Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1550

Chapter 1550 Why Werent They Together? Part Three

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Yan Wenxin suddenly raised her head and innocently threw a question at Yan Rusheng and Xuxu.

She was still chewing the piece of beef that Yan Rusheng had cut for her.

Xuxu was speechless.

There were so many people around. This lass

She looked at Yan Wenxin with a disapproving look. She sternly warned, "Children shouldnt spew nonsense when they are eating."

On the contrary, that girl looked so innocent and nave.

"You cant give us brothers and sisters," she sternly remarked at Xuxu as a crease appeared in between her forehead.

Yan Weihong heard Yan Wenxins words, and he chuckled loudly. "Wenxin, its good to have a younger brother or sister. You will be an older sister to them."

Mu Li nodded and added, "Yeah. There will be someone for you to bully. Then you wont have to complain that youre always bullied by your brother."

Yan Wenxin snorted loudly and put down her fork. She pouted and loudly said, "You are lying to me! If I had a younger brother or sister, all of you wont like me anymore."

This four-year-old could enunciate quite clearly unless she tried to catch her breath while talking.

Yan Nuoxing, who sat beside her, gave her a thumbs up when he heard his sister.

He didnt want to have a younger brother or sister as well.

But he wasnt afraid that his younger siblings would steal his daddy and mommy. He was more afraid of them being a nuisance and crying all day longespecially girls.

Yan Wenxin was so annoying.

"Why would that happen?" Mu Li placed her chopsticks down and lifted Meowmeow to place her on her lap. She whispered, "No matter how many brothers or sisters you have, I will love you the most."

Xuxu cast Mu Li a disdainful look.


All grandparents hoped that they would have plenty of grandchildren. In fact, the more the merrier.

Yan Weihong and Mu Li kept seizing all sorts of opportunities to urge her and Yan Rusheng to have more children.

However, she wasnt the one against the idea. It was their son, alright?

"No, I dont want!" The little girl squirmed her body and protested profusely.

Daddy, mommy, grandmother, grandfather, and uncle were only allowed to dote on her and her brother.

Mu Li hastily coaxed her when she saw the girl throwing a tantrum. "Alright, alright. Lets eat first."

"Mommy, drink milk." Su Xiaojiao pushed the cup of milk towards Su Yue.

Su Yue received it and smiled. "Thank you, Xiaojiao."

Xuxu noticed them and decided to tease Xiaojiao. "Xiaojiao, I also want to drink."

"Aunt, you also have milk." Su Xiaojiao pointed at the cup in front of Xuxu.

"Xiaojiao, are you playing with Yanyan today?" Yan Wenxin asked as he looked at Xiaojiao.

"No." Xiaojiao pouted and she seemed upset. "She is bad."

It was as though she had quarreled with Yanyan.

What feud could children possibly have? Dont they all forget the next day?

Su Yue glanced at Su Xiaojiao and asked, "Why is Yanyan bad?"

Yan Wenxin cut across Su Xiaojiao. "Yesterday, Yanyan gave Xiaojiao poisoned wine."

"Poisoned wine?"

It bewildered everyone.

Yan Wenxin continued, "She forced Xiaojiao to drink but Xiaojiao didnt die."

What was she rambling about?

Xuxu and the rest couldnt understand a single word Yan Wenxin was saying.

Su Yue thought of something and it startled her.

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