Eternal Reverence Chapter 191

2 hours later, the members from fifth branch had arrived as well.

With the combined reinforcement from the two faction branches, they managed to temporary hold off the a.s.sault of the Devils Hand Guild.

To Xue Feng and Li Fuchen, this was the ideal scenario for them. The two of them were the elite amongst prodigies and were excellent at grasping their timing. Everytime they made a move, it would minimally take one life.

This was something even people with a better combat ability than them may not be able to achieve.

A pity that the Devils Hand Guild had an overwhelming advantage in numbers. They had almost twice the manpower that of the combined forces of the two faction branches. The sixth and fifth branches had no choice but to constantly fall back.

"One more kill is better than none."

Li Fuchens injuries had now recovered to 80%. The mystic cla.s.s, low-tier recuperation pill truly was extremely potent; it was still nourishing his body as he fought.


His black gold sword danced as it pierced the heart of another Earth Realm demon dao martial artist in a single thrust.

Up till now, about a dozen enemies had died under his hands.

On the other side, Xue Feng had already killed at least two dozens of enemies.

Except for enemies that were at the 9th level or peak stage of the Earth Realm, no other enemies could withstand even a single blade from him.

Xue Fengs blade was fast and ruthless to the extreme.

The Emotionless Sword t.i.tle wasnt just for show.

With the two of them around, the battle's situation was gradually turning around.

But, it attracted more attention to the two of them at the same time.

On Li Fuchens side, one 8th and 9th level demon dao martial artists attacked him. He believed that if it was a solo fight, he would still be able to withstand it. But if he had to fight two of them, it would be quite the pressure.

He was now at the 2nd level of the Earth Realm, coupled with his 15th rank True Inferno Technique and Mystical Dragon Secret Technique; his battle strength was almost at the 6th level of the Earth Realm. The gap between him and the 8th level Earth Realm demon dao martial artist wasnt too drastic.


The first move was made by the 9th level Earth Realm demon dao martial artist who was a middle aged man that had grown a goatee.

His weapon of choice was a sword. A snake like sharp sword.

With his sword intent flowing, he thrusted at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen could subtly see a venomous snake lunging at him.

It seemed to be a sort of snake related sword art. After comprehending its sword intent, he could display some a snakes characteristics.

Li Fuchen didnt clash head on with his enemy but instead executed his Nine Revolution Sword Style.


The enemys sword force was reduced to 30% of its original strength due to the revolutions of the Nine Revolution Sword Style. It ended up doing no damage to Li Fuchen.

"A neutralising type sword art?" The middle aged goatee man wasnt pleased. He hated martial arts that neutralized forces.

"Frenzy Snakes Dance!"

The sword intent of the middle aged man with the goatee bursted out as multiple sword shadows lunged at Li Fuchen.

"Hundred Revolutions Thousand Cycles."

Everytime Li Fuchens Nine Revolution Sword Style revolved, it would produce both hard and subtle forces; neutralising his enemys sword force.

"Blood Kill Palm!"

The other 8th level Earth Realm demon dao martial artist was another middle aged man with a sword scar on his face. He suddenly sent a palm strike at Li Fuchen, it came along with a stench of blood that made his enemies nauseous.

Li Fuchen didnt dare to make any careless mistakes. Most demon dao martial arts are vicious and ruthless. This Blood Kill Palm was probably a type of poisonous palm that must be completely avoided. Using his brilliant footwork, Li Fuchens body vanished.

Surrounded by two experts, Li Fuchen found not openings for a counterattack. He relied on the Nine Revolution Sword Style and Shadowless Leg to dodge their attacks.

Xue Fengs situation wasnt any better than Li Fuchens, it was perhaps even worse. Before the fifth and sixth branch reinforcements arrived, he was surrounded by three peak stage Earth Realm experts. But now, he was being a.s.saulted by two peak stage and three 9th level Earth Realm martial artists.

As they continued to retreat and gradually fell into bitter battle conditions, their strongest reinforcements had arrived.

"Who dares to act so presumptuously in my patrol area."

A forceful voice rumbled like the thunders, putting fear into everyones heart.

