Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1574

“To the people of the world, your existence as a demibeast human is a great sin.” The elder laughed icily. “Lan Ge, you better accept your death like a good boy. Demibeast humans should never have existed in the world anyway! Besides, why have so many forces ended up fearing you afterthey had traveled to theCloudy Wind Empire? If you haven’t done anything devious, would they have turned out that way?”

“Hahaha!” Lan Ge seemed to have heard a funny joke and burst into laughter. “Those people were not satisfied with being oppressed by the Cloudy Wind Empire so they had formed an alliance to cause trouble for me. What’s wrong with me retaliating against them? Simply because you’re human and I’m a demibeast human, whenever it comes to right or wrong, I will always be in the wrong?”

The elder in flax-colored robes frowned as he stared icily at Lan Ge. His voice was just as stern and righteous as ever as he replied, “In the grudges between humans and demibeasts, humans will never be in the wrong. Only you can ever be the sinner so we righteous men must get rid of a disaster like you! Otherwise, all life on the mainland will suffer a calamity!”

Lan Ge laughed once again. His smile was full of disdain while his blue eyes, like precious stones, were full of ridicule.

“I, Lan Ge, have never hurt an innocent human so there’s no need for you to speak in such a righteous manner! At the end of the day, you’ve simply taken an interest in this body of mine!”

These ambiguous words which came from Lan Ge’s mouth were filled with sorrow.

“The body of a demibeast human is full of treasures for a cultivator. Our blood can heal wounds, our organs can aid in breakthroughs, and our flesh can refine weapons. Even our hair is particularly valuable! I had once met a girl who was a demibeast human like me. She was kind and friendly and never did anything to hurt anyone! Furthermore, she was still a child! It was you so-called righteous men who had murdered her, drained her blood, and dug out all her organs.”

Lan Ge’s eyes filled with bitterness as if he was recalling the incident from the past. He felt a great hatred grow towards these so-called righteous men.

“What had she done that you would have to treat her that way? Are we really that cruel or are you so-called humans the cruel ones?”

This matter was no mystery to the First City’s cultivators.

Indeed, they had killed a young demibeast human maiden many years ago. However, so what if that little maiden was only ten years old? Even if she had never committed a sin, so what?

As a demibeast human, she deserved to die!

“Lan Ge, no matter how much nonsense you sputter, it’s useless! We, as humans, are the noblest of all existence so it’s an honor for you to be able to contribute to our breakthroughs. Besides, the talents of ademibeast human are far too powerful. If I don’t kill you now, you will bring calamity upon the mainland sooner or later. As for things like fresh blood or organs, they are merely our reward for destroying you!”

Demibeast humans’ talents were indeed very powerful. Though Lan Ge was still rather young, his powers were already at the exceeding state. This level of power was considered to be ranked amongst the best in the First City.

If he were allowed to continue his growth, it might not be that easy to kill him the next time.

The elder in flax-colored robes licked the corners of his lips as a nearly undetectable sense of greed flashed across his righteous-looking expression.

He was now at the verge of a breakthrough. If he could taste a demibeast human’s bile, he could achieve a breakthrough immediately! This was the true objective of their interception today!

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