Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 419

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Coming back to her senses, she bent down ceremonially and said, “Young Master Jie, good morning. Miss is still sleeping…”

Before she could finish speaking, Yin Shaojie had walked past her and pushed the door open.

“Young Master Jie!” Lisa called out anxiously, attempting to stop him from entering.

Yin Shaojie placed his slender finger on his sexy thin lips and made a shush gesture to her. He then smiled and said in a magnetic voice, “Don’t come in.”

Lisa was rooted to the ground, startled. The moment felt as if he had cast a spell on her with his voice, and she could only stare blankly at his handsome face.

The tall Yin Shaojie went straight toward the bedside.

On the large pink bed laid a sleeping beauty, still sleeping soundly.

Yin Shaojie was leaned forward against the side of the bed, and his dark eyes were fixated upon Mu Xiaoxiao.

He remembered the torment he had suffered last night, and his eyes seemed to flash with a demonic light.

He reached out his hand and squeezed Mu Xiaoxiao’s nose, and he groaned like a tyrant. “Little pig, you sure are sleeping well. I was tormented to death last night.”


Mu Xiaoxiao could not stand the disturbance, as she wrinkled her nose and waved her hand, attempting to swat away the fly that was disturbing her sleep.

Yin Shaojie suddenly acted with playfulness as he sat up on the bed, both hands pinching her cheeks on both sides.

The delicate and tender cheeks felt like jelly, soft and bouncy.

Mu Xiaoxiao felt uncomfortable, and she was finally awakened.

Her long, curled eyelashes fluttered like a butterfly wing ready to fly.

When Mu Xiaoxiao opened her eyes, something covered her mouth before she had the chance to make out what was happening.


She was shocked, and her eyes widened instantly.

Right in front of her was the close up of Yin Shaohao handsome face. Under the clear sunlight, his devilish handsomeness was like that of the god Apollo, so good-looking that it could take one’s breath away.

She then calmed down from the shock.

What a bastard! Why would he scare her so early in the morning!

Mu Xiaoxiao raised her little hand and beat on his chest.

Seeing that Mu Xiaoxiao was awake, Yin Shaojie smiled naughtily.

He slightly relaxed the pinching on her cheeks, loosening her little mouth, and in a low voice, he commanded her, “Xiaoxiao, touch me.”

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