Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1419 4

Chapter 1419 I Wont Let Go Of Your Hand Part Five

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Poor Young Master Ming had to work hard in bed at night since Su Yue refused to let him off. Then in the day, he would have to crack his brain.

But the most depressing thing was that he was being criticized for not being hardworking enough at night.

They swamped him with work the entire morning. During lunch, Ming Anshengs secretary knocked before entering his office.

"President, what would you like for lunch?"

The secretary stood a distance away as he politely asked.

Ming Ansheng didnt lift his head at all. "You can decide."

"Alright." The secretary nodded and turned around.

An idea struck Ming Ansheng and he spoke, "Wait a minute"

His secretary halted his footsteps and turned around with a smile. "President, is there anything else?"

Ming Ansheng looked at his secretary and cleared his throat. He coughed twice and pressed his lips together.

The secretary sized him up with a slightly puzzled look. After a while, when he still remained clammed up, the secretary prompted him, "President?"

"Go and check if there is there is" Ming Ansheng stammered as he was too embarrassed.

His secretary became a little anxious as he felt perplexed by his bosss behavior. "What do you need?"

"Soft-shelled turtle soup." A flush crept up from Ming Anshengs neck to his face although he maintained a stoic expression. "Check if there are any places which sell soft-shelled turtle soup."

A devious gleam flitted across his secretarys eyes but he stifled his laughter. "Alright, I got it."

Who was Ming Ansheng? He was so shrewd and observant, so he instantly knew what was on his secretarys mind.

"This matter"

His expression turned glum, and so his secretary suddenly interjected, "President, please be rest assured that I wont blabber."

Ming Ansheng was speechless.

F*ck. It was merely soft-shelled turtle soup.

It wasnt anything shameless or embarrassing.

He straightened his back and instructed his secretary. "Leave."

His secretary bowed before leaving the room.

Ming Ansheng hastily grabbed his cup and gulped down the water.

It was so embarrassing!

May the soft-shelled turtle soup work wonders!

The sound of the doorbell woke Su Yue up. She sleepily opened her eyes and glanced at the time. It was almost noon.

She scratched her head and flung the blanket away.

She lazily dragged her feet out of the room and opened the door.

It didnt surprise Su Yue to see a deliveryman at all. Ming Ansheng had ordered food for her for the past few days.

"Thank you."

Su Yue thanked the deliveryman and closed the door.

She placed the containers on the dining table and went to wash up.

Ding dong, ding dong!

Su Yue was about to brush her teeth when someone pressed the doorbell once again.

Who could it be?

She frowned and opened the bathroom door. As she strode to the door, she began to brush her teeth.

Su Yue received a shock when she opened the door.

She stared at the old man, feeling startled. After some time, she said, "Grandfather."

"Im not your grandfather. Miss Su, please note how you address me," Ming Zhongsheng replied in a cold and somber tone.

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