End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1203

Chapter 1203 Enough

The blood dissipated as the incantation was cast. The surroundings seemed to turn blood-colored and a terrifying Greater Devils shadow appeared in that bloody environment. Lin Yuns aura grew weaker and weaker, his power slowly decreased while Syudos and Enderfa couldnt keep resisting.

The silencing magic pattern already reached its limits, the Draconic Staffs radiance had blossomed to its peak and the Crystal Phoenix let out a mournful screech as it glared at the Greater Devil.

Since the battle reached this stage, Lin Yun knew that he was no match for Layford. That crazy guy actually dared to sacrifice his vitality to summon the power of a Greater Devil in order to issue a Death Curse.

And that Magic Tool was most likely made from a dead Devils head. Using the power of a Devil had a price, this was the rule set up by the Devils. No matter who it was, as long as they paid the price, they would have what they paid for.

Some weaker Devils once spread their faith in the mortal world. The soul of an ordinary person could be exchanged for the extraordinary mastery of some skill, but their lifespan would be limited to ten years. Ten years later, their soul would return to the Devil.

To a Devil, ten years was just like closing their eyes to rest for a moment. It was a very cost effective business.

And a mages vitality was a bargaining chip that no Devil could refuse. Some Greater Devils existences couldnt even be found in texts because the life they obtained through deals kept them alive for so long that they became forgotten.

The world of blood spread over a kilometer and the faint shadow of the Greater Devil could be seen waiting calmly. He was observing Layford and Lin Yun.

As the price, the Greater Devil would first take the vitality sacrificed by Layford, before taking Lin Yuns soul and vitality.

Profiting from both sides was the Devils creed, it was also the price for trading with a Devil.

The battle fluctuations had already been noticed by the Starry Sky College. They hadnt felt the need to interfere when it had only been a normal confrontation. These guys had some conflicts and needed to fight it out, its not like they needed to intervene.

Every villa was so far apart and every tree was used as a defensive mechanism for that reason.

But the fight got louder and bigger. Not only did they destroy many things, they also started fighting as if their lives depended on it, so the Starry Sky College had no other choice but to intervene.

"Sir Layford, Sir Mafa, please stay your hands."

An ashen-faced Griffin Rider flew over and his face turned even more unsightly when he saw the shadow of that bloody world.

Do those Jackson Family b*stards think that the Starry Sky College is their back garden? They actually dared to release such formidable power here and even used the power of a Devil.

F*ckers, they are openly trying to kill a guest of the Starry Sky College. Do they think that they can do as they wish because the Starry Sky College is magnanimous?

"Sir Layford, please stop now. This is the Starry Sky College, not the territory of your Jackson Family!"

The Griffin Rider issued another warning from midair, but Layford didnt acknowledge him and firmly stared at Lin Yun. His killing intent already transformed into some sort of dark gray grease floating around him.

"Sir Layford, if you dont stop, then I can only intervene!"

A huge Griffin flew over from a distance, followed by a dozen Griffin Riders, and two Heaven Rank powerhouses who were already rousing their mana fluctuations and aura. They were getting ready to act as long as Layford didnt stop.

Layford had a sinister expression as he raised his head to glance at the Griffin Rider in the sky.

"You loathsome guys had better f*ck off. This is none of your business. Dont blame me for not reminding you if you accidentally get killed."

Following Layfords words, the Greater Devil who kept looking at Lin Yun and Layford suddenly looked at the Griffin Rider squad in the sky.

In an instant, those huge Griffins felt as if they had met a predator and screamed in alarm before fleeing.

Layford grinned as he looked at Lin Yun.

"Mafa Merlin, you are dead. No one can save you now, those loathsome guys already left and all thats waiting for you is being pulled into Hell.

"This is the consequence of offending the Jackson Family. I want everyone to know about it!

"You can rest in peace, Ill quickly dispatch people to send the Merlin Family to accompany you"

Lin Yuns expression calmed down. He closed his eyes and his Natural Demiplane started shivering. A wisp of terrifying aura started appearing on Lin Yuns body.

At this time, a cold voice suddenly echoed from the depths of the Starry Sky College.

It sounded like a quiet sigh.


This quiet sigh didnt sound special, but it brought earth-shattering changes.

The surroundings seemed to change with that simple word and countless radiant runes floated in the air.

That blood-colored mirage instantly crumbled and the Greater Devils shadow angrily roared with unwillingness, before disappearing.

The dangerous aura emitted from Lin Yuns body was instantly soothed. The raging mana was instantly extinguished and Layfords flaring killing intent also dissipated.

Even the parts of his body that had turned into pitch-black bones recovered and the skull Magic Tool rapidly flew out of his face.

The mana fluctuations covering the battlefield were instantly smoothened, only leaving a breeze behind.

Lin Yuns strongest fighting state dissipated and he looked towards the depths of the Starry Sky College with a pale face and a shocked expression.

Law Power, this is truly Law Power. One word could change the surrounding Laws. This is a power ordinary Heaven Rank powerhouse cant master.

Even if the other side did it with the help of the array formations of the Starry Sky College, it still means one thing. The person who talked is at least a 5th Rank Heaven powerhouse.

If the other side hadnt intervened to stop this battle, Lin Yun would have been staking his life to fight the berserk Layford, who he wasnt a match for. Not only was he a dark curse mage, he was sacrificing his own life against the non-Heaven Rank Lin Yun. Moreover, his huge advantage just happened to be Lin Yuns weakness.

He couldnt defeat the other side, and even though he couldnt avoid defeat, the other side wanted his life, thus he was forced to stake his life.

But it looked like it was no longer needed.

