Empress Running Away With The Ball Chapter 979

Chapter 979: Taking a blow to the head

Empress Dowager Zhou felt her right eye twitching when she woke up.

When Su Jin came in to help her dress, her expression wasn’t right and her eyes kept dodging away. Empress Dowager Zhou immediately felt something was wrong.

“Su Jin, did something happen? Tell this widow, did something happen to the emperor?” Empress Dowageer Zhou’s voice suddenly became louder.

“No, no, it isn’t the emperor, it’s…..” Su Jin gritted her teeth before finally telling her what she had heard, “It’s the empress.”

“Empress? Something happened to her?” Empress Dowager Zhou’s heart fell down halfway, but it was still halfway stuck in her throat.

Su Jin kneeled down and reported in a choked up voice, “This servant has just received the news that yesterday night, the empress was bitten by a poisonous snake in the nuptial chambers and hasn’t awaken yet. It’s possible…..she might not keep her life.”

When she heard this news, her soul had flown away and her limbs turned numb, only coming back to her senses after a while.

Empress Dowager Zhou didn’t know that the empress was Chen Ning, but she knew. She had been worried all night, worried that it couldn’t be hidden. Once Empress Dowager Zhou found that the empress was Chen Ning, she would be filled with rage and punishment might fall onto her.

Who would have thought that after a night, before Empress Dowager Zhou learned the truth, she would receive this kind of heart breaking news.

She couldn’t help feeling bad for Chen Ning. Such a good girl, it wasn’t easy for her to finally marry the emperor, but before they even went to their nuptial chambers, it was unknown if she would live or die. She really felt bad for her.

“What!” Empress Dowager Zhou seemed like she was hit by a stick, becoming shocked. She didn’t even pay attention to the buddhism beads that fell out of her hands.

“Tell me again, what happened to the empress?” She grabbed Su Jin’s wrist as her voice trembled.

“The empress has been bitten by a snake. Doctor Zhang has already looked over the empress and said that this poison is very strong. He’s afraid…..that she can’t be saved.” Su Jin finished and she couldn’t hold it in anymore as tears came out while she gently sobbed.

“Can’t be saved? What about the emperor? Is the emperor fine? Was he bitten by the poisonous snake?”

“The emperor is fine, only the empress was bitten.”


Hearing this, Empress Dowager Zhou slowly let go of her wrist. She stood up and her two slender brows tightly knit together.

She only felt shock, she wasn’t hurt. After all, she only had good feelings for her son’s new bride and didn’t have any deep feelings for her.

“Why was there a poisonous snake in the nuptial chambers? Could it be all the eunuchs and maids in the emperor’s palace are useless? They can’t even keep snake and mice out of the emperor’s palace? They really deserve death! Send out this widow’s orders, all the servants of the Guan Yu Palace deserves death, not a single one will be left out!”

Empress Dowager Zhou angrily gave her order.

Su Jin was frightened. She looked up at Empress Dowager Zhou and her lips quivered, but she didn’t speak.

“If you have something to say, say it all at once, stop hesitating. What hasn’t this widow heard before and what hasn’t this widow withstood!” Empress Dowager Zhou impatiently reprimanded.

“Reporting to the Empress Dowager, that poisonous snake…..It didn’t crawl into the Guan Yu Palace, but rather……rather……rather it was sent in by the Eldest Princess!” Su Jin saw Empress Dowager Zhou’s expression and spoke in a soft voice.

“What! The Eldest Princess sent it in?”

Empress Dowager Zhou almost didn’t believe her ears.