized that there was always someone stronger than him. Given his current cultivation base, he still had a long way to go.

With my presence, they wont be able to kill you. Anyway, I really have to thank you. If it hadnt been for your guidance last time, Im afraid that I would never be able to break through to the Sovereign realm, forever muddling along without any aim.

Xiao Wangqing stood with his hands behind his back. He wouldve remained a filthy old man if Jiang Chen hadnt said those words to him.

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