Emperor Of Steel Chapter 749

Chapter 749: Advanced Demon 3

The Symphonia Kingdom troops, who succeeded in purifying the large Undead army, didn't have any time to rest.

"Get up! Wake up, all of you!"

"Hurry up already! You fools!"

Knights and soldiers, who were tired of the long and endless battles, fell asleep in the field itself. Officers and commanders approached them and waked them up.

"It hasn't even been 30 minutes, why are we being woken up!?"

"Ah, what is this?! Didn't they say they would give us a good rest after the operation?"

Dissatisfaction erupted from everywhere.

It wasn't like the commanders wanted to do it either. They were given orders.

"This isn't the time to sleep so leisurely! The operation isn't over yet!"

"2nd and 3rd squad, control the people of Libiya, and 4th to 7th squad, gather shovels and axes!"

"Move fast, you slugs! Hasn't Her Holiness relieved you of your fatigue!"

Their physical strain had been relieved, but the mental exhaustion was still there.

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