Lin Yun stood on the ground with a pale expression. Half of his hair had turned snow white. Although his face was restored to its young state, the white hair couldnt recover. That was the proof of excessive vitality consumption.

Layford fearfully looked towards the depths of the Starry Sky College. Even if there was no aura, even if there was no sound, Layford knew that if he didnt respect the other sides decision, he would definitely be eliminated.

Someone able to control the huge array formations of the Starry Sky College had to be an influential powerhouse of the Starry Sky College. The Jackson Family wouldnt go against the Starry Sky College for a dead person if that kind of person eliminated him.

After glancing at the pitch-black skull Magic Tool in his hand, a painful expression flashed on Layfords face. The flickering scarlet radiance within the skull Magic Tool had already disappeared. This Magic Tool couldnt be used for the time being, it would take several days before it recovered.

On the other side, Raphaels battle had already ended. He had cut off one of his opponents arms. His opponent was currently on the ground with his severed arm frozen in ice. Raphael was also a bit pale, after all, he wasnt that much stronger than his opponent.

Layford attentively watched Lin Yun, his eyes filled with malicious intent.

Just a bit more, just a little bit more and that loathsome guy would have died As long as I got rid of Mafa Merlin, the Merlin Familys territory in the Raging Flame Plane would have belonged to our Jackson Family. The benefits they held would have definitely been better than the Familys benefits in the Odin Kingdom.

Its all because those old immortal b*stards of the Starry Sky College intervened. I cant believe they actually got involved in this matter. That Mafa Merlin is only a country bumpkin of the Andlusa Kingdom. Why did they help him?

Damned b*stards

"Mafa Merlin, you are quite lucky, but dont think that this matter is over. Our Jackson Family also has the right to join the alchemist gathering in a week. When the time comes, youll learn the consequences of offending our Jackson Family.

"Youd best obediently give up all your territories in the Raging Flame Plane to our Jackson Family, as well as those Raging Flame Beastmen you captured. Give them all to us and Ill be generous enough to let you survive and let your Merlin Family continue to exist.

"If you dont, you wont be the only one going to Hell, all of the Merlins will accompany you to Hell!"

Layford looked malicious and unwilling. He wanted to make a move, but he didnt dare to. In the distance, the Griffins that had been scared away had been calmed down by the Griffin Riders and were flying back. The enraged Griffin Riders were no longer planning on being polite.

Layford carried the unconscious White and flew away with the other mage of the Jackson Family.

The Griffin Riders returned. The leaders face was dark as he landed on the ground. He looked at the pale Lin Yun, and his half snow white hair, with admiration.

"Sir Mafa Merlin, are you okay? We are deeply sorry that this happened in the Starry Sky College.

"But, to tell the truth, that arrogant Layford isnt someone we can keep in check. That Jackson b*stard is known for being domineering. If not because a powerhouse within the depths of the college intervened, that guy would have definitely dared to get rid of us"

The captain, and the rest of the riders, were all looking at Lin Yun with shock and admiration. He clearly wasnt a Heaven Rank powerhouse, yet he was able to tie with a 2nd Rank Heaven Mage. And even when his opponent went all-out, he managed to barely survive.

A dark curse mage cursing a powerhouse that had yet to reach the Heaven Rank and couldnt use Extraordinary Power to defend themselves was no different from crushing an ant.

Lin Yun drank a bottle of Life Potion. The surging vitality poured in his body and kept nourishing it, restoring the consumed vitality.

"Its fine, can I trouble you to find another living place for me?"

The captain sighed in relief. If Lin Yun pursued this matter, the reputation of the Starry Sky College would sink. After all, the target of the attack had been an Artisan. If it spread that an invited Artisan was brazenly attacked within the Starry Sky Colleges territory, how could they keep conducting their alchemist gatherings

"Sir Mafa Merlin, we really feel sullen about what happened, but we really cant get involved" The captain had a pained expression. The surrounding Griffin Riders also had sullen expressions.

The Griffin Riders represented the Starry Sky College in patrolling Neverwinter City. But to the Heaven Rank powerhouses, especially the non-ordinary Heaven Rank powerhouses, it was extremely difficult for them to hold them accountable as long as they didnt attack the Starry Sky College. These people wouldnt even pay attention to the Griffin Riders.

Lin Yun didnt make things difficult for the Griffin Riders and just requested another villa.

Once they arrived before it, he didnt care about the defenses and directly entered.

This time, the Griffin Riders had used their authority to move Lin Yun to the area closest to the college. As long as a battle happened there, Heaven Rank powerhouses would rush over within ten seconds. The dense array formations within the Starry Sky College couldnt stop the spread of battle fluctuations.

After entering, Lin Yun immediately entered his Natural Demiplane.

Just as he entered his Demiplane, Xiuban let out a startled shout.

"Sir Merlin, how come half of your hair is white?"

Lin Yun didnt answer and just shook his head before entering his laboratory to refine potions.

Outside, coldness flickered on Reinas face. The idiot Xiuban might not have noticed, but how could she not?

One of the Beastman Ancestor Souls had a shocked expression.

"He has been cursed, and its a terrifying curse. A huge amount of vitality has been consumed in a very short time. This is really terrifying. There is actually a curse mage that dared to provoke this guy"

Xiuban loudly shouted that he wanted to tear that b*stard apart while Lin Yun already started compounding potions.

It looked like he had been able to stand his ground in that battle, but in reality, he was no match for Layford. The best outcome that could have happened within ten minutes was for both sides to suffer. After ten minutes, Lin Yuns strength would have sharply plummeted and his magic path would have no longer become perfect. He would have needed a very long time to mend it and could have only thought about advancing to the Heaven Rank once it was perfect again.

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