From the skies, one could see five figures appearing from far beyond the clouds.

The leader of the five had a vast ocean like qi presence that covered the sky. It was naturally a high leveled Heaven Realm martial artist.

"The Patrol Elder is here! Haha! Kill them all brothers!"

On the ground, the Azure Water Sects members all cheered!

The Azure Water region was far and wide, it was obvious that having just the Divine Wind Faction and Iron Blood Faction wasnt enough to maintain peace and order. Which was why the upper echelons of the sect devised eight patrolling areas. They were the east, southeast, south, southwest, west, northwest, north, and northeast areas. Every patrol area was defended by a high leveled Heaven Realm martial artist and four mid leveled Heaven Realm martial artists. These Patrol Elders would conduct periodic patrols in their region and offer a.s.sistance whenever needed.

"Not good, its the Patrol Elders. Such bad luck to actually meet them." The Devils Hand Guildmaster looked to be in shock.

If the Divine Wind Factions ten faction branches were hunting hounds, then the Patrol Elders were goshawks. They were much more terrifying than hunting hounds and were the nightmare of these demon dao organizations.

"Hurry up and retreat!"

The Devils Hand Guildmaster couldnt be bothered with his men and swiftly retreated with an extreme speed after giving out his orders.

The blood bathed w.a.n.g Gan who escaped death, felt blessed. It seemed like the heaven still cared for him to allow him to barely survive until now. A pity that his vice commanders were both dead.

"Leaving? Did you ask for my permission?"

The leader of the Patrol Elders drew his treasure sword and with a swing, the entire sky was raining lightning swords.

Bang, boom!

The arrogant Devils Hand Guildmaster was instantly drowned in the raining swords and received a quick death.

The rest of the seven Heaven Realm demon dao martial artists tried to escape, but how could they? Every one of them were sliced and diced like vegetables. Slain without a trace.

With the reinforcement of the Heaven Realm martial artists, the battlefield's situation immediately turned for the better. Those Devils Hand Guilds members who were originally boosted in morale began to howl like babies, wishing why their parents didn't birth them with more legs to run faster.

"The Azure Water regions ruler was ultimately still the Azure Water Sect. These demon dao organizations can only triumph for a short moment."

Seeing that the Devils Hand Guild members were all being eliminated, Li Fuchen let out a breath of relief.

The Azure Water Sects abilities were certainly immeasurable and unpredictable. The Divine Wind Faction and patrolling areas was just the tip of the iceberg for the Azure Water Sect. If the Azure Water Sect displayed their true ability, even 1000 Devils Hand Guild would get wiped out.

In less than one hour, the Devils Hand Guild was completely eradicated. Those that escaped were useless minions that werent worth mentioning.

"Greetings Elder Lin." The seven branch commanders and vice commanders paid their respects to the Patrol Elder.

Elder Lin took a glance at the battlefield and asked, "How are the casualties like?"

w.a.n.g Gan spoke with a sorrowful tone, "My seventh branch is nearly wiped out. Two of my branch vice commanders have died and the direct disciples also suffered serious casualties. There is roughly only a few of them still alive. I am not too sure either."

When he heard that two vice commanders died in battle, Elder Lin didnt have much of a reaction. But when he heard multiple direct disciples were dead, he became infuriated, "d.a.m.n it. A bunch of mice! We have to do a large scale eradication in the Azure Water region. These demon dao organizations all deserve to die!"

Every decade or every few years, the Azure Water region would have a large scale uprooting of demon dao organizations.

But these demon dao organizations were adept at hiding. They seemed to always have more members lying in back up, like they had some backing supporting them. Other than that, every time an uprooting was done, there would be countless innocent deaths. As those demon dao organizations which were forced to the brink of death would go to the nearby cities to spread poison, pillage, and at times slaughter an entire city.

But with so many direct disciples' deaths, they would have to carry out the uprooting even if it was troublesome.

After all, the direct disciples were the future pillars of the Azure Water Sect. If they didnt put priority on this issue, the demon dao organizations will continue such lawless and reckless a.s.saults.

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