Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 52

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Lu Ao Was Ganged Up On

Shao Qian threw him a scornful glance and drove the other person away, before he spoke with some regret, "Previously, I had said it as a joke that my Bai family was lacking a Di wife. Lu Ao actually took it for real. I hope Father and Mother won't take offence."

"We're all family." Lady Lu patted Shao Qian's hand and said, "As long as the two of you live a good life, it doesn't matter at whose house it is."

"Mother's words are right." Shao Qian nodded his head with a smile.

Lu Ao stood by the side as he watched his Qing Xuan chat happily with his own mother. This thing's head drooped and he started stealing glances at Shao Qian from the corner of his eyes. His feet also began moving forward bit by bit, and after a moment of effort, he was stood in front of Shao Qian.

Shao Qian kneaded his aching forehead. He even eats vinegar towards his own mother? Were you a vinegar jar that was reincarnated in your last life? Or has the vinegar been stored for many years?

Discussing whether he was a vinegar jar that reincarnated. Even if others don't know, could it be that you don't know either?

However, Shao Qian directly ignored the other person. This was a thing that would want a mile after gaining an inch. If one were to pay attention to him for a moment, then it would not be a short period that one will be subjected to listen to his chatter.

Lu Ao stood for a while, but saw that his Qing Xuan had no intention of turning around. This caused the vinegar to bubble and overflow. Yesterday night, it was said that he would watch him compete. However, now he was only chatting with his mother, how would he watch him?

But, Young Master Lu, so far you haven't appeared on stage?

After waiting anxiously for a long time, he didn't see his Qing Xuan paying attention to him. Lu Ao turned his back to face Shao Qian, and like that, he crouched down whilst holding his chin as he looked at the direction of the arena. The two people on the stage looked so ugly. They were so ugly, yet they still dared to appear before his Qing Xuan's eyes. That was really unacceptable.

Eh, appear in front of his Qing Xuan's eyes? Young Master Lu's eyes shone brightly as he stood up with a 'whoosh!'. Upon seeing that one person had been knocked off the stage, he moved quickly into the arena. "Lu family's Lu Ao asks for guidance."

When Shao Qian heard Lu Ao's voice, he immediately turned around. Although this thing was standing in the arena and facing the other person with a serious face, that meaningful glance that was stealthily sent over could not be missed.

Moreover, the elder generation seated on the higher platform, all simultaneously looked towards Lord Lu. The meaning within those sharp eyes were very clear. Sending your family's ferocious beast out so quickly, is this to force the other families' talents onto the stage?

The whole Lu family came, did they want to tear apart the Martial Arts Convention?

Lord Lu calmly brought up his tea cup and took a sip, before turning his head around to look elsewhere. He didn't see that his own son had already entered the arena, and even more, he didn't know what to do in the later parts of the compet.i.tion.

When the elders saw Lord Lu's behaviour, they fumed angrily. Wasn't it agreed that they would let the various families' talents be the finale? Why are you arbitrarily playing your cards? Are they still able to play happily now?

However, could they chase Lu Ao down? Of course they can't. Each and everyone of them could only suppress a mouthful of blood within their throats. The elder generation hasn't tasted this kind of grievance for a very long time.

When the talented youths from various families saw that Lu Ao had stepped up, all of them were stunned. This Lu Ao, wasn't he always the last to enter the arena? Why did it change this year? He had actually gone up this early.

The small group of talents looked at each other in dismay. In the end they couldn't go up?

Lu Ao didn't care what other people thought. He simply wanted Qing Xuan to look at him. Just as he had said yesterday, there was only various sects and schools partic.i.p.ating, so there really wasn't anyone worthwhile for him to fight. However, even though he wasn't satisfied, this thing still won't go down. After all, once he steps down from the stage, his Qing Xuan would start talking with his mother once again.

After kicking a person off the stage again, there was no one willing to step up and be beaten by this thing. After all, when they went up, they would immediately be defeated in a single move. It simply could not be more shameful.

Lu Ao stood in the arena for half a day, yet no one stepped forward. He turned around in a circle on the stage and asked. "Is there any hero that will step up and give me guidance?"

Guidance? Do you not blush when you say this words? Lu Ao could be said to be the strongest amongst the younger generation. Not to mention within the world, even some seniors might not be able to defeat him easily.

"I haven't heard news about distinguished Young Master Lu for a long time. The humble me will come forward to ask for guidance today." Just as Lu Ao decided that, if no one were to enter the arena, he would step down and take credit for his achievements, someone flew down.

Lu Ao sized up this person. He didn't know why, but he kept feeling that this person looked familiar, though he couldn't remember where he saw this person before.

