Elixir Supplier Chapter 175

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“A present? Dad, don’t tell me you are going to give him…!” said Zhou Xiong.

“Yes?” said Zhou Wuxing.

“It’s…”said Zhou Xiong.

“It’s just an antique book. We’ve known all the contents of that book, so we no longer need it. It will just sit there and do nothing. I think it’s better to give it to a person who will truly appreciate it,” said Zhou Wuxing. “You can bring the book to him when you’ve recovered from your injury.”

“Okay,” said Zhou Xiong.

Something was going on in Lianshan.

“Fenghua, are you going to deal with your brother? Your brother is having an affair with a woman!” said Wang Fenglei’s wife.

Wang Yao heard Wang Fenglei’s wife shouting even before stepping into his house. He pushed the door open and saw his uncle’s wife who rarely visited his house.

Wang Fenglei’s wife was a very plump woman, maybe a bit too plump. She dyed her hair to a gold color. She was shouting at Wang Yao’s father and went straight towards Wang Yao as soon as she saw him.

“Yao, is it you who introduced that woman to your uncle? He’s having an affair with a woman from his workplace. Do you know about it?” Wang Fenglei’s wife was shouting at Wang Yao. Her mouth was wide open, and she was she spat everywhere.


Wang Yao stepped backwards unconsciously and didn’t know what to say. It was like a thousandnoten thousands flies were humming around him.

He really wanted to lash out. But he didn’t. After all, she was his uncle’s wife.

Wang Fenglei’s wife went on and on without stopping for over one hour inside Wang Yao’s house. She didn’t even drink water! As if Wang Yao’s family asked his uncle to have an affair with a woman.

She eventually left, and Wang Yao felt the whole world become quiet afterwards.

Wang Yao’s father’s face was sullen.

“See? Your brother is really a piece of sh*t!” Zhang Xiuying was very angry.

Having dinner together with his family had always been a pleasant thing for Wang Yao, but not this time because of Wang Fenglei and his wife. Both of his parents’ faces were sullen. Both of them were upset.

Wang Yao left after a quick dinner. He didn’t say a word during dinner because he didn’t know what to say. He was not happy with his uncle either.

He asked someone to find a job for his uncle. It was an easy position with reasonable pay. He thought his uncle would settle into his position well and be a good worker and husband. He didn’t expect that his uncle would have an affair with someone at the workplace. Now, he had turned the family upside down as well as upset Wang Yao’s parents. Wang Yao couldn’t imagine what Tian Yuantu would think or do about it. After all, Tian Yuantu helped put his uncle in that position.

I shouldn’t have asked Tian Yuantu to find him a job, thought Wang Yao.

The next day, Wang Fenglei’s wife came again. Fortunately, Wang Yao’s parents were not at home. They went to Nanshan hill.

Wang Yao’s neighbor called his parents to notify them of the visit from Wang Fenglei’s wife. His parents decided not to go home until lunchtime. However, Wang Fenglei’s wife didn’t leave. She just waited and waited. Wang Yao actually admired her persistence.

Wang Yao’s parents decided to stay at Wang Yao’s cottage. They had a simple lunch and rested in the cottage.

“You won’t come back? Okay! I’ll go to the hill and find you!” murmured Wang Fenglei’s wife.

She decided to pay Wang Yao and his parents a visit on Nanshan hill.

She was such a persevering woman and troublemaker!

She went straight to Nanshan hill. She was so angry that she needed to vent her anger. She wanted to ask his husband’s elder brother and his whole family why they had been avoiding her. She wanted to ask them if they were going to step in or not.

Nanshan hill was just in front of her.

She could see Wang Yao’s cottage vaguely.

Woof! Woof! Woof! San Xian was barking.

Someone is here, thought Wang Yao.

He walked out of his cottage and was shocked by what he saw.

What the hell? She is here! Wang Yao could see Wang Fenglei’s wife from a distance.

He immediately initiated the hallucination embattlement.

Suddenly, all the entrances to the herbal field were blocked.

“Yao, what’s going on?” asked Zhang Xiuying as Wang Yao looked like he was on guard from a great danger.

“Nothing big, someone who is not supposed to be here just came,” said Wang Yao. “Stay here!”

“Who are you talking about?” asked Zhang Xiuying.

“Yao!” Wang Yao could hear Wang Fenglei’s wife from a distance.

Wang Yao’s parents immediately got who their son was talking about.

“Jesus! She is here?!” exclaimed Zhang Xiuying.

“What is going on?!” exclaimed Wang Fenglei’s wife.

She suddenly felt the trees in front of her started to move. The trees were running and whirling in front of her, making her dizzy.

Am I having an episode of vertigo? She shook her head hard.

“Wang Yao!” She opened her eyes and shouted towards the cottage, but no one came out. Her vertigo became worse.

“She is so pushy!” said Wang Yao’s mother.

Wang Yao’s parents thought Wang Fenglei’s wife would have left if they didn’t go home at lunchtime. They wanted to have a good chat about Wang Fenglei with her after she had calmed down, so they decided to allow some time for her to calm down. They knew it was Wang Fenglei’s fault, but they didn’t want him to divorce his wife. They were both in their 40’s. It wouldn’t benefit anything if they divorced. Wang Yao’s parents didn’t expect that Wang Fenglei’s wife would come to Nanshan hill.

“Leave her there; she will go when she’s exhausted,” said Wang Yao calmly.

Woof! Woof! Woof! Wang Yao’s calmness didn’t affect San Xian, who was barking outside.

