Fate’s Little Feral Consort Chapter 72

Chapter 72 Poisoning

Since Yun Qianyu was weak and did not have any martial training nor spirit energy, her kick was not powerful.

However, this did not mean that the slap and kick did not hurt. Nanny Jias face was left with a tingling pain, and her waist was even more painful. Nanny Jias face became pale and shouted at Yun Qianyu.

"YouYouve hit me."

"So what? Stupid."

What else could she be? Didnt she see how I had angered and frustrated Yun Lei?

If you have a hint of wisdom, you would back off and come up with a better plan.

Obviously she came here looking for a fight.

Thinking about this, Yun Qianyu said coldly to Nanny Jia, "Go and kneel in the courtyard for two hours. Without my orders, you shall not get up."

Today, Yun Qianyu would make an example out of her. Letting everyone know, what kind of consequence it was to provoke her.

As soon as Yun Qianyu said that, Nanny Jias face turned green. Turning around she said to Yun Qianyu, "This old servant will let the Marquis and old madam know that I cant do this task."

With a cold smile, Yun Qianyu said sternly, "Sure you can tell them. But not before you kneel in the courtyard for two hours. If you dare disobey me"

Yun Qianyus eyes were filled with killing intent as she glared at Nanny Jia.

Suddenly, Nanny Jia recalled something; Yun Qianyu was no longer that weakling, in fact, she was the future princess consort of Li Prince.

This was why Yun Lei could not deal with her. If she didnt obey her, the consequence would only be

With a slap and a kick, nanny Jia had totally lost her standing in the family.

After weighing the pros and cons, Nanny Jia ultimately kneeled at the courtyard.

As soon as Nanny Jia knelt down, all the people in Black Bamboo Pavilion took notice. They were all so surprised that they had their jaws dropped. However, many of them were very happy because Nanny Jia had always bullied them.

Inside the room, Hua Mei looked at Yun Qianyu and asked worryingly, "Miss, Nanny Jia is under the old madam. If she goes back, shell surely come back with vengeance."

Raising her eyebrow, Yun Qianyu looked at Hua Mei and replied, "do you think if I let her go, she would let me go later? This kind of crafty slave should be beaten until they are afraid. As the saying goes, a weak person is liable to be bullied; a tamed horse is often ridden."

Before going out, Yun Qianyu thought about something and urged Hua Mei, "In the future, you should not be afraid of anyone. Have a tougher front and use your brain more. Never let anyone take advantage of you. Also, for your safety, I shall make some poison for you to use."

"Yes, this servant understands."

Master and servant went out of the room and went to get breakfast.

Previously, Hua Mei had ordered some servant girls to prepare breakfast.

Breakfast was now already on the table.

A bowl of lotus seed honey porridge, walnut crisp, glutinous rice pigeon, and three side dishes.

Although there were not many things, they were better than what they had before.

Satisfied with what she saw, Yun Qianyu went to the table and sat down. However, as soon as she sat down, she caught a faint smell coming from the lotus seed honey porridge. The smell was not obvious and others may not have noticed it. Unfortunately for whoever did this, Yun Qianyu was able to notice the smell and know that something was wrong with porridge.

In addition to lotus seed and honey, the porridge was also mixed with Bone Rotting Flower and Thunder Duke vine. These two kinds of herbs could cause someone to become delirious and dumb.

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