Similarly, Shao Qian felt that this person seemed familiar. Especially when he spoke, his voice was even more familiar.

"That person is the Medicine King's favourite pupil." Seeing Shao Qian continuously staring at that person, Lady Lu hastily said, "That person seldom walks around the world. This time, it's said that he has to partic.i.p.ate in the Martial Arts Convention, or else the Medicine King would expel him."

The Medicine King's favourite pupil? Normally, this kind of characters should not be seen, yet with a single glance, he felt this person to be familiar. However, medicine?

Since ancient times, medicine and poison weren't separate. Shao Qian inexplicably thought of that strange man wearing a mask who he had encountered when he first arrived in this world. Did this person have any connection with that masked man?

"So it's you." Lu Ao obviously recognised this person. His face didn't look good as he stared at the other person. At the time when he met Qing Xuan, this person had also been present.

"Young Master Lu has good eyes." The man, with a smile yet not a smile, glanced at Shao Qian on the higher platform. "That day, if I was able to take away that Gongzi in the stands, I'm afraid there wouldn't have be anything for Young Master Lu."

"One's things, no one can s.n.a.t.c.h it. Not one's things, even if you want to hurt their scalp, it wouldn't work." Lu Ao sneered coldly. "If you want to fight, then fight. Why are you spewing all this rubbish?"

"Young Master Lu's words are true." The man held a xiaoyao fan [1] in his hand and spun around agilely. "Xu Lin, Xiaoyao Fan."

"Lu Ao, Lie Yang Palm." Lu Ao cupped his fist. "Xu gongzi, please."

Shao Qian watched as the two of them prepared to fight. If it was a just and honourable compet.i.tion, he naturally wouldn't be worried that Lu Ao may have a mishap. However, his opponent was an expert that was adept in using poisons. If one didn't properly pay attention, it was possible to look past it.

Seeing Shao Qian having a constant frown as he looked at the stage, Lady Lu inquired quietly, "Is there anything wrong?"

"Mother, that expert is a poison-user. I'm worried Lu Ao will be at a disadvantage." Shao Qian frowned in concern. "It doesn't matter if he loses, I'm just scared Lu Ao will be poisoned."

"That's no problem." Lady Lu laughed and said, "When Lu Ao was young, he took an elixir. He has already trained his body to be invulnerable to poisons."

Shao Qian was stunned, before he suddenly understood. That's why, at that time, this Xu Lin had not been willing to face Lu Ao. Wasn't it precisely because poison wouldn't affect him?

However, since he knew that, why did he step onto the stage to compete with Lu Ao now? Was he secure in the knowledge that he had backing, or did he simply want to exchange blows?

No matter what though, as long as this person dared to play tricks, don't blame him for taking action.

In fact, Xu Lin was feeling uncomfortable in his heart. At that time, he had finally took a fancy to someone with much difficulty, but just as he was about to bring that person away, this Lu Ao had actually chased him down with the intent to kill. He was without choice and could only flee. He had originally wanted to wait until Lu Ao left, before he went to find that Gongzi.

Who knew The Gongzi he took a fancy to was with Lu Ao. He tried several times to approach the Gongzi, but never found the opportunity. That shameless Lu Ao was practically wrapped around the Gongzi all day, causing him to seriously feel vexed.

However, even if he couldn't let that Gongzi know of his intentions, shouldn't he make his existence known at least? Therefore, whilst having this idea, Xu Lin had entered the arena. But in the end, he was misunderstood by Shao Qian and instead, thought of someone who wanted to harm Lu Ao

The results of the battle was naturally self-evident. Xu Lin's poison didn't work against Lu Ao, and his martial arts couldn't beat him. It was natural that he would be defeated.

"You let me win [2]." Lu Ao stood on the arena, raising an eyebrow as he looked at the beaten Xu Lin.

"" Xun Lin dejectedly and depressedly cupped his fist towards Lu Ao in return, before turning around and leaving without looking back.

So shameful, he wanted to dig a hole! He was kicked down via his b.u.t.tocks, why did he not want to wear a mask today?

Upon winning, Lu Ao turned to look towards Shao Qian. Seeing the said person nod his head towards him, he immediately grinned.

"Your esteemed son's martial arts is good." The Martial Master, who was sat on the main seat, spoke in a tone that was quite aggrieved. "This really cause others to feel envious."

"Envy is useless. My son," Lu Xing Tian flicked his sleeves and spoke lightly, "My son said he wants to be Martial Master."

"Are you treating this old man like he doesn't exist?" Being Martial Master, have you asked him, the current Martial Master?

