Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King Is Wife Chapter 573

Chapter 573 The Ghost Kings Return Part 6

It wasnt a wonder why that bastard Wang Lin said that he would get back all of the medicinal plants sooner or later. It was due to King Chen doing some matters for the Ouyang family.

It was a joke that he kicked an iron panel1 for trying to curry favors with King Xuan

You should reflect on what you had done now. Our crown prince will announce on how to deal with you all soon. The jailer cast a cold gaze at Lin Xins paled face before he no longer looked at him a and left the jail.

There were some people that would forever be clueless as to who they shouldnt offend

Of course, Mu Ru Yue was naturally unaware about the matters at this side as she was currently busy trying to increase her alchemy proficiency. As for those people, they would be settled by Yi Shao Chen

There was a slender and tall figure standing at the summit of a mountain near the Kingdom of Ling Yun.

Three grandeurs of noble, charming and powerful could be felt from the man. His temperament would make people be unable to forget although he usually had a silver mask on his face, making it impossible to see his appearance.

What really made him be unable to be overlooked was the mans pair of alluring purple eyes. It was so beautiful that it seemed surreal. Yet, his eyes were sinisterly cold

It has already been a year

He didnt expect for so much time to pass.

He had solitarily barged into Realmless in order to increase his cultivation. Who knew that so much time had passed when it felt as though it was only a short moment. It was ,yet, great that the time flow in realmless was different from the Central Region. She at least wouldnt suffer too much waiting for him

He just needed to be the only one enduring these thoughts.

I hope I will be able to return to the continent before the Immortal Doctor Banquet begins.

A breeze blew past, making his hair to flutter along with it.

He raised his head slightly. It was as though he was reminiscing the girl that was unforgettable to him for his life and eternity, making his purple eyes to soften subconsciously.

A charming and captivating smile appeared beneath his mask.

Mu Er, wait for me

He looked afar as he mumbled that softly

When Mu Ru Yue had delivered the pills that could fill up a house before Ouyang Yun Jin a month later, he couldnt help but be dumbfounded as he looked astonishingly at the girl before him.

Lady Mu, did you refined all these pills in just a month?

She managed to refine a house-full of pills in just a short month. This would probably be an impossible feat for that alchemist in the Dongfang family

Thats right, Mu Ru Yue smiled faintly as she continued, This is a Energy Gathering pill that will assist in martial practitioners in being able to absorb energies rapidly. This is the First Emperor Pill. This is specially for people that has a rather poor innate talent or is unable to cultive. The consumer of this pill will instantly make them be able to breakthrough to the Xiantian Realm, but they will no longer be able to continue cultivating from then on. Moreover, this Divine Emperor Pill is a rank superior than the First Emperor Pill as it will enable practitioners that has a terrible innate talent to breakthrough to the Mystic realm, but they will similarly be unable to cultivate further. This Mystic Pill will allow martial practitioners at the Full Circle Xiantian realm to breakthrough to the Mystic realm. There is also this

Ouyang Yun Jins heart shuddered uncontrollably at each and every pill that Mu Ru Yue introduced. He was too shocked that he was speechless at the end.

He was really excited as with these pills, the power of the Ouyang family will definitely increase drastically

Lady Mu, I will promise you that the Ouyang family will be able to quickly suppress the Dongfang family really soon. Admiration surged in Ouyang Yun Jins eyes as he swore with resolution.

Alright, I will leave first.

Mu Ru Yue didnt say anything else before she just turned around and left the room

It had just turned noon.

Mu Ru Yue suddenly halted her steps in the bustling street of the Imperial City. Her gaze slowly darkened as she looked at the some people that had surrounded her.

1. It means to offend someone that he shouldnt have.
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