Eternal Reverence Chapter 500

Eternal Reverence Chapter 500

Published at 19th of May 2020 11:05:55 AM
Chapter 500
ER Chapter 500: Second Half of MortalCalamity
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After the Mortal Calamity reached the completion stage, Li Fuchen felt that a single thought from him would be able to trans.m.u.te large amounts of dragon elephant power into mortal calamity power .

With the mortal calamity power, there seemed to be a trace of spirit soul power or willpower .

It was this trace of willpower that caused the birth of mortal calamity power .

I wonder how powerful the completion stage of the mortal calamity power is .

Li Fuchen executed a fist strike . There was a flash of red light and the sea in front of him was turned into nothingness, opening up a vacuum . Without the subsequent support from the mortal calamity power, the vacuum collapsed and there was a m.u.f.fled rumbling sound .

With the Mortal Calamity at the completion stage, Li Fuchen didnt have the mood to search for resources at the bottom of the sea and immediately returned back to no . 5 lookout island .

For the next few days, Li Fuchen had been studying the completion stage of the Mortal Calamity .

The current mortal calamity power was already powerful enough to destroy earth cla.s.s mid-tier equipment .

Even high-level Battle Spirit Realm masters would find it hard to damage earth cla.s.s mid-tier equipment .

Of course, this didnt mean that Li Fuchens strength was already comparable or beyond high-level Battle Spirit Realm masters .

Everything in this world was subdued by something else .

The mortal calamity power was able to subdue material and matter .

When destroying material and matter, the Mortal Calamity was extremely effective .

Now that the Mortal Calamity was at the completion stage, the mortal calamity power had a greater effect in purifying the impurities in the blood . It had several times more effect than the dragon elephant power . Li Fuchen could feel that the impurities in his body were constantly getting purified . If he circulated the mortal calamity power, the impurities would reduce faster, making the body even more refreshed and nimble .

The Mortal Calamitys profundity is far beyond the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapters!

Li Fuchen could imagine at the completed Mortal Calamity would definitely be a heaven cla.s.s body refinement art . While the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapters was only an earth cla.s.s high-tier body refinement technique .

What cla.s.s would the Nine Calamity Divine Fist be when it was completed? Li Fuchen was unable to imagine .

Wuu Wuu Wuu

The horn echoed .

The sea beasts were attacking again .

The originally peaceful sea was now filled with raging waves . The cl.u.s.ter of sea beasts were getting closer and putting pressure on everyone .

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Are they here again? It is good too . If I wish to step into the Primary Sea Realm within the shortest period of time, I will need to have an unstoppable, brave, and determined will power . This war just happened to be a good chance to temper my willpower . Lei Donghai flew out of the array and landed on the Dragon While Demonic General .

One was an unequaled master and the other was an unequaled demonic general . In the last battle, the duo werent injured but had exhausted a lot of energy . In such a prolonged battle, one would always need to consider willpower . The one with more willpower would be the last person to smile .

To battle!

On the iron tower, the imposing figure appeared again . His voice was filled with indescribable iron-blooded willpower .


Everyone rushed out of the array and started a ma.s.sacre with the sea beasts .

This time, there were much lesser cla.s.s 4 sea beasts . It was reasonable as cla.s.s 4 sea beasts were simply cannon fodder in the face of Reincarnation Realm experts and Battle Spirit Realm masters . No matter how many cannon fodder there were, there would be a day when it would be depleted . In the previous battle, they had sent out large numbers of sea beasts mainly to force their evolution . But evolution required time and if they continued to send out large numbers of cla.s.s 4 sea beasts, the entire Red Sea might be emptied and it wouldnt be beneficial for the Red Seas development .

Even with much lesser cla.s.s 4 sea beasts, the sea beasts offensive didnt weaken as the cla.s.s 5 sea beasts and the cla.s.s 6 sea beasts were the main force of this war .

Green Sun Sword Intent .

Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration .

Vicious Dragon Fist .

When switching and executing the three martial arts, Li Fuchen was like a sharp blade that sliced in and out of the groups of sea beasts . He was emitting overwhelming qi presence .

