Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 181

She spoke boldly and confidently, and the crowd Didn't know if they should laugh or cry.

Treating them using someone else's money?

Only Mu Xiaoxiao was capable of such a thing!

Song Shijun was the first to voice his disagreement. He argued, "Great Mistress Mu, you can't possibly do that!"

Surprisingly, Great Master Yin, the owner of the wallet, glared at him and asked, "Do you have a problem with it?"

Song Shijun backed down instantly, his attitude obsequious as he shook his hands and head. "It's no problem, no problem at all; why should it be a problem?" he said.

He made eyes at the others, pleading for them to say something to help him out.

However, no one dared to oppose the Great Master Yin.

They would only do so if they had a death wish!

Thus, no one spoke, all of them pretending to admire the scenery around them.

Just then, Mu Xiaoxiao said, smiling, "Alright, I'll just treat you if you insist on it. I don't really have cash, so a card will do just fine, right?"

She rummaged through her satchel as she said this and took out her wallet. She picked out a black card from the wallet and placed it on the table.

Song Shijun's eyes widened at the sight of the card. His finger trembled as he pointed at it.

"You Xiaoxiao, this card of yours! Let me see it!"

Even though Xiaoxiao felt like he was acting weird, she still passed the card to him.

Song Shijun scrutinized the card all over as though he was trying to examine every single detail on it before turning towards Yin Shaojie.

Great Master Yin was smirking at him.

Seeing his weird expression, Mu Xiaoxiao asked uncomprehendingly, "What's up with this card?"

Han Qiqing smiled suddenly. "He's got it! That's Yin Shaojie's supplementary card, right?"

Mu Xiaoxiao nodded. "Yep."

Song Shijun's eyes sparkled as he cradled the card in his hands. "Great Mistress Mu! This is the limited edition black card! There are only four of them in all of City A!"

It was common sense as to who owned the four cards.

The Big Four families each possessed one card. Only one.

It was natural that no one else could thus get their hands on them.

However, Mu Xiaoxiao was oblivious to this. "Isn't it just a black card? My dad has one too!"

What's so surprising about this anyway? Why was he, the son of a mayor, acting as though he had never seen one in his life before?

Song Shijun looked at her and said agitatedly, "It's different, okay?! This black card is no ordinary black card! Aish, you wouldn't understand."

Indeed, Mu Xiaoxiao didn't understand what he was trying to say.

She had seen Yin Shaojie's black card before, and it looked exactly like her dad's. There didn't seem to be a difference.

Song Shijun returned the card to him and said ruefully to Yin Shaojie, "Great Master Yin, why do you pamper her so much? You've even given your supplementary card to her."

Mu Xiaoxiao glared at him in displeasure. "So what if he's given it to me? Do you have a problem with that?"

Humph! It wasn't his business that Yin Shaojie had given the card to her willingly for her use!

Song Shijun glanced at the Great Master Yin and said awkwardly, "I wouldn't dare to have a problem with that"

Boohoo, he was so envious!

As the meal drew to an end, Mu Xiaoxiao began to get drowsy. Her head was slanted at an angle, and she was nodding off.

Yin Shaojie righted her head and let her lean on his shoulder. "This girl's tired; I'm going to carry her up," he announced to the rest.

Standing up, he lifted her up by her waist gently and walked out of the room.

When they had left the room, the rest of the crowd looked at each other. Song Shijun turned to the person beside him and asked, "Hey, have you ever seen Great Master Yin treat any of his girlfriends so gently and considerately?"

Han Qiqing rolled her eyes when she heard what he had said. She gave a meaningful smile as she said, "Are those people even a match for Xiaoxiao?"

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