Elixir Supplier Chapter 174

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“The world of martial arts is really dangerous,” said Wang Yao with a smile.

“Yes, it is dangerous, but not to the general public,” said Zhou Xiong with a smile.

Wang Yao and Sang Guzi saw Zhou Wuyi together in the afternoon again. Zhou Wuyi’s condition was basically stable, and he shouldn’t have any new conditions anytime soon. However, his damaged and broken meridians needed to be addressed as soon as possible. Neither Wang Yao nor Sang Guzi could do anything about it.

“I can do nothing to repair his meridians at this stage,” said Wang Yao to Zhou Xiong and his father.

Since he couldn’t do more for Zhou Wuyi, there was no point for Wang Yao to continue staying at Cangzhou.

“I should go back to Lianshan,” said Wang Yao.

“Okay, I will arrange for people to drive you back,” said Zhou Xiong’s father without hesitation. “But, I’ve arranged dinner; how about leaving after dinner?”

“Sure, thanks,” said Wang Yao. He didn’t decline the invitation this time.

“Uncle, how can you allow him to leave?” said Zhou Ying to Zhou Xiong’s father after Wang Yao had left the living room.

“I understand you worry about your father. But it was us who invited him to come. He is our guest, and he has done his best to save your father. We shouldn’t stop him if he wants to go back. You’ve heard him just now that he can do nothing more to help your father, and Dr. Sang will not leave for now,” said Zhou Xiong’s father.

“I’m sorry, Uncle,” said Zhou Ying as he had calmed down.

“That’s fine. Stay here with your dad, and leave everything else to me tonight,” said Zhou Xiong’s father.

“Okay,” said Zhou Ying.

The dinner was not in a restaurant. Zhou Xiong’s father made dinner at home. In some places, inviting people for dinner at home could be considered informal or even stingy. But in other places, it was considered a special treat, as the guest was treated as a family member or a very close friend.

It was a rich dinner with ample food. Considering that it was Wang Yao’s first time visiting Cangzhou, Zhou Xiong’s family prepared some famous local foods for him.

It was a pleasant get-together.

After dinner, Both Wang Yao and Dr. Sang were going to leave. They were going in the same direction, so they went in the same car.

The car didn’t go very far before a strange sound was heard by the people inside. The car ran over something, causing it to lean to one side.

“What is going on?” asked Wang Yao.

“I think it is due to a flat tire. Let me go and check,” said the driver who pulled over. As soon as he got out of the car, he was knocked out and fell to the ground without making a sound.

No! Zhou Xiong knew something was wrong.

“Everyone stay in the car!” shouted Zhou Xiong as he got out of the car.

His voice was especially loud in the quiet night. He did that deliberately to ask for assistance. They were still in Zhou Village, so there were still villagers nearby.

Ding! Wang Yao heard several short and loud sounds.

Zhou Xiong knelt down to the ground. He had two wounds already, and blood was gushing out of them.

Crash! A window of the car was broken.

“Dr. Sang, please stay out of this,” said a hoarse voice.

“Yao, run whenever you can!” Dr. Sang took a few acupuncture needles out of his pocket.

What a coincidence! Wang Yao came across what he wanted to know about jianghu and the world of martial arts, but the dark side.

Wang Yao didn’t say anything. His Qi was running inside his body. He was using his mind to control his Qi.

As Wang Yao drank ancient spring water and practiced Natural Classics frequently, he was much fitter than most adults. His five senses were also extremely sharp. Plus, with the increasing Qi inside his body, his ability to feel and listen were extraordinary. He had heard the wind outside, the sound of leaves hitting the ground, and the breath from the two people who were just outside their car. One of them was on the left, and the other was on the right.

Wang Yao suddenly opened the door of the car.

He saw a flash of light.

It was actually a blade, a very sharp blade.

But Wang Yao saw the blade, and he punched out as powerful as gun fire.

Crack! Suddenly, there was a cracking sound, and a man flew out upside down.

It was a life or death situation; Wang Yao had to give it his best shot.

On the other side, Dr. Sang also took action. He waved his hand, and a number of fine silver needles flew out. People nearby could even hear the needles penetrating the air. Dr. Sang not only had fine medical skills but also was a Kung Fu master.

“Go!” shouted Dr. Sang.

Wang Yao got out of the car first. Whoosh! A person ran towards him. Wang Yao had to grab Dr. Sang behind him.

Wang Yao half squatted then used all his strength to jump out, like an arrow.


Wang Yao had a brief encounter with one of the assailants, and he felt the biting cold across his face. His hands pushed out at the same time.

Thwack! Wang Yao’s push was as powerful as a waterfall. A man groaned and flew out before landing heavily on the ground.

Internal martial arts?!

Dr. Sang, who stood nearby opened his eyes in shock. He didn’t expect Wang Yao, a young man with astonishing medical skills, to also be an internal martial arts master.

The man who got knocked down by Wang Yao threw something at Wang Yao immediately after he fell to the ground.

“Watch out!” shouted Dr. Sang anxiously.

Wang Yao dodged the attack. Ding! Ding! Something was pinned to the car. Wang Yao turned his head to take a look. By the time he turned his head back, the man had fled. The other man who was knocked down earlier by Wang Yao also wanted to escape, but he was hit by a stone thrown by Wang Yao.

“Dr. Sang, are you okay?” asked Wang Yao.

