Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 418

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The next morning.

Yin Shaojie, who was lying on the bed, heard some movements and suddenly woke up.

He looked down from the bed and saw that the helper was carrying the woman out.

Mu Zhengbo glanced at the woman and turned his eyes back to Yin Shaojie. He snorted and said, “That was pretty heavy-handed.”

Seeing that the woman was still in a coma after the whole night, it was apparent that Yin Shaojie had dealt her quite a heavy hand last night.

Given Yin Shaojie’s skill, he should have already held back his force.


Mu Zhengbo’s eyes were filled with admiration of how Yin Shaojie could just take away the woman’s life in a single stroke.

He looked at Yin Shaojie and said, “Since you’re up, come and have breakfast then. Xiaoxiao should be waking up soon.”

“Yes, Father-in-law.” Yin Shaojie shouted confidently this time as he sat up from the bed, smiling proudly.

Although his shirt was messy, it contrasted with his wild and imposing manner, his every gesture like that of a king.

“Okay.” Mu Zhengbo wore a smile, actually responding to him before he turned around and walked out.

Behind him, Butler Qi was all smiles as he looked at Yin Shaojie and said, “Young Master Jie, your toiletries have already been prepared. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

Yin Shaojie lifted the blanket and got down off the bed.

He looked down at his clothes that were practically wrinkled in a bunch. It reminded him of what happened last night, and it was a pain in his sight.

“Uncle Qi, help me find some clothes to change out of, thank you.”

Butler Qi gestured to the helper behind him, and he said with a smile, “Master had already informed us to prepare them.”

The two helpers came over. One of them carrying his clothes and the other was carrying his new toiletries.

Without waiting for Yin Shaojie to ask, Butler Qi said, “You can use the toilet in the next room.”

“Well, thank you Uncle Qi,” Yin Shaojie said as he nodded before heading out.

The two helpers then carried the things as they followed him.

About ten minutes later.

Yin Shaojie had put on clean clothes, and he came out from the guest room.

A helper waited at the door and bowed reverently, and he said, “Young Master Jie, this way please.”

Yin Shaojie looked at the helper and asked, “Where is Miss? Has she woken up?”

The helper smiled and answered, “Miss is still not awake, but Lisa has already gone to wait for her at her door.”

“Where is Miss’s room?” Yin Shaojie did not walk toward the stairs but walked further down instead.

He guessed that the Mu Xiaoxiao’s room should be there.

The helper was startled. “Miss’s room… is just after a right turn in front.”

“Okay, you go can go back to your work. You don’t need to follow me.”

Sure enough, it was just as he had guessed.

Yin Shaojie smiled delightfully, feeling as if he had an inexplicable telepathic connection with Mu Xiaoxiao. It was as if he would be able to find Mu Xiaoxiao’s room even if the helper did not tell him.

Although Yin Shaojie had been to Mu Xiaoxiao’s room last night, the Mu’s villa was just too big and was just like a castle. Moreover, he had been taken consecutively to a few rooms last night where the average person would have already gotten lost.

The reason why the butler had helpers waiting on Yin Shaojie was to show him the way around.

The helper was hesitant. After all, this was the order given to him by the butler. However, given the stern and imposing look of Yin Shaojie, the helper didn’t dare to continue following him.

Yin Shaojie continued walking for a while before successfully finding Mu Xiaoxiao’s room.

At the door was standing the helper who had brought clothes for her. Clearly, it was Mu Xiaoxiao’s personal helper.

Seeing the appearance of the handsome Yin Shaojie, Lisa was startled for a moment.

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