Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1521

Chapter 1521 Best Man And Bridesmaid Part Four

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Ming Ansheng bowed his head to watch the little girl. Her face was a little dirty, with sauce all over her face and mouth. He had a tender expression on his face as he softly declined, I dont want to eat.

Eat. Xiaojiao was adamant and she stomped her feet. She raised her arm once more.

She tried to tip-toe but she didnt balance herself well. She lost her footing and was about to fall backward.

Ming Ansheng bent and lifted the girl. Be careful.

The girl seized the opportunity to stuff the chicken wing into his mouth.

He was speechless

He couldnt describe what he was feeling.

The girl noticed that his mouth wasnt moving. So, she stretched her hand and stuffed the rest of the chicken wing that was hanging from his mouth. Its yummy.

She seemed to say thatThe chicken wing is nice, I didnt lie to you. You must eat.

Ming Ansheng grinned and he nodded. Thank you.

The girl leaned towards his chest and she smelled really nice. Her body was soft and plump.

His heart seemed to have melted.

Ming Ansheng glanced at the little girls face, and he couldnt resist the urge to get closer to her. He brushed the tip of his nose against her cheeks.

The little girl felt ticklish, so she giggled loudly.

The little girls laughter was as clear as a tinkling bell, and she was so innocent. Ming Ansheng couldnt help but tighten his arms around her. He fixed his eyes on her face as he asked, Where is your mommy?

Xiaojiao pursed her lips. Mommy ran away.

Ran away? Her reply puzzled Ming Ansheng. He put on a smile and asked, Then where is your daddy?

The moment he asked, he felt as though a rock had crushed his heart.

He felt suffocated.

He was carrying the child that Su Yue had bore with another man. They were abroad for four years and their child was already so big.

Yueyue was merely 22 years old this year.

Xiaojiao replied, Daddy is working. He will come in two more days.

She pouted when she mentioned her father and her eyes drooped.

Ming Ansheng pressed on, What is your name?

Xiaojiao answered, Xiaojiao.

Ming Ansheng asked again, Just Xiaojiao?

He wanted to know what the name of their daughter was. Was her name nice?

Su Jiao. Xiaojiao spread her arms and roared fiercely. Im born in the year of the fierce tiger. Are you afraid?

No matter how bitter or sorrowful Ming Ansheng was, he couldnt bear to dampen the mood of this innocent and adorable girl.

He nodded. Yeah, youre so awesome. Im afraid.

Listen to me, then I wont eat you. Xiaojiao tapped Ming Anshengs shoulders with her greasy hands.

She left a shiny stain on his exquisite tailor-made suit.

Zhou Shuang had already appeased Third Lu, and she turned around to look for Xiaojiao. She was rather startled to see Ming Ansheng carrying Xiaojiao.

She watched them quietly, and she didnt bear to interrupt such a blissful and harmonious scene.

The guests began to arrive, and she wanted to look for Xuxu. She strode towards Ming Ansheng.


She reached them and she stroked Xiaojiaos hair with a smile.

She glanced at Ming Ansheng.

Usually, when she met him, she would relentlessly tease him. But right now, she had no idea what she should say to him. She truly felt sorry for the man.

He was forced to break up with the two women he loved, and in the end, he still ended up alone.

His first love was gone and the woman he loved married another manthey even had a child.

She gave me her chicken wing. Ming Ansheng showed the chicken wing bone as if he were trying to explain to Zhou Shuang.

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