Human, lets see how you escape this time .

The 10,000 feet long One-Clawed Flood Serpent appeared in Li Fuchens vision .

Immediately after, the Red Water Monkey appeared behind Li Fuchen .

Why do I have to escape? Li Fuchen let out an indifferent smile .

Before the Mortal Calamity was at the completion stage, Li Fuchen was already able to suppress one of them . Right now, Li Fuchen was significantly stronger than before and he didnt need to escape anymore .

What if I am included?

A seahorse that was a few thousand feet in size had appeared .

The seahorse was bright yellow and its mouth was in the shape of a hollow tube . It had a ma.s.sive pair of eyes and emitted dazzling radiance .

Cla.s.s 6 mid-tier sea beast, Enchanting Seahorse .

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Three of you will be much better . Li Fuchens eyes turned slightly grave .

Li Fuchen didnt really know how formidable the Mortal Calamity was . On the battlefield, things changed rapidly and one must not be negligent .

Enchanting Wave!

The Enchanting Seahorse was the first to attack . The tube-shaped mouth puffed up and shot out a translucent light wave . The light wave didnt have any offensive power but it was unable to dodge . It immediately spread over and pa.s.sed through Li Fuchens body .

Dragon Transformation!

Red Water Divine Thunder!

After getting the opportunity, the One-Clawed Flood Serpent and Red Water Monkey had burst out with their individual innate abilities as they prepared to kill Li Fuchen .

In their opinion, Li Fuchen was dead this time .

The Enchanting Seahorses Enchanting Wave would make a Battle Spirit Realm master lose the awareness for a split moment . Although it was just a temporary loss of awareness, it was enough for them to kill Li Fuchen .

It was a pity that the three sea beast generals were destined to be disappointed .

As for the other aspects, Li Fuchen might be restrained .

But in terms of awareness, Li Fuchen definitely wouldnt be restrained .

Only Primary Sea Realm monarchs were able to restrain his awareness .

But Primary Sea Realm monarchs were able to use their strength to suppress Li Fuchen and there wasnt a need to use any awareness attacks .

With an extremely sober awareness, Li Fuchen circulated the Mortal Calamity and produced the profound and tyrannical mortal calamity power .

Get lost!

Li Fuchen blasted a fist on the One-Clawed Flood Serpents claw, while he used his body to endure the Red Water Monkeys Red Water Divine Thunder .

Bang!There was an explosion of blood mist as the One-Clawed Flood Serpents claw had been forcefully destroyed by the mortal calamity power . It was fortunate there was the demonic beast qi, otherwise, Li Fuchens mortal calamity power would pa.s.s through the claw and extend into the One-Clawed Flood Serpents body .

Ahh, impossible . The One-Clawed Flood Serpent shrieked and flew back .

His claw was tougher and more resilient than any parts of his body . If the claw was destroyed, it would take a few decades before it recovered . Unless the demonic king bestowed a treasure to him that could shorten the recovery process .

The Red Water Monkeys Red Water Divine Thunder wasnt able to injure Li Fuchen . With the protection of the mortal calamity power, the Red Water Divine Thunder was only able to shake up Li Fuchens qi and blood .

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Not good . How can his strength increase so much?

The Red Water Monkey was stunned . Previously Li Fuchen had to use his divine ability to barely suppress them and was unable to injure them . But now, Li Fuchen already had the capability to kill them .

He is actually immune to my Enchanting Wave . The Enchanting Seahorse was also very shocked .

His Enchanting Wave was a killer weapon and even high level Battle Spirit Realm masters would be enchanted if they werent careful .

Die .

Li Fuchen caught up to the One-Clawed Flood Serpent and smashed his fist on the serpents head .


The One-Clawed Flood Serpents head exploded and even the demonic spirit was destroyed by Li Fuchens calamity power . It was a clean death .


The Red Water Monkey and the Enchanting Seahorse were astonished and fled .