Who is this woman? How dare you to behave atrociously here!

“Yao! I’m your uncle’s wife!” Wang Fenglei’s wife continued to shout outside. But the longer she shouted, the dizzier she got. She couldn’t even look at the trees in front of her.

After shouting for a while, she was tired and dizzy, and San Xian continued to bark fiercely.

No one is here?

She wanted to enter the herbal field to take a look, but she couldn’t find the entrance.

How does Wang Yao enter the herbal field? thought Wang Fenglei’s wife.

Hooah! It was a tiring trip for her. She sat outside the herbal field for a while, then stood up and left reluctantly.

She had another look at the herbal field before leaving. Suddenly, the trees started to shake again, and it was even worse than before. She felt the trees were also growing and shaking in the air.

Oh my god!

Wang Fenglei’s wife was shocked and fell to the ground. It took her awhile to be steady on her feet again. Her face turned white, and she didn’t dare to stay any longer. She hobbled along the path downhill.

“Did she leave?” asked Zhang Xiuying.

“I believe so,” said Wang Yao.

“She’s so annoying!” said Zhang Xiuying unhappily.

No family members would behave like this; only enemies would do something like this. To Zhang Xiuying, Wang Fenglei’s wife was not only shameless but also had no consideration of other people’s feelings.

“I hope she won’t go anywhere near our house again,” said Zhang Xiuying.

In fact, Zhang Xiuying worried too much. Wang Fenglei’s wife couldn’t even be steady on her feet after she left Nanshan hill. As soon as she had arrived at the foot of Nanshan hill, she started to vomit. It took her a long time to recover.

What is wrong with me?

She was a bit scared. The sudden change in her body made her suspicious of her health. She didn’t wait in front of Wang Yao’s house anymore. Instead, she left on her scooter. Of course, it was not over. She just needed a break.

“Hi, Xiuying, Fenglei’s wife was here this morning. She didn’t seem to be happy.” Wang Yao’s neighbor told Wang Yao’s parents out of kindness when they came back to the village.

“I see, thank you,” said Zhang Xiuying.

“You are welcome,” said Wang Yao’s neighbor.

Wang Yao didn’t leave Nanshan hill. He sat inside his cottage reading a scripture and looking at sunset through the window.

“San Xian, do you think I should make an herbal formula which could shut someone up?” said Wang Yao.

Woof! Woof! Woof!

I need ten more people’s recognition, and there are only seven days left. I need to go to Renhe clinic tomorrow.

The next day, Wang Yao left Nanshan hill early in the morning for Lianshan. His parents came to Nanshan hill early in the morning to avoid Wang Fenglei’s wife.

Wang Fenglei’s wife did look for trouble again. She didn’t go to Wang Yao’s house. Instead, she went to Wang Yao’s uncle’s workplace, Tian Yuantu’s Jiahui Group.

She wanted to enter the company but was stopped by the security guard. So, she made a big scene outside the company. Coincidentally, it was seen by Tian Yuantu inside his car. After Tian Yuantu had the knowledge of what had happened, he frowned. Normally, he was really against such kinds of things. If it hadn’t involved Wang Yao’s uncle, he would have dismissed the person immediately. But the involved person was Wang Yao’s relative which made it difficult for him to decide what to do.

Tian Yuantu didn’t step in. He asked the manager of the department where Wang Yao’s uncle worked to deal with the issue. Obviously, the whole thing had a negative impact on his company. Wang Fenglei’s wife eventually left reluctantly after seeing the arriving police car. But, he didn’t let the manager deal with Wang Fenglei.

“Hi, how come you are here today?” Pan Mei was surprised to see Wang Yao in Renhe Clinic. Normally, it was quite hard to invite Wang Yao to the clinic.

“I’m not too busy today, and I want to see as many patients as I can. Here I am. You are not happy to see me here?” asked Wang Yao.

“Of course I’m happy to see you. I would be happy if you to came here every day,” said Pan Mei with a smile. “I’ll get you some warm water.”

“Thank you, I can do it myself,” said Wang Yao.

“By the way, a woman came here to look for you several times when you were away. The one who argued with her brother on the phone the other day. Do you remember her?” asked Pan Mei.

“She argued with her brother because of her mother?” said Wang Yao.

“Yes. That’s her! She wanted us to notify her when you were here. She asked about you a few times. What do you think?” asked Pan Mei.

“You can tell her that I’m here today,” said Wang Yao. He had a deep impression of that strong-minded woman.

“Okay, I’ll call her now,” said Pan Mei.

That woman and her mother arrived at the clinic in less than 20 minutes.

“Hello, Dr. Wang,” said the woman in her 30’s. She looked fashionable and charming but worried at the same time.


The elderly woman standing next to her looked even more ill than the last time Wang Yao saw her. Her face was dark and grey. Her eyes also looked dark, and her breath was shallow.

“Hello ma’am, please sit down,” said Wang Yao.

“Please take a look at my mother,” said the woman in her 30’s.

“Didn’t you take your mother to the hospital after our last encounter?” asked Wang Yao.

“Yes, I took Mom to the hospital, but it didn’t work,” said the woman.

“I see. Ma’am, let me take your pulse,” said Wang Yao to the elderly woman.

After checking the elderly woman’s pulse, Wang Yao found the elderly woman’s health condition had gotten worse.

The Qi in her liver was blocked, the blood in her vessels didn’t run smoothly, and her internal organs were damaged.

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