Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1573


After Qianbei Ye had spoken, a bright crimson flame immediately rose to encircle the Three-Headed Hell Dragon. he scorching temperature caused its soul totremble and a sense of fright finally showed in its gaze.

That was right, it was indestructible! However, based on Qianbei Ye’s current extent of power, he could certainly be able to create a prison from the ground and imprison it here forever.

Of course, even though this was not enough to bring terror upon the Three-Headed Hell Dragon, the most important thing was the bright flames. In these flames, its soul would be tortured as well.

This way, its indestructible quality was not an asset but a liability which harmed it.

“Yun’er, let’s go.”

As Qianbei Ye turned to look at the woman in his arms, he noticed that she was staring hopelessly at the direction of Gu Shengxiao’s departure in a daze. He sighed as he spoke, “The way a human puppet is created will cause that person toslowly lose their memories and they would eventually forget their own kin. Gu Shengxiao must have escaped right after being turned into a puppet. Otherwise, the members of the Wen family would never have let him get away.”

Gu Ruoyun lowered her eyelids and shielded the emotion in her eyes.

She knows that no matter what becomes of her big brother, he would never hurt her! However, this does not mean that she would willingly watch her brother become someone else’s slave!

“Xiao Ye, let’s go. Let’s make our way to the Dragon Clan. We need the Ancient Dragon’s Bile to refine the pill!”

On the East Peak Mainland.

A mysterious empire had risen almost overnight and swept across the entire mainland.

It was said that the general of that empire was a peerless man with blue eyes whose powers were rather formidable. Initially, when this mysterious empire had emerged, countless forces had tried to cause them trouble. However, after those forces had returned, their words of this mysterious empire’s reputation changed.

No one knows what they had experienced in that empire.

However, it was undeniable that from that moment on, this empire’s name has spread everywhere in the city. Even the cultivators of the First City knows of their existence!

Aside from the renowned General Lan Ge, there was also the Oracle, Liu Yue.

One handled military matters while the other handled civic matters. One was calmer while the other had more schemes. Therefore, their personalities complemented each other as they expanded the empire as one unit.

All the matters in the empire were managed by General Lan Ge and the Oracle Liu Yue while the mysterious Emperor has never shown their face. The rest of the world simply could not figure out what kind of person was the Emperor to have been able to subdue subordinates like Lan Ge and Liu Yue?

At this moment at the foot of a mountain in the East Peak Mainland, a man dressed in blue robes was gently furrowing his brows. His blue eyes, like precious stones, stared at the people who were standing in his way.

“I recall that the First City has a rule that anyone above the rank of a Martial Saint could not leave the First City without permission. Could it be that the First City wishes to go against its own rule?”

The man gently raised his head as a cold smirk flashed across his handsome features.

The leader of the opposing force was an elder dressed in flax-colored robes. His entire being emitted a stern and righteous aura as if all wicked demons would vanish into nothingness under his righteousness.

“Hmph!” The flax-robed elder scoffed icily before he replied emotionlessly, “Even though the First City has such a rule, this only applied to other humans. A demibeast human like you who harms the people of the world does not have the right to enjoy equal treatment! We, as righteous humans of the mainland, would naturally need to kill wicked demons and exterminate a monster like you!”

The corners of Lan Ge’s lips lifted into a disdainful smile, “Then may I ask, what great sin have I committed to cause all of you to rushto from the First City just to hunt me down and intercept me?”

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