Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 568

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Jiang Zhuoheng’s grandfather walked unhurriedly as he talked. “Xuxu is indeed a good girl. But no matter how good she is, she is already part of the Yans. You’ve tried your best, and I’m sure you have no regrets. A man cannot merely focus on relationships—you have heavier burdens to shoulder.”

The old man entered the house and Jiang Zhuoheng was left standing alone. What was left with him were his grandfather’s words.

In the cold wind, Jiang Zhuoheng’s body seemed to tremble a little after hearing his grandfather’s heartfelt words. His tightly clenched fists gradually loosened their grip.

“Wen Xuxu, where are you?”

Yan Rusheng arrived home expecting to see Xuxu. However, Aunt Zhang informed him she wasn’t home yet, and she had left the house with Su Yue this morning.

He guessed that Xuxu must have brought Su Yue out to play.

He didn’t take his shoes off when he stepped into the house earlier. After knowing that she wasn’t home, he immediately turned around and went back to his car. As he started the engine once again, he dialed Xuxu’s number.

“I’m in the office. Where have you been the entire day?”

Xuxu’s exhausted voice traveled from the other line.

Yan Rusheng replied, “Wait for me there.”

Xuxu frowned and felt gloomy when he abruptly ended the call. This fellow had disappeared without a trace for the entire day. Now, he sounded as if he was in such a hurry. What was going on?

He didn’t even give her a chance to talk.

After silently scolding him, Xuxu put down her cell phone. She casually glanced at the time and was startled.


It was already seven in the evening! She hastily dialed Ming Ansheng’s number.

“Hello, Young Master Ming. Sorry, work had me busy, and I lost track of time. Is Yueyue home yet?”

“Alright, I got it. I’ll come by your house with Yan Rusheng to fetch her later.”

She went to the pantry to get a cup of water and then went back to her desk. She couldn’t help but yawn a few times.

She had been busy with work the whole day, and it was only when Yan Rusheng called her over the phone that her work got disrupted. After that, she had already lost her focus and couldn’t seem to concentrate more on her work.

So she switched off her computer and tidied her desk. She took a nap on the couch while she waited for Yan Rusheng.

Within seconds, she fell asleep because of exhaustion.

“Go away…”

She grumbled with her eyes open. Xuxu had just fallen asleep when a kiss woke her up.

She shifted around with her back facing the intruder.

Yan Rusheng saw the side of her face, and the lazy smile on Xuxu’s lips drawn him in.

He couldn’t help himself and kissed her once more. “Wen Xuxu.”

His deep and gentle voice was alluring and seductive.

Xuxu couldn’t sleep peacefully, so she opened her eyes. She grumbled once more as she glared at him. “Where did you go? You disrupted my sleep the minute you got here.”

When she finished grumbling, she realized that Yan Rusheng’s lips were torn and there were scratches near his chin.

Her eyes widened in shock as she gingerly touched his face. She anxiously asked, “What happened to you? Did you fight with someone?”

He must have gotten into a brawl with someone.

Yan Rusheng grabbed Xuxu’s slender wrist instead. He gave a rather cheeky smile. “Dumb woman, I’ve already taught that jerk a lesson on your behalf.”

Xuxu frowned and looked confused. “What… who is the jerk?”

She then apprehensively asked, “You… did you fight with Jiang Zhuoheng?”

He had always treated Ah Heng as an eyesore and assumed that she had given up her studies abroad for Ah Heng.

But come to think of it, hadn’t he always assumed so? Why did he teach him a lesson today?

Did they have a gathering today and exchanged blows after a quarrel?

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