“I’m fine. I’m surprised that you are such a Kung Fu master!” said Dr. Sang.

“I just learned Kung Fu from someone a short while ago. I’m not a master yet. Please don’t tell anyone that I know Kung Fu.” Wang Yao didn’t expect that he could do such damage to the men attacking them.

After practicing Kung Fu for several months, it was the first time for Wang Yao to apply his Kung Fu skills in a critical, real-life fight.

“Don’t worry; I won’t tell anyone. Thank you for saving my life!” said Dr. Sang.

People from Zhou Xiong’s family arrived shortly. They were surprised to see the attacker lying on the ground.

“Are you okay, Dr. Sang, Dr. Wang?” said Zhou Xiong’s father. He didn’t expect his enemies were so bold, daring to attack his friends near his house.

“We are fine,” said Dr. Sang.

People from Zhou Xiong’s family took the injured attacker away. Zhou Xiong was injured by a blade at two different locations on his body. Fortunately, the blade didn’t reach his bones. The driver was knocked out by a big blow. He also had a fatal injury caused by the blade. Zhou Xiong’s father didn’t think he would live for long.

“Damn it!” said Zhou Xiong’s father. Everyone in Zhou Xiong’s family was angry.

Not only them, other people involved, such as Dr. Sang and Wang Yao were also angry. Dr. Sang had practiced medicine for years and helped a lot of people. He made friends with a lot of people who wanted to return the favor to him. He had some social connections with both government officials and their illegal counterparts. Those people even dared to attack him in Cangzhou. Big things were going to happen in the world of jianghu.

Of course, none of those things had anything to do with Wang Yao. He was sent away by Zhou Xiong’s family at night in case any accident was going to happen. He had a Kung Fu master as company for his safety.

Wang Yao didn’t return to Lianshan directly. He arrived at Huaicheng first, then changed cars to return to Lianshan.

He called Zhou Xiong to tell him that he had arrived at home safely.

“Sorry, I’m so sorry.” Zhou Xiong kept apologizing over the phone.

“Don’t worry about it.” What happened had happened. There was no point in apologizing over it.

Wang Yao really didn’t expect to come across an event like this, which he thought could only happen in novels and movies. Anyway, the trip to Cangzhou had changed many of his views.

There were too many mysteries in this world that he had no knowledge of. Maybe things he only heard of in legends were truly existing or happening.

Although Wang Yao had experienced danger during the trip, he also gained a lot.

I should go out more.

Because he was delayed by the event last night, it was lunch time when he arrived at home.

“Hey, you are back. Have you cured the patient?” asked Zhang Xiuying as soon as she saw her son.

“No, we only just saved his life,” said Wang Yao.

“Not bad. Go and wash your face; we are having lunch soon,” said Zhang Xiuying.

“Okay,” said Wang Yao.

Wang Yao’s father also asked about the patient Wang Yao had seen in Cangzhou. He nodded after hearing that the patient was out of danger for now.

Wang Yao chatted with his parents for a short while after lunch before returning to Nanshan hill. He documented everything he had experienced in Cangzhou in his notebook.

Such severe damage to the meridians should be considered a difficult-to-treat illness. Wang Yao had read quite a lot of descriptions of symptoms related to meridians in medical books. Clear and coherent meridians kept a person healthy.

If the human body was the earth, the meridians would be the rivers. Without the nurturing from the rivers, the land would dry out. If any of the running rivers were stopped at certain points or changed directions, horrible things could happen.

It was an extremely difficult task to disentangle and reconnect the broken meridians.

The patient’s condition was slightly similar to Zhou Wukang’s condition.

Wang Yao thought very hard of how to treat Zhou Ying’s father.

At the same time, inside a village in Cangzhou, which was thousands of miles away from Lianshan, a conversation was going on.

“I didn’t expect Dr. Wang to also be a Kung Fu master,” said Dr. Sang.

Dr. Sang was having a chat with Zhou Wuxing, Zhou Xiong’s father.

“Haha, talking about his Kung Fu, it is actually because of us,” said Zhou Wuxing with a smile.

“Really?” asked Dr. Sang.

“My son taught him Kung Fu,” said Zhou Wuxing.

“What? Xiong taught him?!” said Sang Guzi in surprise.

“Yes, my son started to teach him less than half a year ago,” said Zhou Wuxing.

“He could fight against other Kung Fu masters so easily in less than half a year?” Sang Guzi was shocked.

“Dr. Sang, he is a genius. I didn’t need to demonstrate twice most of the time. He progressed extremely fast, by leaps and bounds,” said Zhou Xiong, who witnessed Wang Yao’s progress in Lianshan when he was teaching Wang Yao.

“Look at him! I thought it would take at least ten years to be highly skilled in Kung Fu. He hasn’t even practiced for a year yet. There are really geniuses in this world!” cried Sang Guzi.

Wang Yao was not only a master in Chinese medicine but also a master in Kung Fu. Compared to Wang Yao, most people in their 20’s were so ordinary.

“He seems to be interested in Kung Fu very much,” said Zhou Wuxing.

“Yes, indeed,” said Zhou Xiong. He could feel Wang Yao’s passion in Kung Fu when he was in Lianshan.

“He has done us such a big favor in saving your uncle and Kang; we should express our gratitude. You mentioned before that he is not interested in money, so I want to give him something special. Now I know that he is interested in Kung Fu, I have an idea of what we should give him,” said Zhou Wuxing.

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