"Father and the Martial Master doesn't get along?" Shao Qian asked softly.

"The two of them never got along in the past." Lady Lu said calmly, "Whenever these two meet, they'll start bickering. Don't bother."

"Have you existed before?" Lord Lu straightened his sleeves and sighed, saying, "The common saying good. The height is tall, the vision becomes lofty."

The Martial Master was furious, wadding up his sleeves and intending to beat him up. Fortunately, he was held back by his son, if not, he would have beaten up this condescending old b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

"Father, didn't you want to bring Mother sightseeing?" The Martial Master's second son moved towards his ear and spoke softly, "In fact, this is a chance. Toss that troublemaking crowd of people that doesn't want to abide the rules to Lu Ao. Then our family will be peaceful."

Once the Martial Master heard it, he considered it as a possibility. He had been Martial Master for twenty years and had dealt with these affairs all day long, whilst feeling his head had already turn white. Now, there was someone who was willing to go into the pit cough, cough, to be the Martial Master, what could he have against it?

"Old Two, go and fight against him. If he wins against you, this old man will voluntarily yield the Martial Master t.i.tle." The Martial Master also didn't continue bickering with his old enemy. I let you dig me a hole in the past! Didnt you want to be Martial Master? This old man will let you.

When the Martial Master's second son heard the address he was called by, his face distorted. Could his Father not call him by that? Even though he changed during the past ten years, his form of address never changed. He always felt like he should just give up. After all, ever since he was small, he was always called old two for a thousand years [3], no matter whether in the house, or out in the world.

Lu Ao just thought of seeking credit of his accomplishments from his Qing Xuan when he saw a person coming down from the higher platform. He focused his eyes, oh, isn't this Old Two Long?"

"Old Two Long, you want to fight me?" Lu Ao's expression was more or less confused, "But you can't beat me!"

On ordinary days, Old Two Long's relationship with Lu Ao wasn't bad. After all, even if their fathers would bicker with each other upon meeting, they didn't do anything else. That's why, the juniors were able to get along with each other. However, today, he had an impulse to kill this thing. Can you not say it so loudly?

"I'm fighting today on father's behalf." The Long's second son barely forced out a smile. "Father has gotten old and wants to yield the Martial Master t.i.tle to someone worthy. It's merely because Father's body is not good, thus he left it to this Long Mou to take his place."

"Very good." Lu Ao nodded his head. There wasn't any problem injuring Old Two Long. If he were to injure his father though, he probably wouldn't have any good days ahead of him. It had to be known, Old Two Long's entire family was notorious for their non-existent sense of shame.

These words are said like your family has any more face to speak of.

These two people battled without using their full strength, and after half an hour, the Long's second son spontaneously withdrew from the arena. "Long Mou concedes defeat."

Lu Ao was also a bit surprised. Today, Old Two Long seemed like he was fooling around? Not only was he surprised, the talented youths in the audience were also stunned. If they had known earlier he would win this easily, they naturally wouldn't have let Lu Ao off easily. However no one had said that they couldn't challenge the Martial Master, right?

After that, it simply became somewhat 'inhuman'. Although these talented youths went up one by one, he wouldn't be able to withstand a group of people taking turns to tire him out. Although they were beaten by Lu Ao in the end, Lu Ao's body was also covered in bruises.

This thing stepped down from the arena, practically having no form as he threw himself towards Shao Qian. His appearance of extending an arm and acting coy to be pet was extremely unsightly to the others.

Especially towards the group of youths who had been kicked off the arena by him. Seeing this scene, their faces turned black and smoke began to emerge. What's with that wronged expression as if you had been bullied?

You actually feel wronged. We were kicked off the arena by you, although there wasn't any external injury, there was still internal injuries. But they didn't have anyone to feel distressed for them, did they? At this age, if they were to find their parents to throw a tantrum, they might even be beaten up once again. Majority of the talented youths with the body of a single dog, could only swallow a mouthful of blood, seriously debating whether they should find themselves a partner? And after finding one, they would go and spin around in front of Lu Ao, this grandson! [4]

Note: The t.i.tle Lu Ao was Ganged Up On []. I may have butchered it somewhat. (what I translated as ganged up on) is actually tactic of several persons taking turns in fighting one opponent to tire him out. Lu Ao had that tactic used against him. I was not gonna use that whole thing. .-.

[1] Xiaoyao fan []

[2] You let me win [] Said politely after winning a game.

[3] Old two for a thousand years [] Forever number 2, never number 1

[4] This grandson [] A way of expressing contempt

Sleepy: Is it just me, or is this chapter long.

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