Fantasy System Chapter 264


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Ed felt rejuvenated, as he ranked up once more. He was now Immortal Establishment level 4, and with his Berserk power-up, level 8. His worn out body felt slightly better, as his muscles healed themselves, and his bones became sturdier than ever. The battleground all over him exploded by the power-ups of his comrades. Emilia and the others each ranked up once.

Gobuta, who had the upper hand against the Kraken, started to overwhelm it completely. Out of the twelve limbs that the Kraken enjoyed using, only four remained. Even though it was a specialist at healing and regeneration, Gobuta's darkness made it so that its Qi couldn't do much against it. Dark flames spread all over the Kraken's body, and it looked in pain. Its eyes and eyebrows furrowed deeply, as it released a roar from its circle mouth. Hundreds of teeth, and dozens of sets. It lunged forwards; it tried to eat Gobuta.

However, far from getting away, Gobuta smiled and lowered his weapon. He stretched his free arm as if welcoming the Kraken's desperate attack. The figure of Gobuta disappeared instantly, and the Kraken didn't even bother to chew. It knew that its teeth weren't capable of penetrating the thick skin of the Ogre, so it left that job to its stomach acids, one of its trump cards.

The Kraken looked smug, as Gobuta was now buried under liters of corrosive liquids. It turned around to look at its master, who was overwhelming the silver-haired girl that stood in his way. Then, it looked all around the battlefield, waiting for the Ogre's friends to come and attack it in order to save him. But, everyone seemed to be chilling and watching the battle of WarGreymon and the Calamity Black Dragon.

It decided that this was the best time to act, and it approached its master. It slithered on the ground, as it couldn't move normally thanks to its missing limbs. One step, two stepsfive steps in and the Kraken stopped.

Pain. Pain? The Kraken looked worried. It knew that it was nothing more than an imprint of a soul, as it had lost its body long ago. It knew that it was turned into an Avatar and that it served the Poison sect's master. It knew that it lost all feelings. Yet, earlier it felt fear. And now, it was feeling pain. Sharp burning pain like a thousand burning swords piercing its stomach.

Why? How could it be? The Ogre which should be dead rampaged inside of its stomach. It roared as it realized its impending doom, and it felt more fear than the first time it died. When Avatars were destroyed, they regenerated afterward after feeding on their master's QI. Yet, the Kraken felt like such was not the case for it. What would happen when a soul is completely destroyed? It was about to find out.

Gobuta, inside of the Kraken's stomach, released all of his QI. His Enhancer's Nen spiked to its maximum mixed together with the aura he was releasing. The tattoos that filled his body shone with dark purple light and released black smoke all around it. The black smoke fused with the QI and the Nen and exploded outwards. The Purple flames instantly vaporized the stomach acids that would have otherwise harmed Gobuta. The initial explosion carried the flames farther, and the further it went, the stronger it became.

The inner walls of meat protecting the Kraken were nothing more than candy for the flames; they burned and melted like marshmallows. The Kraken kept howling in pain, and Sarin shuddered. He had never heard it release such a sound. Not even when he had hunted it all those years ago.

The Kraken's howl stopped midday; its vocal cords and lungs had turned into mush. It bloated up and exploded into nothingness. Bits and pieces of its meat splattered all over the battlefield, dying everything in crimson.

Goburou licked around his lips, as its blood had hit him, and smiled. Garu, on the other hand, was not pleased as his silvery white fur had turned into a disgusting color.

Raikou escaped into the shadows just in time in order to dodge the incoming blood, while Sieg's always existing barrier protected him from such a thing. Suika, however, didn't care, as she herself corroded whatever fell into her body. The Sword sect members didn't know whether to be angry or surprised and decided it would be better to choose the latter. They turned back to watch the battle between the dragon, and the warrior with dragon slaying weapons.

Unbeknownst to them, as they were invested in the battle, the bits and pieces of meat started to disappear. Gobuta destroyed the soul imprint of the Kraken with his flames, and thus it couldn't leave anything behind. Sarin looked shocked as he realized the Kraken would never return to his side. His eyes furrowed and his calm face contorted madly. His aura exploded and Emilia closed her eyes instinctively.

Before she could open them, Sarin appeared in front of her, ready to strike, when Ed interrupted him.

"How dare you do that to my beloved Kraken!" he shouted as his face turned red from fury. "I'll make sure none of you leave this place alive!"

Ed wanted to retort, but he couldn't muster any words. Sarin didn't turn red from anger, but it was something else. His whole body turned into a gooey substance, and drops of it fell to the floor, instantly melting it. The melted ground released red fumes, which Ed realized was poisonous.

Sarin lunged forward, ready to strike Ed with his poisonous body, however, Ed chose to retreat rather than fight him head-on in such a state. He held Emilia's arm and teleported away.

"You've done enough today," said Ed as he looked at Emilia. "You can take a rest with the others."

Ed flew down and faced Sarin. He withdrew a knife from his inventory and thrust it toward Sarin using Telekinesis. The Knife cut through the air, and once it was ready to do the same to Sarin, it started to melt. The black metal disappeared as it made contact with the poison man. Only red fumes remained.

'That was almost a Legendary grade knife' Ed frowned as he thought.

"No more games little boy!"

Sarin spewed red flame-like poison from his mouth, and Ed countered by using Fire magic. The endless stream of both attacks collided and exploded. The whole battlefield was surrounded by a thick blanket of red.

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