Fate’s Little Feral Consort Chapter 204

Chapter 204 Pill Of Soul Enchanting And Thunder Bomb

Since Hua Mei had been eating well, her freckled skin had become a little better. However, if she took the Skin Regeneration pill, she could get rid of the freckles on her face and her complexion would become fairer.

As a lady it was always better to be more beautiful.

Yun Qianyu had plans to find Hua Mei someone good to marry after she became strong enough.

As Yun Qianyu was thinking about this, Hua Mei became shocked by her offer.

After all, Hua Mei knew that the Skin Regeneration pill was around eighty thousand silver Liang. She didnt think it was a good idea for a servant to be taking something so expensive from their masters.

"Miss, I dont want it."

Hua Mei shook her head decisively. Since this was a gift from Xiao Jiuyuan to Yun Qianyu, if Xiao Jiuyuan found out that she had taken the elixir pill instead, then he would surely kill her.

Furthermore, this was something expensive which she as a servant shouldnt have.

With an annoyed look, Yun Qianyu pushed the elixir pill into Hua Meis hand and said, "Just take it, itd be better for you to be prettier."

In the future, she would be able to find a good man to marry, since men were all visually stimulated animals. Xiao Jiuyuan was a good example, constantly calling Yun Qianyu ugly.

Even though she extremely despised this kind of behavior, there was nothing she could do to change this.

Yun Qianyu stared at Hua Mei while she held the elixir pill in her hand. Hesitating, Hua Mei only consumed the elixir pill when she saw Yun Qianyu glaring at her.

In the main hall, everyone around the table looked toward Hua Mei, which made Hua Mei very embarrassed.

The Skin Regeneration pill was indeed impressive. After taking it, the freckles on Hua Meis face disappeared. Her skin became fairer and also very smooth. In just a brief moment, Hua Mei became more beautiful, her whole person giving off a spectacular radiance.

Looking at Hua Mei in awe, Little Bell exclaimed, "Hua Mei, youve become more beautiful!"

Lord Marten and Rainbow also nodded in agreement.

The atmosphere in the main hall was cozy and harmonious. While eating, Yun Qianyu informed Hua Mei, "Ill be going out later."

Hua Mei immediately asked, "Miss, its late. What are you going out for?"

"I have to deal with some things. Ill bring Little Bell and Lord Marten with me so you dont have to worry."

Hua Mei knew that Little Bell and Lord Marten were very powerful, that was why she felt very relieved. However, she still did not forget to remind Yun Qianyu, "Be careful, miss."

"I know."

The reason why Yun Qianyu wanted to go out was that she recalled that she didnt have any money. Since she needed to feed them, she must have some money on her.

Since she had plenty of elixir pills in the Phoenix Ring, she figured she could sell some of the elixir pills to Xuantian Auction House to get some money. Aside from their normal spending, she also planned to get some herbs for preparing poison.

She needed to prepare some of the poisons which were effective against spirit energy users.

However, she could only make some simple poisons right now. If she wanted to make the more powerful poisons, she would need some rare herbs which she wouldnt be able to get from the general medicine shop.

Even though ordinary poisons wouldnt be able to kill spirit energy users, they could definitely hurt them which would allow a window of opportunity for Yun Qianyu to attack them.

That was why she wasnt worried at all.

After letting Hua Mei know what she was going to do, Yun Qianyu took out another two elixir pills from her pocket.

"This is an elixir pill that can be used for enchanting people, and the other is called Thunder Bomb. If you throw it out, it will cause a loud explosion. Even spirit energy users would be wounded by the explosion from this. So, use these two things in case of an emergency."

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