Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 420

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Mu Xiaoxiao snapped out of it, but she then found herself lost in his eyes.

His eyes were as deep as the night sky, and it was easy to become absorbed upon looking into them.

Her face had become slightly hot, perhaps because she could sense his affection toward her.

Being so close to him, her breath was filled with his manly scent that wouldn’t dissipate.

This guy… So early in the morning…

She didn’t know what to do with him.

Knowing him for so many years ever since she was young, she had never known that he was this kind of a person.

However, she felt reluctant to disappoint the anticipation in him that could be seen from his eyes. Thus, despite her bashfulness, she did not retract her hand, but she hugged him tightly instead.

She nervously opened her small palm and placed it on his chest. Beneath her palm, his heart was beating rapidly and strongly.

The frequency of his heartbeat was like the beating of the drum.

Yin Shaojie felt that no matter how near to him she was, it wouldn’t be enough for him.

Although Mu Xiaoxiao’s movements were very awkward, Yin Shaojie was feeling her in his embrace, and her skin was exquisite and fragrant. It was too wonderful for words, and he became absorbed in it.

His desire was like a large hole. It could even be compared to a black hole that couldn’t be filled. And he couldn’t have enough of it.

The effects of the drug from last night had clearly gone away. But in that moment, he was feeling a fire in his body just like how he had felt last night, and he desperately needed her to quench that fire in him.

Lisa stood at the door, her body rigid and her face turning red as she watched the situation inside.

She couldn’t to go in and stop them, nor could she just stand and do nothing. It was truly awkward.

But was she just going to continue watching like this?

Well, of course, she couldn’t do that too.

Just at this moment, Yin Shaojie seemed to have become oblivious to the people around him. Not only did he not realize that Lisa was present, but he had gotten even hornier.

Mu Xiaoxiao glared at him and said, “Hey, Jie… What are you doing?”

Has he had enough? Seriously!

She thought that he just wanted to flirt with her lightly with just kisses, and she had not expected that he would be making further advances at her.

Just as expected, this guy simply doesn’t understand what it means to ‘stop when you are ahead.’

Evidently, the only idiom in his dictionary is ‘to take a foot when given an inch.’

Even though it was clear that the two had feelings for each other, Mu Xiaoxiao felt that it was going too fast. She wasn’t ready for it!

It was fine if he had stopped at kissing her.

But how could he just skip all the process and go straight to home base?

Yin Shaojie met her eyes, and his good-looking face suddenly drooped. The usual unfettered and bossy handsome face of his became wretched as he stared at her pitifully.

“Wifey, I feel so uncomfortable…”

Though Mu Xiaoxiao was criticizing him inside, her face was red and her heart was beating faster, and she couldn’t help but go soft on him.

She asked, “What’s… the matter?”

Yin Shaojie made a pitiful utterance and said with a whimper, “I’m uncomfortable… Xiaoxiao, wifey. I’m uncomfortable… so uncomfortable…”

At first, she thought he was only pretending, but after looking into his eyes, she felt instead that it didn’t seem like he was pretending.

Sigh. So is he pretending or not!

She was hoping that he was actually pretending.

But… he really seems like he is uncomfortable.

If this is an act, then his acting is just too good.

Seeing his deeply wrinkled brows and the uncomfortable expression that seemed to be calling for help, Mu Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but become worried as she asked again, “What’s the matter? Tell me. If you don’t tell me… how can I help you?”

Not thinking before she spoke, she immediately regretted it.

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