The Red Water Monkeys strength was similar to the One-Clawed Flood Serpent . If Li Fuchen was able to kill the One-Clawed Flood Serpent, he would naturally be able to kill the Red Water Monkey .

The Enchanting Seahorse was adept at awareness attack but it was a pity that its awareness attack was useless against Li Fuchen . Staying behind would only mean death .

The two demonic generals flew rapidly and Li Fuchen wasnt able to catch up .

Speed had always been Li Fuchens weakness and there was nothing he could do .

With my current strength, I am able to kill regular cla.s.s 6 mid-tier demonic beasts .

In this battle, Li Fuchen had an accurate gauge of his strength .

In terms of strength, the Red Water Monkey and the Enchanting Seahorse didnt possess any incredible bloodlines and were only ordinary cla.s.s 6 mid-tier sea beasts . The One-Clawed Flood Serpent might possess the flood dragons bloodline, but it was only at cla.s.s 6 low-tier . If he was at cla.s.s 6 mid-tier, Li Fuchen might not be a match for the One-Clawed Flood Serpent .

With the Mortal Calamity at completion stage, as long as there werent any cla.s.s 6 high-tier sea beasts, Li Fuchen would basically kill any beast that stood in front of him .

Even cla.s.s 6 mid-tier sea beasts with incredible bloodlines couldnt do anything to Li Fuchen . Li Fuchen would break out of the encirclement before escaping back to the lookout island .

This battle had also lasted for one day and one night .

Li Fuchens contribution points increased from 24,000 to 43,000 points . It was slightly lesser than the previous battle .

This was mainly due to the lesser number of cla.s.s 4 sea beasts and more cla.s.s 6 sea beasts . The former allowed for a huge increase in contribution points while the latter would provide a large amount of contribution points if one could kill them . But if the cla.s.s 6 sea beasts escaped, Li Fuchen couldnt do anything but watch .

But gradually, Li Fuchen started to receive more attention from formidable sea beasts . During this battle, he had escaped at least ten times and most of them were because of cla.s.s 6 high-tier sea beasts . If his awareness wasnt affected, he would be able to sense it once, the cla.s.s 6 high-tier sea beasts locked onto him . Otherwise, Li Fuchen would have been dead multiple times .

43,000 points is enough to redeem the second half of the Mortal Calamity .

Li Fuchen immediately teleported back to the Red Rainbow Sect .

I want the second half of the Mortal Calamity .

Li Fuchen didnt even go to the second floor and made a request to the secret manual tower elder .

150,000 contribution coins for the second half of Mortal Calamity . The secret manual tower elder didnt even bother with Li Fuchen as he stated .

Here .

Li Fuchen took out a large number of contribution coins and it was exactly 150,000 coins .

After obtaining the second half of Mortal Calamity, Li Fuchen didnt rest and returned to the no . 5 lookout island .

On the short mountain, Li Fuchen opened up the second half of the Mortal Calamity and read each page .

Mortal affairs would cultivate the heart and calamity power would naturally be produced .

The second halfs summary was also a single statement and it corresponded with the first halfs Mortals in a chaotic world should use their body to respond to the calamity .

Mortal affairs would cultivate the heart? It seems like the Nine Calamity Divine Fist emphasized on the mental state and the rest is just the skill .

After combining the second half of the Mortal Calamity, Li Fuchen let out a turbid breath .

Li Fuchen would breath out a mouthful of turbid breath after a certain interval . This turbid breath was the impurities in his body . Most of the impurities had been eliminated by the mortal calamity power and there was some residual that would be exhaled through breath .

The third battle arrived quickly and it was an even more intense battle than the previous one . There seemed to be a pair of invisible hands that was controlling the battle .

If someone flew up to the limitless sky, they would see that the eight lookout islands were surrounded by a blood-colored sea . The interior of the blood-colored sea would emit traces of array waves .

As the array waves got increasingly intensive, the inner sect elders that watched over the eight lookout islands were alerted .

How is this array set up? Or has this array always existed and merely required fresh blood and countless spirits willpower to activate it?

One of the inner sect elders frowned and returned to the Red Rainbow Sects main base .

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