Eternal Reverence Chapter 190

Just as Li Fuchen expected, that Heaven Realm demon dao martial artist targeted him first.

As for the rest of the Earth Realm martial artists, he would just simply send out an attack and wouldnt even bother checking if it was a hit or a miss.

Heaven Realm martial artists could fly at extreme speeds that matched a cla.s.s 3 aerial type demonic beast or spirit beast.

Without any effort, he caught up to Li Fuchen.

"This junior. What speed you have You must be a gold cla.s.s direct disciple! I wonder how it would feel like to kill a gold cla.s.s direct disciple?" Ardent Mountain laughed loudly. He flicked his finger and sent a shot of finger force at Li Fuchen.

(TL note: It appears that Heaven Realm demon dao martial artists are given nicknames instead: Elder Scorpion, Blood Owl, Ardent Mountain)


A huge crater was blasted into the surface of the ground as Li Fuchen dodged even before the qi force could hit.

"Sharp senses, worthy of the gold cla.s.s direct disciple t.i.tle."

Ardent Mountain consecutively shot out qi forces with simple flicks of his finger.

Pfff, pfff, pfff, pfff

Numerous craters opened up on the surface of the ground. Pushing the Wind Shadow Steps and Shadowless Leg to the extreme, his body was all over the place, to the left, right, up, and down. It felt like his entire body had lost its center of gravity and he could change his speed and direction whenever he pleased.

Other than that, Li Fuchens mental concentration was at the a level where he has never gone before. There were times before Ardent Mountain even flicked his finger, that Li Fuchen could already predict the trajectory of the attack.


Ardent Mountain was surprised. If it was only dodging one or two of his attacks, it was still acceptable. But it wasnt logical to be able to dodge all of his attacks.

"Lets see how you dodge this time."

Ardent Mountain retrieved a weapon from his storage bag. This weapon was the Blasting Mountain Hammer. The hammerhead of the Blasting Mountain Hammer was about half the size of a millstone. It was forged from an absurdly heavy mystic cla.s.s, low-tier ore, Black Mountain ore. It weighed 2400 kg. Dont even talk about pouring qi into the weapon; even without pouring qi into it, a single smash from the hammer was enough to crush the ground and blast anything into smithereens.

"You shall die!"

As the hammer descended, the energy of heaven and earth shuddered. The ma.s.sive shadow of the hammer shrouded Li Fuchen, as though a small mountain came crashing down upon him.


The hairs on Li Fuchens body all stood up straight, every inch of his flesh was screaming. It was a natural reaction of the body.

With the Divine Movement Leg activated, Li Fuchen turned into a shadowless void and dashed out. His speed could only be described as a freakish.


The hammer crashed onto the ground about ten meters behind Li Fuchen. The solid surface of the ground was transformed into the surface of water as a wave of soil unfurled.

For a moment, Li Fuchen felt like the heaven and earth was about to collapse. He lost control of his body and like a bundle of straw, was blasted off by the strong impact shockwave.


Ploughing into the ground, Li Fuchen looked pale after throwing up a mouthful of blood.

The hammer crash was too daunting, just a mere shockwave could cause serious injuries to Li Fuchen. Had it not been for his competent physical attributes, this shockwave would have blown him into smithereens.

"Go ahead and dodge! Why are you not dodging?"

Ardent Mountain raised his hammer up high and intended to smash Li Fuchen into a b.l.o.o.d.y mess.

"Presumptuous demon dao evil-doer! All of them deserves death! Kill them all!"

In the skies, three shadows flew over.

There were three Heaven Realm martial artists. To have such quick reinforcements, especially Heaven Realm martial artists, would mean that they were the three commanders from the sixth branch.

One of the commanders drew his treasure sword, a waterfall like sword qi crash towards Ardent Mountain.


Sparks burst forth as Ardent Mountain was repelled.

The other two branch commanders followed up closely and each slashed at Ardent Mountain.

Ardent Mountain let out a grunt. He seemingly suffered quite a serious injury and quickly retreated.

"The members from the sixth branch are rushing over, you can take your time to recuperate." One of the branch commanders recognised Li Fuchen and sent him a message.

Li Fuchen nodded. He has suffered some grievous wounds that needed to be attended to immediately.

When retrieving a recuperation pill from his storage bag, Li Fuchen could feel his wounds throbbing. He then quickly consumed the pill.

This was a mystic cla.s.s, low-tier recuperation pill. It costs 100,000 contribution points. Li Fuchen didn't expect it to be put to use so quickly.

