Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1461

“His Imperial Majesty and Imperial Consort Rong have arrived!”

Following the sound of a sharp voice, the entire rear garden fell silent. Everyone’s eyes turned in unison to look at the two people being carried in on the Emperor’s palanquin.

The woman who was addressed as Imperial Consort Rong by the eunuch turned out to be Su Lin’s aunt and was also the woman who had opposed Gu Ruoyun yesterday.

“Looks like there are a lot of contestants.” The Heavenly Moon Emperor smiled cooly and the space between his brows was as cold and grim as ever. “Ladies and gentlemen, We’re going to introduce several people to you today. These people are cultivators from the Underworld and will be joining this competition as judges.”


The Heavenly Moon Emperor’s words caused an enormous commotion within the crowd.

The Underworld?

The Underworld was the most mysterious organization in the Dark Earth Realm. No one amongst the crowd had expected the members of the Underworld to show up in today’s Heavenly Moon Empire Competition. They felt really fortunate to be able to lay their eyes upon the cultivators from the Underworld!

The crowd dived into a discussion just as countless figures shot across the sky to land at the judges’ table.

The crowd noticed that the group regards a white-robed woman, who was at the center of the group, as their leader when they bowed before her. It was clear to see what position the woman in white holds in the Underworld.

Hence, some people in the crowd were starting to figure out ways to gain favors from the Underworld’s cultivators.

“Left Protector.” The Heavenly Moon Emperor straightened his sleeves and sat next to the white-robed woman before saying, “Out of all the geniuses here, there are two people who stand the best chance of winning.”

The Left Protector raised her brows and asked, “Who are they?”

“One of them is the heiress of the Regional King’s Mansion, Su Lin. Even though Su Lin is spoiled and willful, she’s unusually gifted. Now, she has reached the mid-stage of the exceptional state before the age of thirty and is only one step away from the late stage. The other person is a dark horse.”

The Heavenly Moon Emperor laughed as he continued, “He’s not a genius from any great organization but instead comes from a third-rate organization. However, the man named Leng Shang has now reached the late-stage of the exceptional state. If nothing unusual happens, they should be the champions.”

The Left Protector nodded.

However, she paid no great attention to how gifted these geniuses were. All she cared about was the final owner of the Moon Soul Herb.

“Also…” The Heavenly Moon Emperor paused before he continued, “Based on the registration test, one person’s powerlevel remains unclear.We can’t seem to find out the state that this woman is at. However, We can see that she’s not as simple as she seems. Most importantly, We’ve sent Our men to investigate her background but they couldn’t find anything about her at all. Hence, that was why We had asked you yesterday whether she was a member of the Underworld. Otherwise, who would have been able to conceal all information concerning one person? Even the spies of Our Heavenly Moon Empire could not find anything at all.”

The Heavenly Moon Emperor’s words moved the Left Protector’s heart. A peculiar light flashed in her eyes.

Those from the outside world may not be aware but as the Underworld’s Protector, she would know about the Young Master of the Underworld’s origins. It was said that the Young Master had come from a foreign mainland and does not belong to the Dark Earth Realm at all. Hence, the other organizations from the Dark Earth Realm have not been able to uncover anything about the Young Master.

Could it be that this woman also comes from a foreign mainland?

The Left Protector tightly clenched her fists and a cold light flashed swiftly across her eyes.

“That can’t be possible, I must be overthinking things.”

Aside from the Young Master, who else who be able to enter the Dark Earth Realm from a foreign mainland? I must be overthinking things.

“What is it?” The Emperor of the Heavenly Moon Empire caught the flash of peculiarity in the Left Protector’s eye and asked, “Do you know anything about her, Left Protector?”

The Left Protector shook her head. “I don’t think so, perhaps she had always cultivated in seclusion in the mountains. That could be why no one has been able to uncover anything about her past.”

No one in the Dark Earth Realm must ever find out the fact that the Young Master had originated from a foreign mainland no matter what. Otherwise, it would bring disaster upon the Young Master.

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