Dream Star Chapter 746

742 A Pat On The Head



Haruka was uneasy the entire time. Why on earth did Kiryu come here? He was the one who insisted on working on the case from over there. Then again, the situation must have changed for him to come all the way here. He isn't the type of person who would break his promise.

Is this Austin Kiryu?

He looked so worn out and haggard.

Kiryu wasn't alone, a familiar maroon coloured haired girl accompanied him. "Lila-chan, I'm so sorry. I know it was risky, and I don't think anyone followed us. But I simply couldn't stand it anymore"

Lila shook her head. "No, thank you Kotori-chan." She walked over to Kiryu. "Kiryu?"

At that comment the hazard gaze left Kiryu's face and he glanced over at Lila. "Li"

She wrapped her arms around him. "It's okay, you're alright now."


Ayase then starts to explain the situation as Lila and Kiryu sat down on the bench. Kiryu was indeed working on the front lines as a Hyou four member. He spent countless nights awake and fighting. At first Kiryu didn't fight and tried to maintain peace normally. But when the riots became worse, he had no choice but to fight.

"I tried to stop him." Kotori sighed. "But it was futile."

"No, you did a good job getting him here." Haruka trailed off. "How?"

"Yori-san knocked him out for me."

'Nase '

Haruka watched as Lila played with Kiryu's hair and made sure he was resting on her shoulder comfortably. If anybody else saw them they would think the two were a couple. Thankfully this place was secluded.

"Kiryu, are you still dizzy?"

"Hah, my head hurts." Kiryu cursed.

"You sustained a head injury apparently. You'll feel pain until it's healed."

"Those people caught me off guard.." Kiryu trailed off when his gaze met his. Haruka immediately looked away realizing he was caught staring.

Kiryu suddenly stood up. "I'm fine now. I'll make some arrangements for a place to stay."

While Kiryu took his phone out to make a call. Haruka felt a small pair of hands grab his and pull him away. It belonged to his wife of course, she was pulling him away from Kiryu and Ayase. Eventually she stopped once they arrived at a quiet corner.

Lila sighed and slumped her head on his chest. "Don't be jealous."


"Alright so I did that deliberately and all. But, don't feel bad okay?"

His gaze softened at her words and he brushed his lips against her ear. "I'm fine. Besides, this is good timing. Last night and earlier too you were playing too many games with me. I'm at the end of my limit---" he mumbled. "I want to."

Lila covered her mouth and laughed. "Your too aggresive."

"I guess I can go a bit overboard later. You okay with that?" Haruka asked.

"Mmm, of course." She traced his chest with her hands again. "Will you kiss me?"

"Alright." He cornered her against the wall and wrapped his arms around his waist. Now that they were finally alone. Haruka realized how much he has wanted to kiss her since he woke up.

He didn't have to do anything and she opened her mouth for him. Haruka stuck his tongue inside and started to kiss her. 'A battle of dominance, which lately she is starting to win.'

Haruka didn't mind too much. His wife was getting better at kissing.

Even though they have kissed many times already. Somehow he still feels self conscious. Whenever they kiss, Haruka keeps his eyes open because he wants to see her expression.

'She looks so pretty.' He truly loves this girl. He wants to be with her forever. 'Zane..' Whenever Haruka thought of the man, he felt very bitter. Why does he insist on taking him away from Lila?

After kissing intently for a few minutes, he noticed Lila lost her footing. So he carried her. Lila laughed as she buried her face in his neck. "This feels childish."

"Today you didn't want the princess carry."

"Mmm, I wanted to attack you from the back like this."

"I see."

"Could you put me down for a second?"

Haruka was confused but nodded. He looked around and found a few benches in a corner. He placed her down there and Lila immediately wrapped her arms around his neck. "Are you okay? You were making a strange face again."

His gaze softened when he realized she was worried about him. "Zane is too dangerous Lila. I'm afraid."

"I see." Lila nodded. "I can't tell you foolish things like it will be okay, or I can handle him. You're the only one who has experienced first hand how brutal he can be."

Brutal? That man is crazy. It isn't just brutal now. If it were merely brutal behaviour, then anybody who is stronger could handle Zane. But it isn't like that, Zane is crazy. "That guy has some screws loose in his head. What's right, and what's wrong. He doesn't know at all. What people consider as abnormal, he considers normal."

Haruka tried to describe it as vaguely as he could. But it seemed like his wife already understood.

"I don't think there is anybody in this world who is normal. I think we all have something that messes us up." Lila mumbled. "I don't know Zane, but I do know that once you go through something painful, it is hard for you to see things as normal. At a glance the world is a beautiful place. However, once something bad happens, you can no longer look at things the same way anymore."

Is she speaking about herself? Haruka couldn't miss her tone when she said go through something painful. He doesn't want her to have such a sad expression.

Haruka extended his hand out and placed his hand on her head. Honestly he has never done something like this before. In the past whenever he comforted her, he would use different methods.

To his surprise her cheeks suddenly turned red. Haruka looked at her puzzled. "Why are you turning red?"

Lila laughed. "Uh, I was thinking this is quite nice."

'This is nice? Me patting her head like this.'

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