A yellow cla.s.s peak-tier or half mystic cla.s.s recuperation pill already had quite an amazing effect, but it wasn't as fast acting or effective as a mystic cla.s.s, low-tier recuperation pill

A mystic cla.s.s, low-tier pill is worthy of its value. In just 15 minutes, Li Fuchen's injuries had recovered to about 30% or 40%. His ruptured organs, flesh, and bones were recovering quickly.

When his body condition was back to about 50% of its original state, Li Fuchen stood up.

He didn't need to revolve his qi to recuperate anymore. The rest of the medicinal effects would automatically recover his injuries.

"This is why it is useful to have more contribution points. 100 thousand points was spent just like that."

The amount of contribution points that Li Fuchen had left was currently around 7 million points. He used a portion of his contribution points to redeem various items like the Thunder Blast Bombs, mystic cla.s.s pills, and even his previous cla.s.s 3 high-tier demonic beast pelt armor had been upgraded to a cla.s.s 4 mid-tier demonic beast pelt armor.

As the grade of the demonic beast pelt armor rose, its value would rise astronomically. A cla.s.s 1 pelt armor went for a few dozen gold coins, cla.s.s 2 pelt armor costs a few hundred gold coins, cla.s.s 3 pelt armors ranged from thousands to a tens of thousands gold coins. But a cla.s.s 4 pelt armor would start from 100 thousand gold coins, which was around 50 thousand contribution points.

Li Fuchen's was equipped with a cla.s.s 4 mid-tier demonic beast pelt which costed him around 150 thousand contribution points.

In addition to this purchase, Li Fuchen bought plenty of other times, which was why he ended up spending quite a bit of his contribution points.

Of course, most of the points were used to redeem pills like, antidotes, recuperation pills, and cultivation a.s.sisting pills. Just the redemption of pills took up around 2 million contribution points.

But Li Fuchen didn't felt that it was a pity to spend so much.

After all, there was nothing else that was more important than one's own life.

Without life, it was useless to possess any amount of contribution points.

The fifth and sixth branches were of the closest proximity to the seventh branch.

Just as Li Fuchen hesitated on whether he should return to battle or not, another three Heaven Realm martial artists joined the battle in the skies.

"Go back."

Taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen turned back and headed towards the battlefield.

With the a.s.sault from the Devil's Hand Guild headquarters, there wouldn't be just Heaven Realm martial artists, there would definitely be Earth Realm and Origin Realm fighters joining in the fray too.

When Li Fuchen returned to the battlefield, it was already an awfully chaotic rumpus.

In the skies above, the seventh branch commander was the only survivor. Luckily the sixth and fifth branch commanders hurried over. As for the Devil's Hand Guild side, their Heaven Realm martial artists increased from the previous five to the current eight.

The situation was still unfavourable for the Divine Wind Faction.

On the surface, the Devil's Hand Guild members were crawling all over and slaughtering the remnants of the seventh branch.

Li Fuchen saw the back of Emotionless Sword Xue Feng.

Xue Feng combated bravely and fiercely. Being injured, he fought fought three peak stage Earth Realm martial artists single handedly. Although he was at an absolute disadvantage, he was still temporary not under any life threatening risks.


Li Fuchen didn't hesitate and joined the battle.

All formidable individuals were grown from the results of continuous fights and battles. Since the Heaven Realm martial artists weren't targeting him, why should he fear these Earth Realm fighters?

When Li Fuchen joined the battle, it didn't have a huge impact on the overall battle.

It was lucky that the battlefield was large enough, extending to about 8 miles wide. If not, when Li Fuchen entered the battle, it would have attracted some attention from the higher leveled experts from the Devil's Hand Guild.

After an hour, the seventh branch members were almost wiped out. Xue Feng, Li Fuchen, and the rest retreated as they prolonged the battle, extending the entire battlefield and making it even more s.p.a.cious.

"Demon dao evil-doers! How dare you brazenly attack in the open in our Azure Water region. Have no mercy!"

Finally, the sixth branch members arrived at the battle.

When the scout of the seventh branch knew that the Devil's Hand Guild was invading, they sent out the signal flare and relayed the information to the other scouts, which was how the information got relayed so quickly.

In just a few hours time, the entire sixth branch was here to provide reinforcements.

Luckily the distance between the faction branches weren't too far, which was how they were able to provide reinforcements so swiftly. If not, the entire seventh branch would have already been eradicated.

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