Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1273

Chapter 1273 I Cant Remember The Number Of Women I Had Part One

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"Whats wrong?" Su Yue turned to face Ming Ansheng.

It was the second time he had called her by her full name. And she had no idea why her heart had skipped a beat when she heard him.

Ming Ansheng peered at the shirt he was wearing and he raised his eyebrows. "Am I wearing this to go out?"

"Go get changed," said Su Yue as she pushed Ming Ansheng with a sheepish smile.

Ming Ansheng could only retrace his footsteps with Su Yue pushing him, but he didnt let go of his grip on her wrist.

Su Yue had no choice but to follow Ming Ansheng to his room. She stopped and wanted to pull her hand away when they reached his room. But the next second, Ming Ansheng had pulled her right into his room.

Before Su Yue came, Ming Ansheng was sleeping. So the curtains in his room were drawn and his room was messy. The lights were dim and it made her heart race rapidly.

Her heart was pounding furiously as she scanned the room. She then glanced at Ming Ansheng who had a rather evil smile on his face. She was nervous yet filled with anticipation.

"Uncle Ming" Su Yue opened her mouth to call him.

The man put his hands around her waist suddenly and pushed her against the wall. His lips then swooped down on hers.

Su Yues dewy-looking eyes were huge with surprise and instinctively, she tried to struggle. Her mouth was slightly opened, and Ming Anshengs tongue seized the opportunity to enter deeper into hers.

Jiao Chen kissed her twice and Ming Ansheng kissed her once before. But this was the first time she was being kissed so deeply and passionately. Su Yue clenched her fingers tightly on Ming Anshengs shirt.

Ming Ansheng pressed his body closer to Su Yue, and how he wished their bodies could merge into one right now.

He was so in love with this silly yet adorable idiot so much.

He wouldnt mind even if she was silly and nave for the rest of her life. He really wouldnt mind.

It would be ideal.

Then she would always need his care and love.

Su Yues heart was pounding wildly against her chest and her cheeks were burning hot. She could feel Ming Anshengs breath getting louder, and she tightened her grip on his shirt.

She had no idea how she should respond to his kiss. All she knew was that she wanted to avoid his eyes.

It felt like a dream that she was finally together with Uncle Ming. She had overcome all her fears and her moral values.

Su Yue was just like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered before an experienced hunter like Ming Ansheng. In no time, she had sunk deeply into the kiss because of his expert technique. She closed her eyes.

"Silly girl, go out first."

Just as Su Yue was about to lose her consciousness, Ming Ansheng retreated. He whispered in her ear before retracting his arms.

He turned around determinedly towards the wardrobe.

If he wasnt determined enough, he might not be able to control himself. He couldnt do thatshe was still too young.

They had just gotten together and if he was too rash, she might get the wrong idea about him.

They will have plenty of time in the future.

Su Yue was trying to catch her breath as she gazed at Ming Ansheng. She responded and nodded as she placed her palms against the wall. She was perspiring profusely and she needed to cool herself down.

Ming Ansheng came out with a set of clothes and noticed Su Yue still standing there. He chuckled and quipped, "Why? You want to look at me while I change?"

If she wanted to, he wouldnt mind.

"No! No." Su Yue stammered as she violently shook her head. She turned around and fled.

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